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My winter holiday3/8/2010

We are going to have the winter holiday.During the

holiday we will have the Spring Festival.So all of

the families in China are having a busy time.All of

the children in China like Spring Festival very

much,because they can eat many delicious food and

get many money.But children in China have to do the

homework for Winter Holiday.So that the could

remember what they have learn the year before.Each

of the children likes Winter Holiday. ĦĦĦĦI think

everybody did a lot of things in the Winter

Holiday. But I didn’t. Let you to listen to my

story of Winter Holiday. ĦĦĦĦI spend a lot of time

on the homework.. Every day in my Winter Holiday, I

always got up late. Then I listened to the tape, it

was nine o’clock. Then I ate breakfast and then I

did my homework during the daytime! I’m not very

slow but the homework was too heavy!

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