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Art World

Very nice float of the United States

07:47, 5/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Rose Parade Float is one of the U.S. biggest New Year celebrations. In accordance with established practice, all finished Rose Floats must accept inspection before parade and appraisal, this is the most solemn moment apart from New Year Parade.The carefully dressed floats opened their hijabs for the first time to show the people, but their in advance appearance is only for the judges, float staff and the volunteers, The reporter and the actors of Shaanxi delegation of cultural tourism saw the floats in advance yesterday and felt the "harmony of the conflict". Flowers with the terracotta warriors and Horses: an ancient, but also passionate.

    When your first look into the float, you will can't help to say the float is so beautiful. On the float of 16.76 meters long and 5.48 meters wide, a total of two thousand bundles of flowers, adding the highly spiritual terracotta soldiers, setting off bronze chariot and horse, the standing up Big Wild Goose Pagoda surrounded by red rose, purple orchid, yellow winter jasmine, pink calla lily, orange bird of paradise. The beautiful wizards in accordance with the designer 's ingenious layout exude the fragrance and appropriately display their beauty, the khaki-colored terracotta warriors and horses standing at the red carpet of rose, the charmingly naive giant panda embracing the trunk, the entire float is so beautiful.

The director of Tourism Promotion Department of Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau, said that when designing the float, that is fully integrated into Shaanxi cultural heritage, and now, on this finished float, the cultural heritage enhance with flowers beauty, ancient civilizations express a new, passionate vitality by the flowers. Ladies and soldiers: not only soft, but also masculinity.

The splendid attired actors are also stunning, Shaanxi parade, when float parading, there will be 20 professional actors dancing who come from the Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theater. "Tang emperor" and "Concubine Yang" standing on the float, the traditional folk arts such as puppetry, martial arts and pipa etc will surround with them. "So beautiful of them!" When " Palace Maid Of Tang Dynasty" wearing the pink costume appears next to the float, the sideline American people can 't help to praise. Compared to the active Mexican girl in the workshop, oriental girls ' classical beauty makes a fresh scene to American citizens. "Tang Palace Maid" take a lively contrast with the uniformed Terracotta Warriors and Horses standing on the float: the ladies ' morbidezza with the terracotta warriors and horses ' fortitude, Oriental classical beauty with Qin 's rough, making the float hardness with softness.

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04:31, 31/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
welcom to my blog.
I'll write the story in Chinese tourism in here.

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Very nice float of the United States


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