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You can find my assignments and blogposts from this course on this website.

Final assigment memo24/10/2010

To: All employees
From: Communications Department
Date: Oktober 12, 2010
Subject: Policy change canteen of Imtech

Hereby, I am sending you this memo to announce a policy change concerning the food which is served within our canteen at Imtech. The food which will be served will contain Fair trade products and healthier options instead of the usual unhealthier food like; French fries and hamburgers, which have been served for many years in our company canteen. Within less then a month’s time these policy changes will be put through in working process. Many of you might not like or agree to these changes due to the fact that you liked the food that was served or due to the fact that some prices will go up, but this new healthier and fairer policy has many benefits namely;

-It will ensure that we all eat healthier. 

-This will help with the combat against obesity.

-In many cases healthier food has shown to make you feel better and happier in your daily    life.

-This way we can ensure that the farmers producing the food are given a fair price for the products, receive reasonable wages and the environments under which the workers work when producing the products, will also be up to standard. 

I would like to announce that in the first week of the policy changes, to make everyone acquainted with the changes in the canteen, there will be a discount of 50% for everyone. Finally, there will be posters hung up above each product showing which region the products are from and in which way, when buying these food products you are helping these people.

I would like to thank you for reading this memo. I hope everyone understands the reasons why these policy changes are being done.

I would like to see everyone trying out the new healthier and fairer food, which is coming to our canteen soon.

Thank you.

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Letter of complaint24/10/2010

Ivana organization agency
Potterweg 28
1444 AD Utrecht

October 20, 2010

Jefferson, D.
Sales Manager
10th Way
Daws House
33-35 Daws Lane
London, NW7 4SD

Dear Mr. Jefferson,

I am writing a letter of complaint and to share my utmost dissatisfaction concerning the brochure which you designed and printed for the War Child event.

We were told by you that the brochures would be delivered on the 25th of September, but we received them on the 30th of the same month. This is five days later as promised. However, there were more problems which came to light namely, two serious spellings mistakes. These two spellings mistakes were; ‘Was’ instead of ‘War’ and ‘Chilled’ instead of ‘Child’. We would like you to solve this matter immediately by designing and printing out the new and correct version of the brochures free of charge and that we will receive the brochures by the 5th of October.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. I will wait until 5th of October before seeking legal action. You can contact me at the above address or by phone at 00316112112112 between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.


I. Drazetic


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business meeting4/10/2010

Good morning everyone thank you for coming. If we are here let’s start the meeting!

We are here today to discuss some important issues:

The first thing I want to talk is why employees still complain about the lack of information within the company.

Secondly, what could be done to solve the problem?

And finally, whether the magazine is useful in its present for or whether it should be modified?

The first time a heard that there where employees complaining about the lack of internal information and about our magazine, I was surprised because I think that the magazine is still great, very glossy and colorful.

…………(participant) what’s your opinion on the

-communication problems within the company worldwide (and can you write this on the board)
-proposed solutions for these problems (and can you write this on the board)
-problems with the magazine (and can you write this on the board)
-which ways can the magazine be improved if we carry on with it.( and can you write this on the board)


Jelle =Head of Information Technology                               Donata = The communications manager
Julien=Financial controller                                          Liesbeth = Marketing manager
Anne-may = Assistant to the communications manager                              Mark=Personnel manager Frankfurt


Before we close, let me just summarize the main points

Right it looks as though we’ve covered the main items is there any other business

Thank you all for attending

I declare the meeting closed

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assigment 114/10/2010

Lingua Services Galactic Ltd
69 Milk Street
Tel: 035-44433322
Email: businessletter@re.nl

27 September, 2010

Dreamtime Movies Universal Ltd
54 Oxford Road,
Skagnes SK3 4RG

Dear Ms Philips,

Thank you for your email asking for our brochure and pricelist concerning the translation services.

Unfortunately, I am not able to send you the requested information, due to the fact that we don’t have the brochure and pricelist yet for 2010, but I can give you the prices for the translation services if you can tell me to which other four languages you want it to be translated to.

We checked your website and we thought you might also be interested in our website editing services, which include: renewing the website, keeping it up to date and complete facelift.
Enclosed you will find the corresponding pricelist for the editing services.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Ivana Drazetic



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PC4everyone blog 44/10/2010

Students often don’t have much money to get through the month. Many things like partying can often put a strain on their already tight budget. One thing that students always need is a pc/laptop.

There are many places where you can buy a laptop/pc. A handy place to buy your pc/laptop is via the website “pc4everyone.nl”. The take used pc’s/laptops from business (max 2 years old) and ensure that the software is up to date. The best thing about this is that the pc’s/laptops are on average 50% cheaper than if you would buy it brand new. This can ensure that you save a large amount of money buying such equipment and this leaves more room to spend the saved money on other things.

I would recommend students to get their pc/laptop via this site so they save some money and use it for other parts of student life.

I would enjoy reading your thoughts concerning pc4everyone.nl and/or your tips about other handy places to save money when buying a pc and laptop.

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Assigment 134/10/2010

Daily mail

This video is no longer on youtube.

Virgin Media

Abi Signorelli, Director of Internal Communications at Virgin Media will also be giving a social media workshop on the 24th of June.  She will be sharing what they have done at virgin media so far with twitter as an internal communications and collaboration method and the successes they booked with it. She will also talk about other new trials they are doing within the company like podcasting and she would like to hear your thoughts in this area and try to help you with it.  . She will also be sharing the guidelines concerning the set-up of the new social media for the internal communication. Virgin media has changed over the past years and they have started to get involved with social media. She mentions that internal communications should be two ways and that people can respond to what is communicated and it should ensure dialogue and collaboration. This will ensure sharing and building upon expertise and ensure larger knowledge sharing and gathering.


Toyota Europe

Toyota Europe started to twitter to engage the stakeholders, audience and customers. They noticed it was a good way to positively identify key stakeholders like journalist who were keen in following what they were saying. Twitter proved a good way to engage with journalists and NGO’s. Twitter was interesting for Toyota Europe, because it was very quick and it demands you be very distinct in what you say. There is mentioned that there will be a growing demand of resources for social media. More electronic communications is taking over the standard paper written communication. This will ensure that overall cost of the communications budget will be able to stay the same. The blogs that the company sends out is more aimed at personal experiences within the company and what is happening in a person’s daily life working within Toyota, but still in the name of Toyota. The overall feedbacks to the blogs are limited so far.


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Assigment 154/10/2010

1: They care about this problem, because the company has the believe that they hold a position to be able to do something about the awareness and people’s understanding of the problem.(and It is good advertisement for their healthier option)

2: They used a pledge program, relationship with the American Heart Association TV ads and created shows and vignettes on television to work on this problem.

3: Firstly they started with a pledge program for children, expanded the chains  and started sponsoring the American Heart Association. Then they released around this an 11-spot campaign via TV advertisement and finally they started their own TV morning show and vignettes about this problem.

4: It could led to a slower growth in the company size, market power and the brand recognition.

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Letter of enquiry ass 721/9/2010

Padualaan 100,
1230AA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: 035-44433322
Email: letterof@enquiry.nl

15 September, 2010

City College Manchester
5 Crescent Road
Manchester M8 5UF

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inquire about the English as a Foreign Language course for international students at your University.

At this moment I am a corporate communications student. I am following this study at the Faculty of Communications and Journalism which is a Faculty of the University of Utrecht. My level of knowledge of the English language is quite moderate.

I would like to follow the EFL course at your University to enhance my knowledge of the English language.

I could not find all the details on your website. Could you possibly let me know if it would be possible to follow this course for the duration of two weeks during the summer? I would also be grateful if you could let me know if there would be an exam at the end of the course and if this course can be taken at a moderate level? Finally, I would like to ask what the costs would be to take this course?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Ivana Drazetic



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Listening assignment B (Ass 8)21/9/2010


The bloggers and the comments can be sent and left behind anonymously.


What they meant by “buzz” is the drive for more traffic to their intranet so that people check it more regularly for news, because their intranet had been waning for some time.


Her challenges about her being a full-time mother and being a full-time manager of people who need her, as she is trying to recruit people to come to the Federal Reserve Bank and the challenges she faces with that.


The purpose of the blog was to try to recruit people to come to the FED and the challenges she faced with that.


She mentions that it is “very loosely regulated, but regulated, moderated”.


Senior Management


The employees feel more engaged concerning the internal communications. The score improved up by 52% compared to the year before.


Closed circuit TV. It pulls information from the intranet and it feeds and it on the screen. Moreover, on the intranet you can follow what is showing on these tv’s


Sending out memo’s.


Redesigning the two intranets at the FED.


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Jobs for students Blog week 321/9/2010

Students often don’t have much money to get through the month. Many things like partying can often put a strain on their already tight budget; therefore it would be handy to get a job.

As a student there are many ways to find a job and many jobs a student can do. A handy place to write yourself in is at Studentenwerk, this can be done via the internet. You will receive daily emails concerning job offerings and you can choose which one you reply to. Many of these jobs pay a reasonable wage of at least 10 euro’s an hour. This can considerably help with the monthly income that a student gets.

I would recommend students to work for some hours a week and to write themselves in at studentenwerk, so that there is more room in their budget to enjoy their student life.

I would enjoy reading your thoughts concerning studentenwerk and/or your tips about handy places to find jobs for students.

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Study books (blog 2)13/9/2010

The new school year has started again and buying study books is back on the agenda. I was shocked at the total amount that I had to spend to acquire all the books needed for the first period.

I wanted to find out if there was a cheaper way to be able to acquire all the needed books. I looked on the internet and found a site “gratis print.nl” which offered free printing and copying for students. They have a few locations where this can be done and one of these is in Utrecht. The only difference between the standard way when something is printed or copied is that there is a small advertisement on each page in one of the corners. This does not form a problem if it is only for personnel use.

I would recommend everyone in order to save money, to copy each other’s books for free by making use of this new way of free printing and copying.

I would enjoy reading your experiences concerning “gratis print.nl” and/or your thoughts about the topic in this blog.    

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Reading assignment13/9/2010

1: The first three stores in the Netherlands are not accessible for every member of the public.

2: Since 2007 Starbucks opened stores in the main Dutch airport “Schiphol” and from the year 2009 stores will be opened on Dutch train stations.

3: The words proud and first.

4: Direct advertisement, placement of information and updates and feedback from fans about their experiences and opinions of Starbucks.

5: The runaway expansion of the Starbucks stores.

6: What he means is that there will be a strong focus on the re-creation of the experience people have at Starbucks. This is to ensure that the customers come for the experience and that the price will not be such an issue anymore.  

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memo assignment13/9/2010

To: Management
From: Communications Department
Date: September 12, 2010
Subject: Super Sports Day

Hereby, I am sending you this memo as wished, concerning the reasons for wanting to organize a Super sports day and the ideas about the program:

-It will enhance the interaction between Dutch and American employees  

-It will provide teambuilding within the company.

-It will create a bond between the families of the employees and the organization.

-I propose that the Families of the employees should also be invited to the Super Sports Day.

-Sports that could be included should be ones that have to be practiced in teams or in pairs.

-Teams and pairs could consist out of a mix between Dutch and American citizens.

-I propose that 3 classes should be made namely; men, women and children.

-I propose that non-alcoholic drinks should be served.

-At the end of the day I propose a barbecue to be held.

I would like to hear your final opinion concerning the Super Sports Day.

Thank you for considering this request.


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Listening Assignment13/9/2010

Listening Assignment A


1 views on internal marketing and communication.
2 chats in the kitchen over a coffee?
3 how your company presents to its staff
4 or to its trade and distributors
5 do you hold events?
6 staff training room
7 embrace a new brand
8 company direction
9 leadership team
10 briefed to the weekend retreat
11 fancy 5 star restaurant
12 fire them up
13 fire up
14 slides
15 animated smiley’s
16 coming in through the front door
17 on commission
18 fully embrace
19  vision, culture and attitude.
20 Is Committed to ensuring that
22 HR thing

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Email assignment13/9/2010


To:                         RobertSandman@musicfantactic.co
Subject:               Student project


Dear Mr Sandman,


Two weeks ago I met you when visiting your company with my class. You mentioned that if I was ever in London I should let you know.

It happens to be that I will be visiting London again next week concerning a school project. This project happens to be about the topic HRM. I would like to meet you again, so I can ask you some questions about your work as a HR manager within the company and your insights into HRM.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


Merlin Jansen



I thank you for the invitation you gave me for the congress. Although I would be honored to go I regret saying that I would not be able to come, due to the fact that I already have other plans.


I email you concerning a possible traineeship within your company. If there are traineeship possibilities within your company, I would be very grateful to receive some information about these possibilities.


Hereby I am sending you the route description, as I promised over the phone this morning.


I confirm that the meeting will take place on the 23rd of September 2010 at 3 pm.


As you know, I should send you the finished report at 3 pm. Unfortunately, I have to say that I will not be able to finish the report by this time.


1: Unfortunately I have to announce that it will be impossible to send you the information today. I hope it is not a problem that I will send it to you tomorrow.

2: We would like you to send us a reply to this email before next week at the latest.

3: I regret saying that we will not be able to send you the requested information.

4: We expect to pay the invoice immediately.

5: I regret to announce that I will not be able to attend the meeting on the 15th of June.

6: As soon as possible I would like to hear your advice on this matter.

7: Can you me give me your flight details as soon as possible.

8: Can you let us known whether the date and time of the meeting suits you.



To: Director
From: Ivana Drazetic
Subject: Dress code
CC: Staff members


Dear staff member

Recently there have been some complaints from clients about staff members being too casually dressed for certain occasions. The management of our company is thinking of introducing some rules and regulations concerning the dress code within the company.

When the dress codes are implemented it will ensures that our clients see us all as equal and that problems as mentioned above will disappear. We would like everyone to have a say with the creation of the rules and regulations concerning the dress code. To ensure that everyone feels comfortable with the rules and regulations concerning the dress code, we would like to hear your ideas to help with the implementation.

 If you would like to share your ideas, please send it to me within 2 weeks from now.

I hope I have informed you enough concerning this matter.

Kind Regards,

Ivana Drazetic


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The public transport ritual (blog 1)13/9/2010

Recently I started studying at the HU in Utrecht. I checked beforehand on the internet what time I had to leave home, to ensure I would make it on time for my first class. Firstly, I needed to take the train followed by a 20minute bus journey.

Many people warned me for the hell of which was to come; the Dutch trains and the bus 12s. They forgot to mention that it would be a better idea to catch a train earlier. It all started with the train being 10 minutes late. This lead to me missing the connection with my bus, but I knew I only had to wait a few minutes for the next bus. Eventually when the bus 12s came there were so many people trying to get in the bus, that it was impossible for me to compete with everyone and squeeze myself in the bus. Eventually I arrived at school 15 minutes late.

 After having experienced this Public transport ritual, I decided to take a train earlier and I would recommend this to every new student coming to the HU in Utrecht.      

I would enjoy reading your thoughts and experiences concerning Dutch trains, local public transport and your opinion about my Blog.


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