Song Shan Huang Guangyu and wood on the power of

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It has been said, it seems that China's richest criminals waiting list, this sentence has been the richest man again, now sentenced to 14 years, Huang Guangyu to do a verification. Who would deny that money is able to bring power, Huang Guangyu application with money and power to conquer, whether buying or manipulating the stock market officials, could see the great power of that figure. Huang Guangyu
But in fact more direct power may be used anywhere. That face is beard, often appear in the Spring Festival Gala, and light boxes on the roadside trees Education Group CEO Song Shan Mountains of wood, on suspicion of rape, indecent assault their female subordinates and was formally arrested. Before the court did not sentence his innocence, but all people can understand, when does a company president the power to master a certain degree, this power is not only promoted subordinates,杭州空调维修中心电话, reimbursement tickets that simple.
The power of the unconscious mistakes will cause great harm. Handan with rape inquiry transcripts were posted everywhere, victims everywhere for two years no one responsible. This does not, as the power, and even sometimes the damage is even higher than when they act, and this is no regret. For them,杭州空调维修部, this is a very casual,杭州西湖区空调维修公司电话, but the disclosure of the incident, which can be ignored.
Confessed to some of the powers in a time, likely to have some weird way. Burst Weishi County for the completion of the public security organs, "homicide cases must be broken" mission arrived murderer arrested mental illness, the local public security bureau police were dealing with a few handling. Had this "murder must be solved" be a power of applications, to the grassroots to become a target front-line police this desperate deception. In this state, who say that only these should take responsibility for the police is the people?
Also some time in power is to be conscious, but this opportunity is often in the kind of extreme circumstances will appear tragic. Thailand's "Red Shirt Army" has the streets in protest for a long time, and start directly with the armed confrontation in this regard, they did not win possible. But they also have two options, one is confrontation continues, lives at the expense, the other is to seek other channels.
"Red Shirt Army" leaders not because of his grasp of public opinion and power, and make a decision at the expense of the lives of others. This week, they announced the end of the demonstration, surrendered to the government, saying "do not want to have more casualties, we are unable to tolerate the cruel treatment."
Know when to stop, not continue to use the power of people to die, which is a lot of people have failed to do. Some people say "Red Shirt Army" represents the random phase of democracy in Thailand, but on the surrender, it may eventually they will still have a bright future they want it.

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Song Shan Huang Guangyu and wood on the power of