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How Conference Calls Save You Money and Time

13:39, 18/12/2007 .. Link

Conference calls have become the new way to have conversations with more than one person at a time when needed. Conference calls pricing, however, can range from a small amount for three-way calling to a large amount for adding in phone lines that can be connected to each other for conference calls.

Many businesses require conference calls to make sure that things are running smoothly, while some people would simply like them so they can talk to their loved ones at the same time. Certain companies now contain conference call plans in their standard offers.

The top three affordable conference calls companies in conference call plans today are TeleCHOICE, Global Conference and conference bridges. These three companies offer competitive prices for people who need to add the ability to add a conference call to their current plans.

Typically, phone companies offer three-way calling with a connection fee of seventy-five cents to connect the third person to the initial conversation. While this doesn't sound that expensive, if either of the parties you call are long distance, this can add quite a bit to your bill.

TeleCHOICE offers affordable conference calls for six cents a minute, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This can greatly lessen the costs of adding another person to your conversations, and adds the fun of being able to talk about things together in a group. Global Conference and conference bridges offer the ease of conference calling with a promise that your contract with them is not a binding one and you will be able to cancel your plan at any time.

Instead of having to call one person to talk, then another, and another, using a conference call will help cut down on the amount of time that you're on the telephone. Using a conference call will also cost less in the end, especially if the people you want to call are all long distance or internationally located.

If you have loved ones overseas due to the military or a job and you have family who are local that would like to speak with them as well, a conference call can make everything easier. You or your loved one can make the initial call and then you can connect everyone else via a conference call. It will make things more time and cost efficient in the end.

Mark Kessler - his website Conference Calls 411 provides a comprehensive resource for conference calling and web conferencing solutions from audio, web, phone, online meetings, teleconference & teleconferencing services. Conference calls links provided

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How Conference Calls Save You Money and Time


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