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Heeey, I am me


Heeey, I call myself Mel, because using my own name is just too damn risky. Feel free to leave a comment, thanks for reading!

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My day

Aaaand the day started at 3:30 AM. I just couldn't sleep.. I had my alarm set on 7:30 AM, so I wouldn't be late for work, but yeah..

I finally fell asleep at 7 AM and I woke up at 8:15. CRAP. At half past nine I was walking in the Dekamarkt, our supermarket, working.

I had a headache, my mouth was dry as fuck and I was hungry. More important, I was bleeding. It felt like the whole freaking universe was against me,

for like three days already! My parents, my school, my friends, even my vagina! It is just, I don't know? Mindfucking maybe? I question e v e r y damn feeling.

Is it because falling in love isn't that easy? I mean, it is. But staying in love is the problem in my situation. And I don't even know why it's bothering me now so much.

I'm not even in love. Yet. Being friendzoned by a reeeaaalllly nice guy isn't just a thing you can get over. Especially not when you're dieing to see him.

At school, in the Dekamarkt, in the city, when you're cycling, basically; everywhere besides your house, you look for a sign of him. Meet Damon.

The guy who sat next to me in the break and told me he danced with our colleague. Don't worry, he's not the one whose heart might be a liiiittle bit broken. 

That girl is me and I just have to fucking deal with it. 

Posted: 23:53, 19/4/2014
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