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Israel Ray

• 18/12/2007 - Free Satellite TV Offers

In a world where marketing strategy and competition rules, not all satellite TV deals are equal or the same. Different companies package their wares in many different and innovative ways. As a consumer, it is important to comparison shop before deciding on a provider. Today there are over 15 million subscribers in the US alone.

Services as well as costs vary between players like Dish Network and Direct TV. The Dish Network promotion offers a subscription cost from $19.99 per month. This includes free satellite TV systems for up to 4 rooms, free DVD player, free HD and DVR upgrades, free shipping and installation. Orders can be placed online or through retailers. The Direct TV offers a monthly subscription of $29.99 per month along with free satellite TV systems for 4 rooms, free digital camera, DVD player, free viewing for three months of 50 premium channels, free shipping and installation as well as ways to order through phone, Internet, and retailers.

According to people in the know like SatelliteTVIssue.com, at the moment Dish Network offers are marginally better than Direct TV in terms of cost, customer service, and warrantees - as well as customer feed back and reputation.

Dish network has 256 channels with comprehensive international programming and foreign language programs. While Direct TV has exclusive rights to a few sports channels for some of which they do charge an additional fee.

Intense competition results in great benefits to consumers who get umpteen options along with better quality and service. While freebies and gifts may seem attractive you must sit down and work out the core benefits, are you getting good value for money? Are there any hidden costs? Is what you see in the offers what you get? Always choose established over new, look for reputed service providers, the "key" is reliability.

Free Satellite TV provides detailed information on Free Satellite TV, Free Satellite TV Systems, Free Satellite TV on PC, Free Satellite TV Offers and more. Free Satellite TV is affliated with Dish Satellite Network.

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