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this is not an ordinary dream

all the Black Dragon monitors Alterac alliance troops It is clear that a traitor is subject to the Peiruinuode instructions

necessary operation

Trumpet players are the two numbers can be placed in a regiment, if necessary according to the team are at liberty to dkp on the number recorded in any one number, but the regiment is not required in the circumstances of the virtue of personal preference, then the scores recorded in the on the current number. Bad (1) Many people are not through land reclamation can not be a good grasp of the necessary operation, or a group of people the old injuries are treated cattle, newcomers can get lazy, they produced a "Hunzai" solutions wow gold-: When the equipment reaches a certain level of also, after all to a month later, so that new independent wasteland bwl, and equipment to keep up with the right sense of mission and then to cultivate, for those Hunzi future activities are not in any group. (2) The original fighting with a friend may not be a mission: In fact, another one will also, along with opportunities for activities, not without, the officials may also need to be adjusted according to the next (3) of the old players must have priority, such as the former did not get a package What are jewelry, of course, limited, new players will acquire a set. In fact, when the cheap wow gold mc to wait until all farm, equipment is only a matter of time will always be there, do not worry. There is a third voice, that is, a group out of a few people to bring two groups, I find it the first two kinds of comments directly, do not do analysis. 4 Finally, the merged union is not a good choice, hope that will not be considered! See that some associations are engaged in high-profile mergers, I think the rash of mergers Association is absolutely more harm than good, some precedent for the result we all see ... ...

there be so many alliance

Star Po shouted: "grown-ups, quick to seize that hunters!" Nasanuosi withers Meng's raised his head and cried aloud: "What people!" Are at this time, hunters were suddenly hit by a fireball head, screams soon as fall to the ground. If the scene suddenly in front of them, so that starlight two surprise packages, immediately flying dismount, want to see how. "Bad, how would there be so many alliance!" Hit Edward found Orc hunter turned out to be a Master of mankind, wow gold and mankind Master behind the dense alliance being surrounded by farms. "Damn! Quickly retreated to the house!" Starlight treasure found in a serious situation, grabbed the farm from Edward ran into the little room. "How will be surrounded by so many people here? Is it a trap in it?" Edward observed a moment to display their spiritual vision of the situation outside, pale. "No reason for ah. Out how the situation like?" Starlight Po anxious asked, "is very bad, about the alliance more than 40 wow po people fast and do not see the commander, and we can not get out!" Edward replied. "Heaven, so many insane, Nanbu Cheng Wei Sha Nasanuosi dying who come to?" Star asked Po surprised. "If that is the case, they are to die, and Nasanuosi dying person as part of our forgotten heroes who were first on the 2nd, not in vain, and but I am afraid there will be any conspiracy behind this." Edwards and then ever more raising, strange things come suddenly, let him know what to do one time. "Now is not Guannameduo ready to fight, if it washed us, then today we make a two to kill one, a fight with these chop suey!" Starlight treasure these words out of disciplinary Zhang Ji, ready to fight shape. Outside, dozens of union blocked the only exit, law enforcement can only adhere to this position. Edward blessing for two people of the Divine Shield, prepare for war. Union began the siege played Nasanuosi dying person, BOSS look deal with it smoothly, he and co-ordination of the plague wolf Union had no opportunity, his gloomy smile, mouth to impose cruel mockery. Soon, the Union soldiers also found two treasure house in the starlight, one recorded assault, rushed in, two decisive against the soldiers are not rivals soon be resolved. And this warrior is just the beginning, and the waves coalition stormed into the house.

sometimes I really miss

Antonidas seems there are some uncomfortable, "I am comfortable with how people as much as possible how it came."

"I miss the feeling, the young feel. But I am incompetent inability - Someone must stop Matt Damon - and how most of the time I do not mind. But sometimes I really miss ... ...."
wow gold
"... ... I know."

Khadga transfer of the subject. "I think this is not an ordinary dream?"

Antonidas shook his head Road, "No, unfortunately, I have some important news to tell to you. Black Dragon clan and tribal alliance had."

Card strengthen the wine will not be endured choking. "Black Dragon?" He repeated. "But those red line?" Two Dragon, but mortal enemies. cheap wow gold

Grand Master shrugged, "There was a time that no one had seen them. Perhaps because they are eventually freed itself from control of Orc." He frowned, "but animal people to find a new ally, but also looks like this time of these are voluntary. "

Khadga shook his head, "they are not prepared to watch fort then?"

"We do not know." Antonidas admitted. "Maybe. They have been here, there is still Alterac also been a calamity." His Mei Touzhou more tightly. "Animal People stole Dalaran eye, Khadga."

"Eyes?" Khadga know this for what Dalaran is a big loss. "But the Orc tribes want it to do?"

"I do not know, but they really came to steal it." Antonidas say for sure. "There are several Death Knight successfully through our fortifications, took it, and take advantage of Black Dragon to help them escape. Soon after, there were reports that they massacred all the Black Dragon monitors Alterac alliance troops It is clear that a traitor is subject to the Peiruinuode instructions. "

"I want to know how the Peiruinuode do this."

"This is a mystery of. Khadga, I know you are still busy with many things, but I think you should know this thing."

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