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Concert Review: Outside Lands 2014 - Aug 8 - Seattlepi.com

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this one width='200px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> chains, and I had my fill of Kim Kardashian xvideos their immaturity. Phosphorescent's indie rock was a little too laid back as it served more as background music for many in the meadow who were chatting with each other. The music was enjoyable, but didn't fit right with the setting. Synthpop duo Holy Ghost! were a delight as they turned the polo field into an '80s dance party. I was disappointed to leave, but wanted to catch others. They were a highlight of the day. Warpaint's atmospheric sounds were welcoming but they seem better suited for a darkened room than a warm, sunny afternoon. Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers folk rock was much better served by the late afternoon.
Source: http://www.seattlepi.com/lifestyle/blogcritics/article/Concert-Review-Outside-Lands-2014-Aug-8-5679025.php

Enercom, Inc. To Host The Oil & Gas Conference® 19 August 17-21, 2014 -- Denver, July 24, 2014 /prnewswire/ --

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offices in Houston, Chicago, and Dallas, Credit Agricole CIB Americas offers its corporate and institutional clients financial products and services and made-to-order structuring, origination and distribution, through both its banking unit Credit Agricole CIB, and the full service broker-dealer Credit Agricole Securities (USA) Inc., which is a member of the NYSE and NASD. Credit Agricole CIB is also present in Montreal, Canada, and in Latin America with offices in Argentina, Brazil, visit site and Mexico. The Energy Industry represents the single largest concentration of industry exposure at Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, whose specialty [read] focus dates back over 100 years. Our Energy practice for North America, located in Houston, focuses on all segments of the business official site and covers it on a truly global basis. For more information, visit www.ca-cib.com . About Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc. Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc. (NSAI) was founded in 1961 to provide the highest quality engineering and geological consulting to the petroleum industry.
Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/enercom-inc-to-host-the-oil--gas-conference-19-august-17-21-2014-268475402.html

Hollywood Reporter Receives First-ever Emmy Nomination For Award Roundtable - The Hollywood Reporter

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It first aired on PBS SoCal on Dec. 29. The program was produced by The Hollywood Reporter in partnership with PBS SoCaL. The nominated team includes THR's Galloway and Janice Min, executive producers; THR's Jennifer Laski, producer;THR's Stephanie Fischette, associate producer; and fromPBS SoCal,Brenda Brkusic, executive producer. It was one of six awards season roundtables that aired in full on PBS SoCal during the past Oscar season of 2013-14. THR COVER Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Open Up About 'Wolf of Wall Street' The winners will be announced at the Kim Kardashian 66th Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards presentation July 26 at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in the NoHo Arts District. The Los Angeles Area nominees were selected by national active members and Los Angeles Area Peer Group active members within the Television more? info? Academy.
Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hollywood-reporter-receives-first-ever-714011

5 Kanye West Quotes From Made In America About Love, Hate And Kimye

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> on November 22, 2013 in New York City. On MTV spoofing him at the VMAs "I called Jay Pharoah right after the MTV Video Music Awards and I said, 'You know, I appreciate your show ,but let me tell you about my story, let me tell you what I went through to get to that position,'" he recalled. "I'm not http://larwuosxuata.centerblog.net making it a black or white thing right now, but I'm telling you if you see a black guy anywhere, he had to work 12 times as hard, excuse me. So we're not going to have any black comedians going up on stage spoofing the people who are working hard to open doors not only for black people, but for any creators anybody who wants to add a contribution to the world beauty, truth, creativity, positivity and just helping the next man out with love, with love, with love, with love, with love." Comedian Jay Pharoah impersonates Kanye West at the MTV VMAs on Aug. 24. 4. On negative rumors Kim Kardashian hot photos in the tabloids "This is a new generation," he proclaimed. "There are so many [more] people at this stage tonight dancing to this music than anybody who has ever wrote something negative, so don't believe none of that sh*t, and just believe that sh*t when we drop it when Travis Scott drops his sh*t, when Big Sean drops his sh*t, when [Lil'] Wayne drops his sh*t, when Kendrick [Lamar] drops his sh*t, when Frank Ocean drops his sh*t." 5. On Jay Z and Made in America "I ain't going to go on too long tonight because the last thing I want to do is f*ck up the curfew for my big homie Jay Z, my brother," Kanye said.
Source: http://mashable.com/2014/08/31/kanye-west-made-in-america-recap-quotes/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-All-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-All-Partial&utm_medium=feed&utm_source=rss

James Garner, Elaine Stritch, Kanye West, And The Culture Of Creative Cowardice - Forbes

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670px-elaine_stritch And I think I was the poster child of, like, fighting and winning. But you always saw the fight. And with Jay, you always saw the win. Whether were talking a Hollywood legend, a Broadway diva or the most creative force in hip hop today, the common thread is that, for better or worse, their work processes have been transparent and their foibles well documented. Garner was a serial job hopper from an abusive home, Stritch was candid about her 50-year battle with the bottle and Kanye acknowledges his place as a http://rosepzil.tblog.com/post/1971281341 tabloid staple and his desire to help his daughter handle the culture of celebrity better than he has. Their humanity and patchwork of professional experiences informs their art. Contrast this with recent career advice given to Millennial job hunters by a career expert inThe Edmonton Journal: The next job could be just around the corner but if it takes longer than expected, people start to become anxious and all of those notions of their ideal job preferences start to fall by the wayside as they become tempted to take the first job that comes their way.That first job frequently is not the visit their website one that is going to be best for you, so the more time you can give yourself financially to hold out for suitable employment thats going to be satisfying for you and also give you the opportunity for upward mobility, the better it is for your career. Dont settle for less than ideal. Heaven forbid you have to course correct later. A dead-end job now is going to haunt you for decadesis the underlying message.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jmaureenhenderson/2014/07/22/james-garner-elaine-stritch-kanye-west-and-the-culture-of-creative-cowardice/

Kayne West Blasts President Obama - Syracuse Politics | Examiner.com

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White House on U.S. <a href=kim kardashian breasts job creation through Connecting the Americas: is it working?' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> More Photos View all 10 photos During a recent radio interview with Power106 FM West had strong words view for Obama. West said in regard to the president that you simply have to have a lot of money to effect change http://eremefyv.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/kim-kardashian-confirms-shes-not-married-to-kanye-west-yet-abc-news/ and that can't be done from inside the White House. West also commented that he doesn't see good ideas as being connected to money as much and that creativity and extreme genius are very cheap. He ended this line of thought with the statement that you really don't want to go against power and that he's personally working on one mission which is a click here mission from God. West was speaking during an interview in Philadelphia when he criticized Obama reports TheCelebrityCafe.com . West is well known for speaking out against anyone who goes against him. In the past Obama hit West and his new wife Kim Kardashian as being bad influences for young people due to their priorities in their lifestyle choices.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/kayne-west-blasts-president-obama

Kanye West Blasts Barack Obama: ?i?m On A Mission From God?

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Im here to Kim Kardashian Jam help. Im going to apply all the blessings Ive http://napotesubt.bloghi.com got. Were moving to the future. [And] Im gonna be the anchor. Um, what? Is it just me, or did what Kanye West say above simply not make much sense? Then again, when youre on a mission from God, it doesnt really matter what you say or how you say it; the main thing is the intent right?
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1309408/kanye-west-blasts-barack-obama-im-on-a-mission-from-god/

Kanye West Was ?like A Kid In A Candy Store? While Meeting Michael Jackson, Book Claims « New Music, Music News, Concerts, Gossip ? 97.1 Amp Radio

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Kim Kardashian heels Once Kanye saw Mr. see page Jackson, he was the one who was starstruck, Whitfield and Beard write in the book, which was released today (June 3). The two were meeting about http://ruidistcourlassde.webs.com a remix of Jacksons Billie Jean for the Thriller 25 anniversary reissue. Related: Michael Jackson Becomes First Artist with Top 10 Singles Over 5 Decades He started gushing. Oh my God, Mr. Jackson, its such a pleasure and an honor to meet you. You just dont know.
Source: http://amp.cbslocal.com/2014/06/03/kanye-west-was-like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store-while-meeting-michael-jackson-book-claims/

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Honeymoon: Why They Chose Ireland : People.com

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The newlyweds headed straight to the surprising destination after their over-the-top nuptials for a little romantic R&R and now we know why. "We http://jakesaulpa.soup.io spent Kanye's bday in http://www.savingsdaily.com/post/kim-kardashian-goes-into-dieting-before-wedding-the-times-of-india Ireland a few years back & fell in love with it!" Kardashian Tweeted on Monday of their honeymoon destination. "It's such a calming relaxing place!" During their trip, the pair enjoyed http://mayfygv.wordpress.com the outdoors with an hour-long mountain biking http://roweokwx.wallinside.com trek before hitting up a local theater for a movie date . "They were clearly enjoying having this time together," mountain bike guide Fergal Somers tells PEOPLE. "They were very affectionate, and it was obvious they were enjoying the remoteness of the location and the lack of people around." From there, it was off to the Czech Republic capital of Prague, where the couple attended the wedding of the rapper's close friend and stylist Renelou Padora . "Had pictures of kim kardashian the best most relaxing romantic honeymoon in Ireland & Prague!" Kardashian shared on Twitter , before she copped to missing daughter North, who turns a year old on June 15. "Missed my baby girl so much! Excited to be home to squeeze her so tight!" While the trip may have already come to an end, married life with West is just beginning, and Kardashian, 33, is clearly reveling in its glow: When a fan asked Kardashian how married life is, she replied, " Love being Mrs. West.
Source: http://www.people.com/article/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-why-honeymoon-ireland-twitter

Mental Fitness Inc. Partners With Celebrities To Hold A Silent Auction

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Kim Pham arrest: 1 woman in <a href=read this custody, 4 others still running in brutal case' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> "Bachelor Pad" star Erica Rose and songstress Lisa Loeb are both part of the project along with several others. The money raised from the http://kanishared.soup.io/post/389643649/Kris-Jenner-Comments-On-Alleged-Kanye-West silent auction will go to help produce a musical based on the life of Yvonne Adrian. It has been shown around the country and completes the mental health requirement for high school health classes. The celebrities that have signed up to be a part of this all have strong beliefs that this story needs to be told. Both adults and children can benefit from watching the musical and understanding that this is very http://www.savingsdaily.com/post/kim-kardashian-hated-being-pregnant-i-gained-a-lot-of-weight-and-felt-awful real. Erica Rose was one of the fan favorites from "Bachelor Pad" and is offering an afternoon to hang out in Los Angeles, or a Skype session. These opportunities are all once in a lifetime and they go to help a greater cause. To be among the first to receive news from the Chicago Celebrity Examiner, please subscribe here or at the top of the page. It's anonymous and completely free.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/mental-fitness-inc-partners-with-celebrities-to-hold-a-silent-auction

Kim Kardashian Rocks Tight Leather Skirt All Over Paris

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kim <a href=http://www.kiwibox.com/pattersonvbct/blog/entry/112479907/kim-kardashian/?pPage=0 kardashian leather' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Kim Kardashian joined Kanye West in Paris this weekend where she shocked us, ditching her now-signature all-white look. On Friday (Jan. 17), the 33-year-old reality star donned a black leather peplum shirt paired with a black pencil skirt for dinner with her fiance and some of the biggest creative minds in the world , including designer Azzedine Alaia, Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani and designer Riccardo Tisci. On Saturday, Kardashian hit the streets http://wallinside.com/post-4890732-argan-oil-is-rich-in-vitamin-e-carotenes-and-fatty-acids-which-promote-the-skins-healing-growth-.html of Paris for some retail therapy dressed head to toe in designer threads , and she wanted everyone to know it. The reality star took to her own Instagram account to share that she was rocking a leather Givenchy skirt, Alexander Wang t-shirt, Celine coat and Tom Ford heels. Also on HuffPost:
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/21/kim-kardashian-leather-paris_n_4638217.html

Democrat Wendy Davis Reports Raising $12.5m In Texas Gubernatorial Race

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Both candidates released their fundraising numbers a day before the Farrah tape required deadline. The Davis campaign said it will report raising funds from 71,843 individual contributors in their official reports due to the Texas Ethics Commission on Farrah Abraham Wednesday. About 85 percent of the contributions were $50 or less. Of the $12.5 million, $3.5 million went to the pro-Davis PAC, called Texas Victory Committee. "This looks like more fuzzy math from the Davis campaign" said Abbott spokesman Matt Hirsch, in response to the fundraising report click here. that showed her raising more money than Abbott. The attorney general's news release counted money only given directly to his campaign and shows the tremendous advantage his team has with $27 million in cash on hand. Abbott's campaign manager Wayne Hamilton said over the last six months, 97 percent of the donors were from Texas. Texas is second in the nation in population and size, and includes 20 media markets.
More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/01/15/democrat-wendy-davis-reports-raising-125m-in-texas-gubernatorial-race/

Cnn Heads To Davos For A Week Of Special Business Coverage

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CNN heads to Davos for a week of special business coverage With recovery from the 2008 financial crisis beginning to gather pace, this years event focuses on the role economics has to play in the reshaping of global society. CNN business correspondents Richard Quest, Nina dos Santos and John Defterios, alongside Fareed Zakaria, will deliver live daily coverage from the heart of the Swiss mountain town, which is transformed each year for the summit. With http://skinnerrscy.skyrock.com unique access to CEOs, financiers and world leaders, CNN will be posing tough questions on topics from youth unemployment to corporate responsibility, as well as asking whether the current model for global capitalism is fit for purpose. Mike McCarthy, Senior Vice President, Programming, at CNN International, said: Our coverage of Davos marks the start of a big year for business on CNN, both on TV and online. Our commitment to the WEF is as strong as ever, and our anchors have unrivalled experience of covering this key visit the website event on the economic calendar. From Monday 21 January to Friday 24 January there will be coverage throughout the http://aldohvyr.wordpressy.pl day, beginning with World Business Today at 9am GMT and 2pmGMT, anchored by Nina dos Santos. Richard Quest will close each day with Quest Means Business at 9pm GMT. A special panel debate will follow the summit, with Richard Quest hosting a post-WEF debate Davos Debrief from Zurich. This will debut on Saturday 1 February at 0730 GMT and 1630 GMT, and will be repeated on Sunday 2 February at 1130 GMT and 1930 GMT, with a final showing on Monday 3 February at 1330 GMT. CNN.com will host dedicated coverage throughout the WEF including news, comment and expert analysis at www.cnn.com/davos . The site will also feature two interactive tools offering an insight into the economic mood, and showing peoples relative incomes in comparison to others around the world. CNN.com users can say how they are feeling about their own economic outlook and chart it against others around the world on an economic Mood Map. CNN.com is also releasing its Global Wage Calculator, through which users can find out how their wages compare to the average in their country and across the G20, and to jobs around the world from a teacher in Ethiopia to Britains Queen.
Full story http://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2014/01/16/cnn-heads-to-davos-for-a-week-of-special-business-coverage/

What Claire Danes Considers Date Night With Husband Hugh Dancy

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HT glamour claire danes nt 131204 v16x9 16x9 608 What Claire Danes Considers Date Night With Husband Hugh Dancy 10. I was always looking forward to this time because people talk about it in very romantic terms. And I think its true. Plus, the actress is still very proud of her body as she ages. Gravity hasnt had too profound of an effect, and youre a little less great site emotionally gangly, she added. The 20s are a deceptively challenging-slash-painful time. Im just glad to be out ofthatphase. The Homeland star, continue reading this.. 34, who has won three Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes, married Hugh Dancy in 2009 and told the magazine her time with her husband has just flown by. Plus, the couple welcomed their son Cyrus last December.
Read more http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2013/12/what-claire-danes-considers-date-night-with-husband-hugh-dancy/

Architecture Could Use Some Help From Kanye West

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152900796 I am tripping over myself http://investor.memphisnews.net/newsnet.memphisnews/news/read/25309778 with fear and excitement at the prospect of having such a powerful mouthpiece for a generation of black architects and designers who share his frustration and connect with his message, wrote Jamaican-born architect and GSD student Sekou Cooke last month. What stands between Kanye West and a second act as an architect is an advanced degreethe College Dropout would need to get his bachelors firstplus 5,600 hours of interning, not to mention a series of architecture licensure exams. A high hurdle. While I wouldnt put it past an artist who received a Grammy nomination for a song he recorded while his jaws were wired shut , its a grueling path for even the most determined student of the Mother Art. Yet the high barriers of entry to a career in architecture havent totally shut West out. At last years Cannes Film Festival, West debuted his Cruel Summer video on a seven-screen pavilion designed by his creative house , DONDA, in partnership with OMAthe architecture firm founded by Rem Koolhaas.* West is on record about his love for Le Corbusier , and hes also teaming up with stellar emerging architects, such as David Benjamin of the Living Architecture Lab at Columbia Universitys Graduate School of Architecture. Collaborations between architects and top producers from other fields make perfect sense when you consider, for example, one of any number of cooperative exercises between Koolhaas and Miuccia Prada the 2013 catwalk in Milan being the most recent, the 2001 Prada Epicenter in New York being the most prominent.
Full story: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2013/11/19/kanye_west_speaks_on_architecture_at_harvard_graduate_school_of_design_more.html

Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Toned Tummy In A Tiger Top

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continue reading this.. Selena Gomezs Toned Stomach In Her Tiger Tee: Selenas white crop top featured a tigers face and was tied in a knot on the side. Not only did it channel a 90s vibe, but it allowed her to showed off her midriff and we must say it looked quite toned! Weve seen her rock the shirt backstage on her Stars Dance tour, where she paired the ensemble with a comfy pair of sweats. This time, she dressed it up a bit but still stayed cool in casual in low-waist jeans and a necklace. With her long brown locks cascading down the side, the star was beaming with joy as she shared a joking smile with her gal pal beside her! This isnt the first go round for Selenas cheetah statement! She recently rocked a different tiger shirt while in London posing with fans in September .
Full story: http://hollywoodlife.com/2013/11/18/selena-gomez-toned-stomach-crop-top-tiger-tee-picture/

Police Id Man Who Fell Through Ceiling Of Luxury Hollywood Hotel

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visit here

Hollywood: Go Big or Go Third Party

A large black cloth was spread below an area of the atrium's southeast corner, where workmen replaced two broken glass panes, each about 8 feet square. "There was glass and debris in the lobby," said Medina. "And there was damage to a sprinkler pipe that caused the sprinkler system to go on." Medina said he did not know whether Kulesza had hit the pipe and set off the sprinkler or if the sprinkler system had gone off before the man fell. As Hollywood police detectives continued Sunday to gather evidence at the scene, speculation about what led up to the strange event was rampant.
Source: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/hollywood/fl-glass-ceiling-fall-westin-diplomat-20131117,0,3889327.story

Police ID man who fell through ceiling of luxury Hollywood hotel VIAB -0.30% Viacom Inc. Cl B U.S.: Nasdaq $80.27 -0.24 -0.30% Nov. 18, 2013 1:31 pm Volume (Delayed 15m) : 2.14M P/E Ratio 16.19 Market Cap $35.90 Billion Dividend Yield 1.49% Rev. per Employee $1,396,150 More quote details and news VIAB in Your Value Your Change Short position 's Paramount Pictures, http://kingkhhm.iloveblog.com Sony Corp.'s 6758.TO +0.87% Sony Corp. Japan: Tokyo 1862 +16 +0.87% Nov.
Source: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB20001424052702304868404579192891681999588

Hollywood's golden girl auctions her gold for AIDS

Kennedy even got into the act, courtesy of the Zapruder film, which was meticulously re-enacted throughout with Steve Reed playing the presidents double. According to the entertainment website IMDb, 24 others have portrayed JFK, beginning with Cliff Robertson in PT-109 and carrying right on through to Rob Lowe in last weekends TV http://langcvjz.crowdvine.com debut of Killing Kennedy. Who was the best? And who was the worst? And what is the definitive Kennedy movie or miniseries? Lets take a look: The best actors 1. Martin Sheen, Kennedy (1983): He played Bobby Kennedy in 1974s sublime The Missiles kim kardashian instagram of October, then went one better by playing the president in arguably the best of the Kennedy miniseries.
Source: http://www.wickedlocal.com/brockton/fun/entertainment/x1275643839/Hollywood-does-JFK-A-look-at-the-best-and-worst

Hollywood does JFK: A look at the best and worst

The Hollywood actress was in town to co-host an amFAR event supported by Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan , and chose a black gown for the occasion. Sharon who was joined by Million Dollar Baby star Hillary Swank and popstar Ke$ha on the red carpet said that she was honoured to be here in India for the American Foundation for AIDS Research, and plans to auction some of her favourite baubles t to raise money for her chosen cause. TOI struck up a brief conversation with her. When asked about her association with Aishwarya, Sharon replied, "It is very kind of Aishwarya and Abhishek to support this cause. It all started in Cannes two years ago when she came up to me.
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hollywood/news-interviews/Hollywoods-golden-girl-auctions-her-gold-for-AIDS/articleshow/25973849.cms

Kim Kardashian Kontinues To Kill It Klothing-wise - Cosmopolitan

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Kim tripped a tiny bit whilst browsing, which isn't even funny because she looked good. To see her whole outfit uprightand all of her other post-maternity looks click here . Photo Credit: x17online
More: http://bit.ly/1dmft2T

While Kim loves to show off her curvy assets in sexy, revealing numbers and Nina usually goes a bit more glam, emphasizing her curves in a different way, they both opted for the bare-bones color palette this year. On October 30, Kim appeared on more info The Tonight Show With Jay Leno rocked a see-through white lace Dolce & Gabbana dress with no slip underneath, clearly showing off her post-baby body in a black bra and hot pants. She paired the dress which surprisingly draped below her knees with black sandals that had a hint of gold, pale pink lipgloss, simple diamond earrings, and wavy blond hair. This is more covered-up than her sexy swimsuit selfie, but still doesnt leave all to much to the imagination.
More: http://dlvr.it/4Jd9tV

Popularidade de Kanye West cai mais de 60% desde namoro com Kim Kardashian ? Revista Monet

Os dois devem se casar em breve e tem uma filha juntos, North West. _ Leia mais: Fas de Beyonce tentam impedir que ela va ao casamento de Kim Kardashian _ O indice de popularidade do musico http://thereseoulton.com/node/9276 caiu de 17 (em fevereiro de 2011) para 3 pontos (em setembro deste ano) entre http://vintography.com/activity/p/48212/ mulheres de 18 a 49 anos. Ja entre os homens de 18 a 34, a queda foi menos brusca, de 19 para 13, comparando-se os mesmos periodos. _ Dentro dessas mesmas duas variaveis de http://kk-research.com/xe/?mid=community3&page=33&listStyle=list&document_srl=664754 tempo, a popularidade de Kim tambem diminuiu. Era de 9 pontos e agora e de 4.
More: http://glo.bo/1bs4Qw1

Obamacare Gets Hollywood Rewrite

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If there are drawbacks and glitches and discontent, that should be part of the presentations, said Caplan, who supports the law. Monday's Photos of the day It should not be a place to propagandize; it should be a place to have honest open discussion, wrinkles and all, flaws and all, on health reform, he said. Critics of the law will be closely watching to see if Hollywood might be airbrushing the presidents core program, because they are close to the Democrats. Hollywood can be a forceful shaper of style and public sentiment. A survey conducted several years ago for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation found that among those who said their feelings toward gays and lesbians had become more favorable, many said a contributing factor was seeing more gay and lesbian characters on TV and in movies. Vice President Joe Biden has credited the 1998-2006 TV sitcom Will & Grace, which featured a gay character, with doing more to educate the public than almost anything anybodys done so far. But Hollywood sparkle doesnt always get results.
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/hollywood-targeted-to-give-affordable-care-act-a-boost-with-tv-story-lines-about-the-new-law/2013/11/04/9e1dbd72-455d-11e3-95a9-3f15b5618ba8_story_1.html

Deadline.com is owned by Penske Media Corp., parent company of Variety. Finkes departure from Deadline has been the subject of discussion in media and showbiz circles for several months. Deadline will continue its operations with Michael Fleming Jr. overseeing film coverage and Nellie Andreeva spearheading television. Pete Hammond continues as Awards Editor and David Lieberman serves as executive http://eugenezzgb.jigsy.com/entries/general/kim-kardashian-not-rushing-down-the-aisle-with-kanye-west editor of the site driving business and financial coveragebased out of Gotham. visit homepage Finke has been a prominent voice in the industry for decades, but never more so since she became a digital pioneer with Deadline Hollywood. The site was initially affiliated with the LA Weekly through Finkes role as the alternative newsweeklys Hollywood columnist.
Source: http://movies.yahoo.com/news/nikki-finke-exit-deadline-hollywood-024135925.html

One of the most interesting sights in Tuesday night's European action was Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio trying to blend webpage in badly as Paris Saint-Germain needed Zlatan Ibrahimovic to salvage a draw at home to Anderlecht. Elsewhere there was plenty more going on and below Goal rounds up the top snippets of footballing action in pictures... Double trouble | Republic of Ireland's new coaching duo attend Man Utd's game for a punditry commitment Spot on | Sergio Aguero gives Man City an early lead after David Silva is brought down in the area Fireworks | Bonfire night celebrations lit up the sky as a seven-goal thriller entertained the Etihad Juventus hope | Vidal scores from kim kardashian turn it up the spot as Bianconeri fans start to believe they can beat Real Madrid Tunnel vision | Moyes emerges at Real Sociedad looking tense ahead of Man Utd's match Bigmouth strikes again | Ibrahimovic equalised for PSG after Anderlecht had taken a surprise lead Group A was a thoroughly goalless affair as Manchester United failed to take their gilt-edged chances and drew 0-0 with Real Sociedad, while Bayer Leverkusen and Shakhtar Donetsk fans suffered through a stalemate. Group D saw Bayern and Man City qualify at Viktoria Plzen and CSKA Moscow's expense, while Group C sees a three-way tussle between Copenhagen, Galatasaray and Juventus for the second place behind all-but qualified Real Madrid. Group B remains somewhat in the balance when it comes to who will finish second, but it would take a minor miracle to deny PSG a spot in the last 16 of the continental competition.
Source: http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2013/11/06/4386299/hollywood-stars-in-paris-fellaini-sees-red-bale-beats-buffon-the-

The public typically gets as much, if not more, information about current events from favourite TV programs as mainstream news outlets, Kaplan said, so apeople learn from these shows.a California Republican strategist Jonathan Wilcox, who has taught a course on politics and celebrity at USC, said the attempt to engage Hollywood was coming too late to influence views, and he doubted fictionalized TV would play into familiesa decisions about health care. aThis is an kim kardashian hot pictures attempt to use entertainment pop culture to fix a political challenge,a he said. aIt will be received as a partisan political message, no matter how cleverly itas delivered.a About 16 per cent of Americans are uninsured and surveys have shown many still know little or nothing about the health-care law even though sign-ups for insurance have started. The challenge for lawas supporters is to connect with the millions of Americans who for whatever reason havenat paid attention so far. The 18-month grant, to the Lear Centeras Hollywood Health & Society program, will be used for briefings with staff from TV shows and to track health overhaul-related depictions on prime time and Spanish-language television. Since the grant money was provided so recently, no plot lines involving health care have been written.
Source: http://www.canada.com/entertainment/television/Obamacare+gets+Hollywood+rewrite/9128869/story.html

Nikki Finke has severed ties with Deadline Hollywood, the website that she built into a must-read for the entertainment industry. Finke is leaving after repeated clashes with Jay Penske, who purchased the site in 2009 and also owns Variety. "I'm so happy," Finke said in a brief interview. ON LOCATION: Where the cameras roll Finke said she plans to start a new website that will compete with Deadline and Variety in chronicling the ins and outs of Hollywood. However, things took a turn this week after the two met with a mediator in an effort to reach an accord. While Finke said the talks didn't appear to go far, nonetheless Penske decided to release her from her contract, which ran through 2016.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-nikki-finke-exits-deadline-hollywood-20131105,0,602685.story

The center provides similar information for Hollywood writers on cancer, AIDS, climate change and other issues. "Public health is a common good. Public health is not a partisan issue," Kaplan said. "America needs to be healthy. People need to have access to health care. That's not a controversial statement." Wilcox doesn't believe Hollywood can make the health care law successful.
Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57610750/hollywood-may-put-its-spin-on-obamacare/

By the 1980s Shabel had become a critic of the city Community Redevelopment Agency's role in improving Hollywood through the seizure of property by eminent domain. She was particularly interested in saving historic buildings along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, as well as ficus trees that lined the boulevard. Her other interests included the Hollywood Boulevard Community Council, the Hollywood Highlands Democratic Club and the Hollywood Free Clinic. She served as president of a group called Hollywood Damage Control and Recovery from 1994 to 1997, helping property owners affected by the subway's construction win a settlement from the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. During that same period, Shabel opened her 95-year-old Lodi Place bungalow to a blind talent agent and his wife who had been forced from the building they lived and worked in after it abruptly sank 9 inches because of the subway work.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/obituaries/la-me-chris-shabel-20131106,0,485170.story

Kanye West Wears A Confederate Flag, Says 'react How You Want'

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The Jewish community would run him out of town if he did and so should the African American community, stated Najee Ali political director of the Los Angeles National Action Network. Kanye West selling jackets with the Confederate flag on them is a disgrace and embarrassment. Amany of our ancestors were brutalized, kidnapped , raped, and murdered during slavery under this flag. Its inexcusable for West to be promoting Aand Amerchandising this flag. Were determined to boycott and shut down any other stores that attempt to sell this merchandise, stated Rev K.W.
Source: http://www.eurweb.com/2013/11/kanye-west-target-of-boycott-by-nan-for-confederate-flag-clothing/

read name="movie" value=http://www.youtube.com/v/FEKEjpTzB0Q> webpage type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true">

Kanye West Hits Up Barneys in Beverly Hills Sans Fiancée Kim Kardashian

"It was a very firm no from Lana and her camp. Kanye did try to push it, but didn't get anywhere," the source continued. "Kanye decided to hire an orchestra to perform the song for Kim, and he was much happier with how it turned out." Like us on Facebook Kardashian, who is set to walk down the aisle for a third time, Kim Kardashian heels opened up about her recent engagement to West. The pair began dating in 2012 shortly after Kardashian filed for divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries. "Complete surprise. I truly had no idea," Kardashian told Us Weekly magazine .
Source: http://global.christianpost.com/news/lana-del-rey-didnt-reject-kanye-west-offer-rapper-wanted-singer-for-kim-kardashian-proposal-video-108033/

*Looks into the soul of a woman interrupting his story, his eyes burning with the red-hot flames of hell* "Ay, c'mon man, what up dog? Don't distract my story man" Watch the video below: Of course, just because Kanye West isn't making games, that doesn't mean there aren't games with Kanye West in them. Below we've compiled a list of our favourites. Top 3 games featuring Kanye West Zoom The idea for this game was cunningly hidden by Kanye in his lyrics to the son 'N***as In Paris' , released on Watch The Throne, a collaboration album with the Jay 'I've dropped the hypen' Z. In the track Kanye says "Don't let me into my zone" and that's just what your main goal is in the game. Use the arrow keys to guide the blue ball around the zone and keep Kanye's bouncing head from entering it.
Source: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/436546/blog/yeezus-origins-kanye-west-reveals-dream-of-becoming-a-game-designer/

Blumm See more photos , news and a full bio He caused controversy with his song "New Slaves" about modern-day racism and now Kanye West is prompting talk again the rapper was seen wearing a jacket emblazoned with the Confederate flag on Saturday. The star, who got engaged to Kim Kardashian at the end of October, has been criticized for home featuring the flag on merchandise for his Yeezus tour . The gear includes T-shirts featuring the flag along with a skull and the words "I ain't comin' down." But in an interview with Los Angeles radio station 97.1 AMP on Monday, West, 36, explained the reasoning behind using the flag which was adopted by the Southern states during the American Civil War but has come to represent a symbol of racism and hate to many. "React how you want," he said. "Any energy is good energy. You know the Confederate flag represented slavery in a way that's my abstract take on what Kim Kardashian pregnant I know about it.
Source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20752003,00.html

Yeezus Origins: Kanye West reveals dream of becoming a game designer

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the lovebirds are suing YouTube founder Chad Hurley for releasing highlights from Kanyes proposal on Oct. 21 in San Franciscos AT&T Park. (Our picks: The 50-piece orchestra on the field, PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!! on the Jumbotron, and the 15-carat rock on Kims finger.) Not that West and Kardashian didnt know cameras were recording every second of the evening, or that they didnt plan to broadcast every second on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But, and this is the big but, they didnt plan on someone else sharing it or making money off the footage. Oh, the humanity! As much as reality stars try to micromanage their lives for the cameras, they cant always control the timing and. .
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/wp/2013/11/04/kanye-west-kim-kardashian-sue-youtube-founder-for-leaked-proposal-footage/

Kanye West co-opts Confederate flag: Publicity stunt or way to prompt debate?

It's super-'hood and super-white-boy-approved at the same time." Kanye West, Kimmel make up after feud Kim and Kanye get engaged Coolio's college jam Kanye West, Kimmel make up after feud Those aren't the words of someone seeking to further dialogue, said hip-hop historian and San Francisco State adjunct professor Dave "Davey D" Cook . It sounds more like a man courting controversy, especially when you consider the source. "Kanye doesn't move by accident. There's definitely a level of publicity involved in this," Cook said, adding that while West "built his career around controversy," no one should begrudge him selling anything that people are buying. Green-lighting racism?
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/04/us/kanye-west-confederate-flag/index.html

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian sue YouTube founder for leaked proposal footage

Kanye wasn't carrying any shopping bags upon his departure (perhaps he was planning their wedding registry??). After walking out of Barneys, Kanye hopped into his black Lamborghini and drove away. PICS: Keeping up with Kimye West's Beverly Hills outing comes just a few days after he was forced to postpone his Yeezus tour after some essential props were destroyed in an accident. "Yesterday, on the road to Vancouver, a truck carrying The Yeezus Tour's custom-made video truss and 60-ft circular LED screen was in an accident that damaged the gear beyond repair," a spokesman for Island Def Jam Music Group said in a statement obtained by E! News. "This gear is central to the staging of The Yeezus Tour, and central to the creative vision put forth by Kanye West and his design team at DONDA." Kanye, who proposed to Kim two weeks ago today , opened up last week about their engagement and his plans for their upcoming wedding."I will be very involved," he dished to Ryan Seacrest of the nuptials.
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/477365/kanye-west-hits-up-barneys-in-beverly-hills-sans-fiancee-kim-kardashian

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