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Donovan Aisha Sha sound while he walked - 07:58, 24/10/2013

But this is not the traditional fashion icon Birmingham , shell suit rustling . This is the acetate microfiber material Donovan baby blue trousers , his own design .

He also designed the matching top cotton towels in front of a dramatic reduction in splicing , and set off his black love one of the signs .

When he told me he liked my shirt, I immediately fascinated. This man is the closest Birmingham Versace .

33 -year-old fashion designer sitting Cafédes Artistes Coffee Custard Factory , the design of his new home , drinking coffee. He looks very relaxed, his voice had a calm voice that can slow your heart beat . But his eyes are a quick

Second, he often looked around and talk to him, though his mind is not quite at that moment.

Despite the relaxed stance Donovan hit you right away what kind of person are never very reassuring , but always seeking something more . He said that many early in our conversation : "Life is not worth living if you do not pursue

Something. It is not the fear of moving forward , let me go . "

His shop , love fashion retailer , Stephenson Street in Birmingham has been established, Donovan now has his eye on the big picture. He has plans to launch a new label a woman to go out and portray themselves as somethin

Grams of a modern Renaissance man . Since then, he was " new contacts , new friends ," his fingers in a lot of pies - music , restaurants , clubs , and Paul Shark Shirts for sale marketing.

"There is no family commitments ," he is a free agent , but what drives him to do ? Determine the direction of the moment , his life will happen in a moment , when he was 21 years old . He fell asleep in his car wheels, and participate in intimidation

The ? rash. He was lucky to escape just a broken leg .

"I remember so clearly collapsed, crumpled metal began to influence all my memories suddenly hit me, I got such a buzz and it is such an energy peak of my last breath of air , before the crash I had SME the freshest air


" After the collapse of absolute silence , apart from the squeaky metal Then I thought, it would have been my dreams and aspirations of all of these , I have never put myself on the line , and since then , my big fear has not been tried ."

But Donovan has been doing things his own way , since he decided not to take his A-18 level , it seemed mapped out his future. He wants to be a doctor. Instead, he enrolled in art classes , and did not tell his parents until the d

Well, he'll get his results .

Then he got into the design . Has been a " dedicated follower of fashion ," Donovan was frustrated that he could not find him want to wear clothes. When he hired a designer to make a pair of pants , he realized his career. "They WER

" And I ê after rible thought, ' If he is a designer , so I ' ."

He bought some material and put forward their own pair of shoes. His second pair of trousers , he sold . After that, he was on his way .

His first base was in the back of his brother Trevor Oldbury salon work . He opened his first unit in 1985, designed to cut his teeth, video and other local band UB40 stylist .

He established the love shop Stephenson Street three years ago and is now a firmly established fashion names in Birmingham. But his reputation has extended as far south as far north London, Glasgow .

" People travel from all over to buy my clothes , I've seen people wearing jackets love the airport in Jamaica , which is such a strange feeling, but it's also very gratifying ."

He describes his own style , " all about leisure , lifestyle and life ." He loved the "practical" , and features a simple classic cuts and clothes. Until recently, his favorite color is black, because he always wore a black himself, but he did not w trial is still a dream , and cut as we speak , in his new collection of pastels .

He also likes to play with the name of love, which is actually his surname . As a child, he admitted that he hated his name because he paul shark online sale was at school used to tease , but since then, he has achieved his name is simply his wealth .

" It took me a long time to understand the power of the symbol I wear to the practical , which is so simple that it did not even have my name on it, but the sign sales of products ."

However , if his name had changed his attitude , his basic fashion concept has not. " There is something a simple look , it can make an outfit , really stand out , I want my clothes to be as simple as possible , but something cut

Tell you that this is a love of design . "

But a sign of love will become the world and instantly identify Gucci , Versace, Moschino 's names?

"At this moment , I felt what I was doing , so that I can move reconstruction and adjustment, " he said. "I am in Birmingham my base , I am here to build , but now, I want to feel fresh and innocent again , I do not understand , in London, but I think I might feel like in a place like New York ."

However, in the United States himself , he needs cash . Lot . He estimates that he will need at least 250,000 pounds blowing no guarantee of success in the end of it all .

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