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Hotels in bath

3 Things You Should Be Wary When Entering Your Hotel Room

12:22, 17/8/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

There would be times that we have to travel let say for a business trip or conference or just plain leisure and we have to stay at a hotel, hostel or a bed and breakfast inn. Unfortunately whether we chose the accommodation or not there are some things that should bother us but we just ignore which should not be the case. There are untold and nasty hotel scenarios that can happen once you stay in the room and if the hotel staff won’t tell you it’s your job to do so as a final resort. Though when we travel we should relax and chill, when it comes to these things you just can’t simply brush this off.

The Rooms Cleanliness

                Upon entering the room all of your senses should be working overtime, you should note the room’s smell first. Does it stink with cigarettes or the scent of a just disheveled couple done doing the nasty is prevalent that it can’t be masked with air freshener. The room’s smell can impact the overall aura of a room. The linens, pillows, bedsheet and other bed coverings are they clean enough or are there any prevalent yellow stains. Does it smell fresh or soapy still? The bathroom, are they thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected before arriving or are there molds and cobwebs already. If any of these are present and observable demand that you change rooms immediately or you will be storming out of the hotel and demand for a full refund. Demand and exercise your rights, make a scene if you have too as these things should not be ignored.

The Security System

                Each hotel has a security system that matches the terrain and topography of their location. For example accommodation Keswick and is mountainous terrain has landslide alarms to help warn the guests of impending danger. Fire alarms too should be present. But if none of these are present that would be alright, but if they do have these but are not working then that’s not ok. Why put such security feature if it does not work? A space waster then. Have them replaced or fix as soon as possible as losing your life or those with you are not worth an ending in a vacation. These reasons are completely understandable and often management grants room change requests due to security and safety threats of their paying guests.

Electronics or Appliances

                Some hotels have begun incorporating tech in their rooms and is best to try them out first before you let the bell boy go. Check if the hotel’s Wi-Fi can reach your room or how does one electric feature work and have it explain or if the TV is working and receiving reception. If one of these is observed contact the front desk immediately and have the issue fixed and replaced.   

The Top Qualities of an Exceptional Hotel

13:54, 16/7/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

When people travel, the first thing that they should be preparing for is their accommodation when they arrive at the place, but what is most frustrating is to have to stay at a place where there are really awful services and amenities. Vacations would never be enjoyable and memorable if your first day in a different location is really full of hassle and stress.

Well, this is why people should be searching for the best hotels in Bath and read the reviews before deciding to book for a reservation. Here are the best qualities to look for in a hotel to ensure that your trip won’t be ruined:

  • Warm Hotel Staff Hospitality. The hotel personnel should always exude genuine hospitality and equal treatment to every guest without thinking about what type of room guests are checked-in. Let’s face it, some hotel staff always have those pretentious smiles fixed on their faces, but when guests turned their backs, they behave differently.
  • Hotels should give honest information to all the tourists. Since these people are new to the place and they don’t know where is the best place to go, and because of this some travelers are tricked, some hotel staff wouldn’t give the information that they are included in a tour and when they miss the trip, these hotel staff would have somebody else join the trip for a price, a bribe, that is.
  • Guests should always feel comfortable and have that at-home feel when they stay at a hotel. Since they paid for a relaxing vacation, this is what they deserve so hotels should make the3ir stay relaxing and really memorable.
  • In case of emergencies, the hotel should provide some extra help. One of the best examples of this is when a tourist misses a flight or the flight has been cancelled due to weather conditions. It wouldn’t hurt that much to offer them another day or two to stay. If the room they were occupying has already been booked to another customer, the hotel staff could look for some other vacant room and try to negotiate about the cost for the extra days of stay at the hotel.
  • Hotels should always be clean and orderly. This is something really basic, but who would want to stay in a filthy room? Everything should be cleaned from the hotel room, bathroom, dining area and all other places in the hotel.
  • Fine dining and cuisine always bring the excitement. Food is one of the highlights of every vacation, every country has their specialty and this is what most tourists want to experience.    

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3 Things You Should Be Wary When Entering Your Hotel Room
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