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IVA Resource Hub

What is an IVA Calculator

16:47, 17/9/2014 .. 0 comments .. Link

The Individual Voluntary Arrangement Calculator debt settlement is a particularly helpful way of keeping up employment and householder status. However, an IVA has a five year period and many things can happen in that period of time - poor health, relationship failure and unemployment. Failing to remain able with repayments will cause the contributions being applied to reimburse the expenses of declaring the nonpayer bankrupt.

Individuals who request Individual Voluntary Arrangement debt guidance will always be informed that they require unsecured debt of amount of at least 15 thousand USD. It just is not financially practicable to enter an Individual Voluntary Arrangement owing a lesser amount - a Debt Management Plan could be more appropriate for smaller amounts of funds. There's a legal obligation that an Individual Voluntary Arrangement is controlled and administrated by an authorized IP (Insolvency Practitioner).

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What is an IVA Calculator


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