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Cucalon is not limited to this

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infection or exhibition emerged

Want to join the Bloody Crusaders face the biggest problem is how to prove that they are not dead. Since the great prosecutor was almost killed by his own attendants (at least the story had this to say), the penetration of the organization in the souls of the issue have fallen into the incredible suspicious of. Dead ugly and common sense is wow gold different from living with these people regardless of their conviction that the souls of the souls of the shaman be able to camouflage a living person looks like. Therefore, the new members (if they can live to join the Crusaders made the request) to undergo a 30-day quarantine in order to observe whether they were the plague infection or exhibition emerged in itself is a sign of souls. During this period they will be great or a big Prosecutor General access and accept the "ask." No one Scarlet Crusade members will discuss the matter during the isolation period. Great General Abidisi leader (male Human 10 Warrior / Paladin 8): No one knows what to make great generals such hate dead. Some people (secretly) to speculate that he and prosecutors have been great natural disasters captured and tortured, but the story has wow po never been proven before. Asked why it has such a large general equal to their hatred of the souls labeled mad because of the plague and the label. He believes that all persons must hate and root out the souls of Lordaeron, or else mankind will never be able to regain their homes. He believes that his behavior is to follow the Light of the Tao, the benefit of their nation and homeland. He deeply admired with his companion - great prosecutor, and the two co-founded the organization proud. His more than 40 years old, tall, dark-skinned, has a wild shock of white hair. His mad clearly written on his face, but his followers believe that this is only a total dedication to the cause of performance. Great prosecutor Yisenlien (male human, 8 healers / 10 Pastor): Large prosecutor big spiritual leader of the Crusaders. Light used to be a faithful pastor, who will now dedicate themselves to cross the military industry as a greater goal. This dedication is real; threw himself into the cause has to measure the results - it is not given by the Holy Light. In the creation of the early crusaders, he invented a lot of methods for screening and interrogation, and the construction of the cells and torture rooms, is used to extract information or detention of prisoners and for entrants, in order to observe whether they have been infected with plague. Cells also imprisoned souls, Yisenlien often alone in the night to visit them. Members of the Crusaders, said he entered the dungeon before the look is the point of anger and a little crazy ( "mad" is relative to the average for members of the Crusaders, with the normal point of view should be "madness" of). When he left, he became calm and smiling, and he never disclose to others what he has done during this period, and no one would care about the souls, or would like to know what was going on. He was 55 years old, short and thin, bald, with a pair of very wide green eyes. Great lords tellin Fuding (male human, 10 Warrior / Paladin 2): Poor tellin Fuding just want to hand the Knights of the effectiveness of silver to learn how to use their own pure soul and sword to help the unfortunate people. Yisenlien impart to him Divine Light and its teachings. When disaster struck, destroying their homes when he could only watched helpless, watching his friends die one by one fell down and then stood up again the body. Deeply grieved, and eager to seek his guidance, eyes have been fooled once again put into their own teachers, subglottic and joined the new crusade, and enthusiastically devoted to their homes as their base in the west. He is honest and yet blind, unable to see the Scarlet Crusaders spread the essence of evil, respect and worship with their own leaders. He has every one regretted the death of innocent people, but the years of war made him understand that some innocent people always die. This is the war he had in mind. Tellin 34 years old, he who embodies the typical Paladin strong and good. He was tall and strong, with brown hair and blue Yanmou. Union forgiveness? Alliance currently has a lot of trouble, the biggest trouble are those who are dead, the tribe, demons and all kinds of monsters killed by land. They have been proud of the population is not dead, is to become dead, or gone into hiding. They do not even have a large enough base, in addition to the distant storm the city, but also because of the distance too far that they can not effectively deal with the problem Lordaeron. Elimination of natural disasters is everyone's desire, but the Scarlet Crusaders kill them many mortal counted as an acceptable loss. For the Union, the Bloody Crusaders loyalty would be crazy. Therefore, the Union did not pardon Bloody Crusaders behavior, just as this organization is to bring trouble at home when the fire stain on the shirt. In the most critical issues are resolved, their homes are back before the Crusaders will be laissez-faire.

Posted on 1/2/2010 at 07:07

overcome this difficulty

Many of the points of this article based on above reasoning, sometimes not very reliable evidence that with the more reasonable inference, if there is any new evidence to prove my point of view does not hold, then the new information please prevail.
     2, this paper has the ingredients on the abdomen black inside, more nausea such topics, please disregard the bar. Moreover, since the abdomen black, some terminology may be slightly darker, but also please the spectators are willing to imagine what will happen next to overcome this difficulty.
wow powerleveling

Cucalon, one in the entire history of all it is very strange and new words.
Its appearance is very short, according to the background the whole story, then it appears to the word, but about five years from the time, but its influence is growing. wow power level
Cucalon stands for the earliest tribal especially Saar completely trust arm of the elite imperial guard unit, since the "Burning Crusade" launched after the cucalon became more Orc tribes, especially among the elite troops be deployed in Shadowmoon Valley, but also in Northrend have a large number to exist in the name of cucalon forces cucalon represents a qualitative leap in the meaning, its meaning has been more than the original imperial guard units of ( Of course, cucalon Saar's first, or whether it is an ancient custom of Orc is not known, but this does not affect my discussion below).
Therefore, in the eyes of many cucalon similar to those in Nazi Germany's SS, both responsible for protecting the lives of leaders, but also tribal side of the field into the preparation of an elite army.
However, in my view, it seems the meaning of Cucalon is not limited to this.
AION kinah

Let us first take a look at a group of comparative data.
We can recall the next Orc in the previous operations, how the kind of combat: that all of the clans in the tribe is the chief of the assignment, the individual receiving the task in accordance with the clan chiefs to combat the various clans in the division of labor under the premise of a clear synergy in order to achieve the objective of combat operations to win.
Now, in order to name the name of cucalon forces are active in all the battlefield, while in Northrend, to the original corps formed the basis of the clan is left of the Battle Hymn of the clan as the main battle song Expeditionary Force, other not cucalon Zhu many clans from the previous unit is composed of mixed Salma Han Army Corps and Marg.





Posted on 9/11/2009 at 07:07
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