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Posted on 23/10/2009 at 22:54

"A clown today is one of various types of performer in the circus and rodeo, normally appearing in makeup, costume (typically large footwear, oversized clothing , bright colors and patterns), wig and fun nose, and enacting humorous sketches, usually in the interludes between major presentations. The clown's humor today is basically visual and includes many elements of slapstick. ...." [knowledgerush]

"What is a clown? A Clown is an artist or performer who pretends to be a fool or foolish and acts out or acts up, in order to amuse his audience. In short, he's a comedian, someone who tries to make you laugh by being funny. ..." [sunniebunniez]

A Brief history of clowning [the clown museum]

Clown [wikipedia]

Clowns aren't alway fun, watch the angry clown [youtube]

Is Yucko the clown your favourite? Or is it a bad clown? [daily motion]

Many people got scared of clowns because of the movie 'It' [youtube]

Funny Dutch clown (Jeroen van Koningsbrugge) [you tube]




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