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her story.

17:01, 2/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
People at times just don't know how to handle a situation, but you can't expect them to expect how you're dealing with it ..even though, wanting it so much.. everybody is so different.. it's hard to find some one who matches and completes your curves and sharp points.

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16:03, 2/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Well, yeah.. I'm just a girl, actually nothing much to tell about.. or is that a lie? I'm a quite complicated person. People always tell me that I think too difficult, and at times i wonder.. if that's true. My parents are divorced. My dad and mum bought a kind of too big, expensive a house together.. and my brother and me, didn't want to shift, move to another house.. you might know how that is.. so weird, everything to lose.. even the place, only place where you feel safe. But because of that my dad is working in the abroad. My mom is living with us, my little brother and me. My mum had been mentally sick for a very very long time, which all hurt us.. and still does. That was actually the cause my parents broke up.. Anyway, About my brother, he's becoming a little teenager.. so very naughty and irritating at times. I guess my mum still finds it very difficult to run the house, to take care of us & start her life over.. But so, it is for me. I have stress.. of school, of my boyfriend, of my friends who can behave as such bitches which 're not even to be seen in those high school movies and my family. School, yah.. I am on the highest level of my school, which is so difficult. Last year i used to get good marks, and my parents used to be quite happy with me. But they expect a little too much of me, they always want me to get 10 out of 10.. Which for me, is just at times too much.. I have more on my mind then just homework, I mean.. as a teenager, i am allowed to enjoy a bit too right?.. Anyway, there's also someone from whom I expect too much.. and that's my boyfriend. I love him, just as any teenager girl loves 'him' but at times, just because he's a bit young too.. i expect too much, want that kinda love like in those disney movies, those fairytales which actually teach us, or no.. let us hope on our own happy ending, which might never come. We'll all just have to accept that if we want to make sure something happens, we'll have to make sure it happens on our own. And if we want something to be different, we'll have to do something different. But at the same time, how can you force something which is or was never there.. If there's love, or whatever 'they' call it.. It should be from both sides, and at times that's hard to find.. or to accept.. My friends are quite sweet, most of them.. but they have an evil side of them too :p I'll tell you more about them, later.. Today's my grandmother's bday so have to go & get ready! Ciao

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