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The Practical Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Magnets

12:38, 18/12/2007 .. Link

At one time or another everyone that owns a dishwasher has put away dirty dishes from the dishwasher thinking they were clean. Once you realize you did this what do you do? You could go through the cupboards and drawers trying and pick out the dirty dishes and silverware hoping that you will find them all. Or, you could wash all of the dishes and silverware in the cupboards and drawers making sure that you get all of the dirty dishes.

UGG! Neither of the above options is really any good. Most people just don’t have the time to fiddle around with clean and dirty dishes all mixed together.

The Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet to the rescue! This unique dishwasher accessory will save you time and frustration many times over. Why? Because it eliminates the confusion of clean or dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

This practical dishwasher magnet is designed to simplify and eliminate the frustration from your daily dishwashing routine. When you use your dishwasher magnet you will never have to guess again about whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty.

These simple yet functional magnets are easy and fun to use. You place a clean dirty dishwasher magnet on your dishwasher door. When you start the dish washing cycle you rotate the magnet and put CLEAN on top. When the dishes are clean and after you put them away, you rotate the magnet and put DIRTY on the top preparing for the next cycle of dirty dishes.

Whatever dishwasher magnet you choose make sure it does not have a full magnetic back, and that it is not made from vinyl magnetic material. All kitchen magnets that require physical handling are called “Working Magnets”. Dishwasher magnets above all other magnets are “Working Magnets. It is imperative that a working magnet be strong and robust enough to survive the daily handling it will receive.

If you have a Working Magnet that is made from vinyl material with a full magnetic back, it is just a matter of time before the corners and edges of the magnet start to fray. This is because any working magnet with a full magnet back must be physically peeled away from the surface. This is hard on a working magnet like the dishwasher magnet and it will cause immediate wear-and-tear on the edges and corners.

Good “Working Magnets” are made from rigid light-weight material like 1/8-inch thick hardwood. Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Magnets made from hardwood are not only very strong and light-weight, they hold up very well to almost any abuse.

Most dishwasher magnets with scanned images are second-rate. Scanned images are usually not very clear and in many cases they are copied from somebody else’s work. Select a dishwasher magnet with images that were created from scratch that are sharp and crystal clear. The magnet’s image should be mounted with a waterproof adhesive and laminated for long-life and easy cleaning with a damp rag or sponge.

Here is one more important piece of information you should know about the Wood Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Magnets. Because the magnet is made from hardwood a Magnetic Strip or a Velcro Strip can be applied to the back to hold the magnet in place. This is important because if you have a dishwasher door that is not magnetic then you want the dishwasher magnet with a Velcro strip on the back. Otherwise you want the Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Magnet with the Magnetic strip on the back.

The magnetic strip on the back and the light-weight hardwood are important in other ways too. As mentioned above, working magnets with a full magnetic back are not the best choice because the corners and edges will fray from handling. This is never a problem with the hardwood dishwasher magnets that have a magnetic strip on the back. When it is time to turn the magnet with Clean or Dirty on the top, you simply spin the magnet. In addition, because the dishwasher magnet is made from light-weight hardwood they will not fall off of the surface.

Now you can stop the clean and dirty dishes dishwasher confusion! Use a simple yet practical kitchen accessory called a Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet.

Find out how you can get a FREE Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Magnet by visiting http://www.kitchenaidmagnets.com/

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The Practical Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Magnets


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