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For their own root

For their own root
Therefore, we flatter your success, because we flatter so you should be even more successful. If you fail, then fail our hospitality! Therefore, "you can not fail!" Must work hard all their own.

Beyond their own: the strongest opponents are not necessarily others, may be our own. Do more than before, served beyond their own. Beyond his own heart, character, personality, ability. Let your heart be firm, good conduct, character, determination, ability to strength. Change the previous mode of thinking! Has a three-dimensional mind! Have their own unique style! Emphasis on man and lead by these principles. "Sleepless" is wrong. Habits of language, action, often under their own inadvertent result of the invisible fault! To go beyond themselves, to make up their own, often to recharge! Make their own changes, so that dream to fly! Beyond Thinking

Create their own: Why do people gain not only asked the hard question, should they do not know how to create. Create their own future and create their own future. Create their own pay more attention to the action now, everything will not care, to take action. What is needed is not smart, but willing to try again the Folly. Did not have to say, things have to do more. Establish a long and tireless efforts. Avoid misfortune and the most important thing is not to court disaster, must not Wanwusangzhi! Convergence of their existing glory, not the full release. Can not put yourself in a small circle. No trees in the mountains, grass for respect. Can not be arrogant, but to become frogs. Compared with the world outsiders, and only than can progress. Can not easily let themselves satisfied, always striving for themselves, for the love of his people struggle with! Speak for themselves, speak for the times. Live my heart, live I was born. To create behavior

Sure yourself: sure they do not confirm their all, certainly their beliefs, goals, ideals, and principles to deal with. You have to increase their confidence in their abilities. Capture the actual performance of the unrealistic side. First get to know their own strengths, do not rush, panic! Select the most appropriate opportunities and occasions, will be out of the performance vividlyChinese Antique Chinese Furniture bmw gt1 Monster Beats launch x431 jewelry wholesale fashion Jewelry Louis vuitton handbags Prada handbags LED Light. Do not the most vulnerable time in their own exposure. All must be planned, with the ideas of the method, using tools not make it wrong from the start. Only know how to advance and retreat, to know when to stop and then keep improving the people to succeed.

Posted: 02:38, 20/5/2010
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Cry smile

Cry smile
Back home, sit on the computer side, I own two days beating heart, my tears flowed indiscriminately. In Tears, I smile ... ...

I thought we would come together this summer. Who knows, Chunhua not wither, "late spring" is still wandering world, we will leave the. Everything is too fast! All, come as a surprise!
Last night, at the meeting, I heard a ** color without any sense of the news. The news blew some people's ears, leaving no trace; that message into my heart, hit up my concern and sadness. I know, I and my colleagues, my students, to leave.
If I can, I want to go with S class, and I accompanied them to the past two years. I encourage over them, I criticized them, I praise them, they punish me over them ... ... But we get along, we have very deep friendship between.
I deeply understand the school, the school has school difficulties, I unconditionally submit to the above arrangements. I stay in the side, that is B, they have to move to A,.

To colleagues, I am also reluctant to leave. We get along with nearly two years, they should leave me now, because the workplace. No change in the work of colleagues in the office to move to a new set, and I insisted on staying two days in the original that much of the office, accompanied by two or three to go without taking those colleagues. In this slightly cold day, sitting in the office deserted, and we knew it came from the heart sad.
Usually, we have deep feelings for a few more people, pay Wife more. Now, I also would like to spend more time with them.China Visa Application chinese furniture Monster Beats Toner Cartridge LED LightSBB Key Programmer volvo vida dice
At noon, we have a dinner. Sitting on the table, although the smile on his face to leak out, I actually full of mind. We drink the beverage, is still Tuibeihuanzhan. You come to me and I ate and drank his mouth. Some light was concerned!

Posted: 02:37, 20/5/2010
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Just want to hold your hand

Just want to hold your hand
Sit for a long time, but nothing ever recorded anything, quietly listening to music, to home is not so quiet - they do not feel alone just let it.

Tao Lin last Friday and the family to travel - the route is to fly from Guangzhou to Hangzhou, Suzhou, and then on to Shanghai. Ching Ming is not home, elderly people every day looking forward to it, then think of returning to Jiangxi plans to visit ... ... for a week's time.
In fact, as early as two weeks to know their plans, while the forest is not a simple trip, his main purpose is to point out "to see the world" to visit and study - and think carefully inspected to see if there any good " opportunities "back home. Otherwise he has to go along with others like family is no sense of it.
Just picked up his phone, he said, is now in Shanghai, and stood on the river, they thought, If I can take my hand ... ... so would have felt. Said travel tired, sore feet walking at night because Uncle room with yellow, but are concerned about their snoring would wake him and not sleep too heavy ... ... Tao stuff that was two years old son, in particular to "trouble", they Four adults are "not get it working him," Oh, that naughty little cute and small, we often go out to dinner together, but I've seen of the ... ...
Well, at noon gave him messages, and are thinking about how not see back then, knew he would not mind, "their love", and he too lazy to send text messages, he would rather come direct dial telephone, a few words to say a few ... ... and His words "If I can hold your hand ... ... so will have feelings," made me a long time aftertaste.

I believe he's sincere words are also very pleased that he will say this "warm words." Because he went to travel, his son and I are showing off "extremely envious" expression, in particular, he can fly that her son is a yearning for Lin promised us say that when he first went on line and are familiar with the environment, etc. Next time, bring us to ... ... travel - people aspire www.wenzhang163.cn is a happy life. When can I drop everything and woes to ease family travel, it has been only a dream in my mind, as if that dream never dared to expect it will be realized.

Although his days at home, often late at night heart to blame him why he came back, but time alone at home will not feel lonely because there are relying on heart, that he will always be home at around 12, both I and other and so can not and does not require any care. Some people used to accompany the day, used to have a solid shoulder to snuggle, then always think it is so plain, is so taken for granted, but today, when I heard the phone inside the familiar voice really want to "pull with your hands ", that moment I suddenly have some moist eyes ... ... but we have thousands of miles apart, only to hear each other's voice, he asked me dined No, I said, you're not at home, son school, you know I will get lazy, and certainly not like to cook ... ... I come back from work, they open the computer, and then watching the TV series finale yesterday, only to find out the living room was already very late, some tired, quickly bubble the instant noodles he ate ... ... tomorrow I can not do this, they must go to a hot bath, they will not feel tired ... ... listening to him these "ordinary urged," Huang came to understand that this is www.wenzhang163.cn love and the right blend of affection, the original, it seems increasingly dull marriage, has been integrated into those deep feelings to each other ---- seemingly ordinary words in light of it, I have only felt a deep sense of recollection .LED Flood Light LED Underwater Light LED Ceiling Light LED Grow Light LED Spotlight bmw gt1 Printer Parts Ford Vcm Electronic Cigarette
In addition to parents who "love exhorted" (sad to leave my parents but I am almost 14 years, only in a dream fantasy) side, it was only him, only he will be thinking of me, care about me - - there is nothing to doubt it? Why do people always bring it "failed marriage" to remind ourselves, we often have to go wild for the ignorance of the future, guess what? As we stroll in the spring and summer, we are so hard to "explore the planting, fertilizing, cultivating," bumps in the forthcoming fall into the harvest, and came after the fall, then there is no reason not to continue to hand into the winter?

Posted: 02:19, 20/5/2010
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