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een journaal van nationaal en internationale gebeurtenissen met een knipoog naar het verleden.

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ian knoop

Who is...

and what does I.A.N. ?


A contemporary company working in co-operation with the state and government sector, private commercial sector , creative individuals and foundations;

building communication bridges between the world of culture and business in order to improve their development and image.

The founder of the company has established a track record over the last 30 years in the field of contemporary Art, film and music publishing as well as international social and cultural promotion all over the world.


I.A.N. has been responsible for;


  • organizing contemporary dance events, management of dance companies and single dancers
  • representing contemporary painters and sculpters, events and exhibitions for modern Art
  • directing full season programming of concert-theater location
  • agency for classical trained musicians and singers
  • art and cultural travel organisor
  • cultural, Trade and social seminar and congress Events organisation
  • press, media, P.R. promotion and advertising
  • intermediar for Art, Culture and Trade connections


I.A.N.Company proudly announce to have worked with the following companies;


  • Netherlands Dance Theater, Israel Batsheva Dance Co., Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Los Angelos Philharmonic, Houston Symphony, founder of Santa Clarita Symphonic Orchestra and many small Chamber Orchestra's in Holland, Belgium and the U.S.
  • International Artist a.o. Placido Domingo, Jose Carreros, Van Dam, Tammy Wynett, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Micheal Jackson, Jaap van Zweden and many others.

  • International painters a.o.Salvador Dali, Karel Appel, Corneille, De Koninck, Joffra, Frans Erkelens, Carel Willink, Margritte, Jean Thomassen and many others.

  • International Companies a.o. Royal K.L.M., Transavia, Martinair, Schiphol Airport Co., Sheraton/ Hilton/ Golden Tulip/ Marriot/ Hotels, Heineken, Philips, Akzo Nobel, Organon, KPMG, ING Bank, ABN-AMRO, Shell Int.B.V., Royal Nedlloyd Groep, Makro, Jaarbeurs, Rai Amsterdam, Ahold and many other companies
  • University of Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam, Delft TH, U.C.L.A. Los Angelos, New York, Bangkok etc.
  • Embassy and gouvernements of United States of America, Thailand, Egypt, Israel, Maroc, Indonesia, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain etc.

respond to our e-mail : ianknoop@hotmail.com

Posted: 22:07, 22/2/2010
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SS Rotterdam

SS Rotterdam


Posted: 22:04, 22/2/2010
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Welcome to IAN TV



Posted: 21:56, 22/2/2010
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