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Parga Greece Hotels

Luxueus hotel met uitzicht over Parga beach - Hotel Parga Princess

08:10, 5/4/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Parga Princess Hotel is located in Parga, Greece. The hotel offers breathtaking views over Valtos Parga beach, the most famous beach of Parga. Hotel Parga Princess, in the category of Boutique Hotels, is one of the most diverse and luxurious hotels in Parga with specially designed deluxe rooms.

The hotel provides complimentary transportation to the center of Parga (1.5 km paved road or 700 meters walk to the old town of Parga) and also to the Parga beach. Hotel Parga Princess also organizes trips to the best sites for reasonably priced tickets. The hotel staff is ready to answer every question and you can also provide tips in terms of attractions and activities in which you may be interested.

Many beaches in Parga pebble or sandy beaches with crystal clear water and olive trees, and the remote ideal place for holiday making each guest can find out. The hotel offers many amenities and combines hospitality with luxurious accommodation in Parga, Greece. This ensures that this hotel is unique and the first choice for a Parga beach hotel is.

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Luxueus hotel met uitzicht over Parga beach - Hotel Parga Princess


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