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PR09 - Studyblog

TTL Week 3

13:15, 18/9/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Biometric evaluation
The body response on certain events
what kind of effect something has on a body
how you can feel & react:

What can we test:
- heart
- Brain activity
- Blood pressure
- Temperature
- Eye movement

Emotions are measured in valance and arousal

Valance = an emotion positive or negative
Arousal = Magnitude of emotion


         Angry                         energetic

Valance                   +                

        bored                          relaxed

- measures biological responses, you can't control it
- involuntary
- objective
- continuous (ex. games)

BVP: Measures blood in finger
Belt for breathing (Stress)
glasses on skin response (sweat)
eye tracking

biometric observations are objective
why not much used:
- intrusive
- expensive
- sensitive (lenses, lamp, environmental noise, glasses)
- theory is at pioneering stage.

- carefully select tester
- neutral environment
- work with more devices

Brain state: Alpha, beta, delta

What paul said about assignment:

Valt de reclame op?
Is het exciting? (tijddodend)
Valt het ook op als je voorbij fietst?
Waar is de focus op?

Open space

Public space?
Augmented reality
We got to create a project
We got to take a different route every week
Bizarre? Could it work?
At some point we have to create it.
Talk the teacher through the different steps. Elements from each week.
Every weeks element has to be in the assignment
not develop the product itself but make it clear why blablabla

Wat is van toepassing bij ons:
 eye tracking
heart rate
Vinden mensen het 'spel' boeiend?
Zien ze de reclame er in?
Vergeten ze de tijd? waardoor wachten op de bus weg valt?

TTL Week 2

11:45, 13/9/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
What we've learned today.

We really have to read the doc's and lectures!!

We've started with watching a few examples of interactive products and advertisements in public and semi public space.
For example a piano stairs in the subway by Volkswagen, a painting which changes when a viewer watches at certain points, pizza restaurant  etc.

Public space:
example subway or streets.
Accessible for everyone at all times.

Semi public space:
not always access
sometimes you have to pay for it.

Why interactive:
People are in control
co creation
fun and entertainment

You also have focused and unfocussed audiences which means on who are you focused, who you want to approach.
Just as private and public. (Is is something for just you or do you react on something with other people around you? example sitting in the train and reacting on the people around you or the scarf on your head to play on your phone on your own.)
interacting and responding. Does something also reacts on you? Or do you only react on something? (Like the stairs.)

When the slides are on n@tschool this blog will be expanded.

Sunny greetings Patrick, Mel, Inge

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