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New season is coming up!!! - Posted at 11:12 on 13/8/2011 by nick
I wass just surfing the web you know just being lazy and stuff. So i just searching for icarly ilost my mind witch is coming out today i have a article about that. Than i read about dan scheider (danwarp) he write a topic on the internet what he was doing. So i thing well that is good stuff for my blog so i real it any he says: Im now just in my chair choosing new clips for the new main title of season 5. Please watch ilost my mind witch is coming out tomoro. (i read it yesterday). So Dan Schneider says he is already begon on season 5 witch is great because that means miranda cosgrove is keep being on icarly. And now you thing ????? was miranda cosgrove leaving icarly? No butt her contact whas only for 3 and a half season so se just got another contract. Oke that was it thanks for reading and hope you guys enjoy the new season!
Primare of the newst episode ilost my mind!!! - Posted at 11:06 on 13/8/2011 by nick
The newest episode of icarly called: ilost my mind has been viewed the first time on us television! The episode is about sam that kisses freddie. Its the next part of iomg. The episode is part of season 4. Exclusive producer is Dan schneider. I hope you guys are gonna enjoy it.
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