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Outside her own consciousness;* no question of

That the seizing and using was not

Be. Theresult made sense. Betty assured me that she had, consciously, nothing to do with moving the pencil. Furthermore, she said that she did not know the sense of what had been written until we had puzzled it out. As I knew Betty's complete honesty I believed her. Now here was a new phase of interest added GOOGLEGOOGLE to MSNONLINE the first. Here also, apparently, was manipulation by force outside of consciousness. Furthermore, it was a reliable field of experiment. Nobody could be certain of the bona fides of a mixed lot of people out for a good time, but I was absolutely certain of Betty. There was no question as to one thing: that her hand was seized and used; and that the seizing and using was not of her conscious brain. We agreed on a number of things besides this. The seizing and using YAHOOYAHOO was by a force outside her own consciousness;* no question of that. The force might be directed by her subconscious. Or it might be by some outside intelligence. That was what purported. It would be silly to adopt such a theory merely because of that claim. It would be equally silly to reject it without further experiment. It would be worse than silly to shy off from the whole subject merely because it was uncanny or unnatural. * Not necessarily outside her YAHOOYAHOO own SELF, of course. Similarly as to the content of the writing. It might well be Betty's own. Or it might, as it purported, come from outside. How could we tell unless we gave it a chance? An arbitrary refusal seemed to us just as superstitious as a blind acceptance. Furthermore we could neither of us see how we could come to any harm, mental or otherwise, by such an examination, provided we kept our feet on GOOGLEGOOGLE the ground. Let's give it a sporting chance, said Betty, Let's give 'them' a chance to say what 'they' want to without cross-examining like shyster lawyers. The Development of Betty 1. We worked, then, together at frequent intervals: I as the recorder and observer, Betty as the station. The writing itself became easier. After a time the words were divided one from the other. Betty blindfolded her eyes, or looked away from the paper so that she might separate herself as far as possible from what was to come next. I tried to keep close watch of her

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She had, consciously, nothing to do with

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- That the seizing and using was not

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