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my dreamy life, and a bit of truth

07:42 AM, 12/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

why do some girls wear so much make-up ? i guess they try to hide the fact that they are so insecure. i do wear make-up myself but not so much that i look like a carrot. mostly we like a natural beauty anyway..

its like... your heart does not wear a sok either right?!

the reason a man is a man.. ( i guess )

08:22 AM, 10/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

it's funny how some man act so weird when you break up from a relationship.
i mean... the one you break up with says he never wants to talk to you anymore, but still tries anyway..
and the man who know you broke up, try to fix a date..  they see you as prey. the moment they know you're free they come after you like hyena's waiting till the lion is done eating. how cruel is a man's world?!!

sometimes i wish i could think like a man, they seem not to overthink to much. that would be so awesome for a lot of girls and women. why should we be so stressfull about a break-up? i mean do they? allthough not every man is the same, i think the reason a man is man.. is because they are needed anyway and they know it, and they act like it !!!!

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the reason a man is a man.. ( i guess )


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