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Ian Mason

• 18/12/2007 - Laser Hair Removal ? The Facts

Laser Hair Removal has become increasing popular but it is not for everybody. The most basic requirement is that the hair must be darker than the surrounding area of skin. Those with very darkly pigmented skin can absorb too much of the laser energy into the skin and are not recommended to have laser treatment unless at a specialist hair removal centre.

Treatment costs can be high depending on the area of hair removal required. Obviously upper lip treatment would be less costly than entire legs or back area. Although one session can produce log-term hair removal an average of four sessions is usually recommended initially.

Skin and hair color can influence the effectiveness of Laser hair removal. A light skin color aids faster and fewer treatments. Darker hair absorbs more of the laser energy and course dark hair will benefit the most. Lighter hair is more difficult to treat and blonde or red hair very hard to treat.

Any area can be treated except those very close to the eye. The most popular areas are the upper lip and face, the chest and neck, underarms and back, the bikini line and the legs.

Several studies have shown that treatment with the latest Lasers can lead to permanent hair removal. Obviously results vary between patients and studies suggest the more treatments the more long lasting the effect. However never believe a clinic that guarantees permanent hair removal. Most reputable clinics will not give guarantees as results vary between patients. Also always seek out a clinic based on the highest quality not on the lowest treatment price. Laser treatment requires specialist, trained staff, as with most things in life you generally get what you pay for!

Laser Hair Removal is now a realistic choice for those seeking a more long lasting solution than other more traditional methods of hair removal.

Martin Lloyd has commented on the beauty industry for many years. You can find more information at his site http://www.hair-removal-123.com

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