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6 Tips to Have a Low Cost Wedding

Posted at 10:08, 22/3/2010

To have a low cost wedding is easier to plan than you think. When it comes to wedding planning, financial considerations rank high on everyone's list of important issues regarding a wedding. Everybody wants their wedding to be the perfect one, but with limited finances, putting together your special day just the way you want it can be a challenge. A low cost wedding does not happen by accident. Without careful attention to your wedding budget, you can easily spend thousands of unnecessary dollars. Consider these ideas when it comes to planning your wedding.

wedding dresses
Plan an Off-Season, Off-Time Wedding
Planning a low cost wedding begins with the timing of your special day. Most weddings are planned between May and October so by planning a wedding "off-season" you can dramatically lower the cost of your wedding. Also, weddings scheduled before lunch typically make a low cost wedding easier to achieve.

Get Friends and Family to Help
Consider enlisting the help of family and friends in making your wedding special and saving money. Paying for a professional photographer eats up valuable funds and could be dispensed with if you have a photography enthusiast in your family who is willing to cover your wedding. Decorations and food preparation are also elements of your wedding that family and friends can help out with. Your family can be a valuable asset when it comes to planning a low cost wedding, and their involvement in your wedding will make the day that much more special.

Save on Wedding Dresses
Other tips for saving money on your wedding include the wedding party's apparel. The wedding dresses need not be purchased for thousands of dollars at a wedding salon. You can purchase a wedding dress at a very low price in the Internet, which will save you hundreds of dollars as well.

Cut the Guest List
A long guest list makes a low cost wedding more difficult. By cutting your guest list, you can save money by utilizing a smaller site for the ceremony and reception and paying less for your reception catering costs. Consider having a reception of light hors d'oeuvres instead of a three-course meal for your guests.

Print Your Own Wedding Invitations
In addition, printing your own wedding invitations is a cheaper alternative in most cases to paying a company to print them for you. Printing companies charge high prices and no one will know the difference if you print the invitations yourself on your office PC and printer.

Shop Around
Finally, shop around before you buy items necessary to your wedding. Savings a few dollars here and there can add up to a big difference and many dollars saved simply by planning ahead and using a little creativity and innovation.

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