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How To Choose Diesel Generator?

01:41, 28/9/2016† ..† 0 comments† ..† Link

Diesel electric power unit consists of a current generator and an engine running on diesel. The construction is mounted on the frame, to reduce the vibration.

Types of diesel generators and their purpose.
The market of power devices is filled with a variety of generators. To understand which one is better to choose, it is necessary to have an idea about the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of the various devices.

diesel generator

First of all, the diesel generating sets are distinguished by the type of cooling

Air-cooled diesel generator

This low-power device can give up to 6 kW. One of the leaders of the market is considered to be the Japanese company Yanmar, whose diesel engines can work about 5000 hours. This is the best option if the genset is planned to be often transported.

DS with liquid cooling.

The service life of such device can be up to 40 thousand hours. The power of such units is practically unlimited. It can give from 6 to 20 kW. Such systems are essential if you want to provide electricity for a small village cottage or a large shopping center.

Due transportation ability diesel generators can be divided into:

● Portable diesel generator - lightweight, comfortable, with a small capacity, sufficient for lighting, household appliances, and other daily needs.

● Mobile units often are used to provide power to a small home or garden.

● Stationary placed unit. It requires a specially equipped room or a separate building. It is very noisy, even with soundproofed. However, such power sets are the most powerful.

By way of launching:

● Manual start. Most often used in low-power generators.
● Start using the electric starter. To start the unit, you need to press the button that displays in the control panel.
● Automatic start. Diesel generators equipped with a system, automatically connecting to the network in the case of the failure of centralized power.

Recommendations for choosing a diesel generator.

Before you choose a particular model of the diesel generator, it is necessary to decide on its appointment. The choosing process will have to address the following questions:

The required capacity of the unit.

To determine this point, it is necessary to write down all the appliances that you plan to connect to the network. Then specify the power of each device, add these numbers and multiply the sum by 1.3. The final result - the minimum capacity of your future DG.

Single-phase or three-phase.

If you decide the question of how to choose a diesel generator for the cottage, most likely, you can buy in the single-phase. The second type of diesel generators is needed for specific needs, such as welding, the use of the cultivator or corn-crusher.

The intensity of use.
If the gasoline generator is most commonly used as an emergency supply, diesel generator can be the main source of electricity. If the only way to provide electricity for your house is to purchase generator - buy it onJiji! Wide range of different models ofdiesel generators for salefrom a big number of sellers will allow you to find a good deal nearby and you can save on transportation!

diesel generators for sale
diesel generator

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