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CD Duplication Systems

08:20, 17/6/2008  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

CD duplicating technology has been used for various reasons. These include creating personal music CDs, making copies of DVDs and using CDs as business cards. It can be expected that new uses for this technology will spring up in the near future. However, people or companies who wish to use this technology for their own purposes would do well to have a certain amount of knowledge about the current technology and systems used to make CD duplicating possible. This is because having the most up-to-date information can enable them to take advantage of modern innovations that can help them with their business needs.

Current systems used in CD duplication

The current hardware or systems used to duplicate CDs range from the most simple machines to some of the most complicated hardware and software. Apart from the usual CD burner that can be installed on personal computers, some of the more traditional CD duplicating machines are CD Copiers. CD copiers are machines that are attached to a computer through a SCSI port. These copiers are used together with CD copying software and they are best used for producing small quantities of CDs. Some of the more modern CD copiers are stand-alone copiers, which do not need to be attached to computers. These copiers can make multiple copies in one session since these machines are in tower format and they contain several CD writers stacked one above the other.

For larger quantity requirements, automated CD copiers are now being used. These machines have input and output spindles. Blank CDs are stacked on the input spindles. These machines also have robotic arms that select the CD from the input spindle and send it to the drive for copying. When copying is done, the CD is automatically placed on the output spindle.

There is a wide range of systems or hardware that is being used to duplicate CDs for various purposes. For small quantity requirements, simple and more traditional machines such as CD burners can be used. On the other hand, more modern and automated machines are used for duplicating larger quantities of CD copies.

CD Duplication provides detailed information on CD Duplication, CD Duplication Services, Business Card CD Duplications, CD Duplication Systems and more. CD Duplication is affiliated with CD Copier Software.

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CD Duplication Systems


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