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Ideas and experiences about BATTLE ROHAN

02:38, 28/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

With regard to costs, BATTLE ROHAN there are Battle Point, battle rohan gold, battle rohan online gold and other monetary units.

If you occupy each other camps and cities, and killing NPC leaders in their cities, then there will be a lot of compensation and very high battle point. Including cheap battle rohan gold, you know, it is the law of the gaming world, if you want to upgrade soon, you had better buy battle rohan gold, and you can use it to buy some good equipment, especially in the fight game, good equipment showing them the advantages of better.

ROHAN has beautiful picture, fighting a sense of rhythm, communication system is stability, the economic models are distinctive. Players enjoy a variety of benefits through the growth of power and profit.

In addition, there is little need to explain, battle point is the inter-ethnic war can only be gained. Sent to the winner lf this score is can be used for weapons, defense equipment, etc, in accordance with this decision of the player rankings battle rohan money.

This game has some BUG. BATTLE ROHAN is still good, but there are a lot of problems, the biggest problem is that operation, if you are using a mouse and keyboard, then on a lot of magic will be on your hardware is a great destruction, but also the direction of chaos, you are difficult to accurately determine the direction lf its ironic. Even in the game, I could not move, can not cast a BUG. Second is the perspective, a lot of time you move the camera in places where you do not want to see, to less than game information, but can not freely control. There are some other strange BUG, which I met one is that there is a person that I already join my team suddenly disappeared and could not found, list nor are there.



2moons: Muspel and Grewpain Guide

03:31, 15/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

2moons dil is my aim when I play this stimulating 2Moons online game. Because that I am not the same as those players who always ask the required real money for their parents. And I know the money is belonging to my parents, I have no right to ask for money to play games.

Dear friends, nice to see you, thanks to the loyal and new 2moons customers for supporting us all the time, I will devote all efforts and 2moons gold to returning, once again, thank you! And I have collected the mainly information on the other site.

Name: Muspel. Type: Libido. Level Requirement: 108. Attack: Physical. AoE: YES (2/3 Attacks are AOE). AoE 2: YES (Force Wave, a Pet Buff that Increases Def and Taunts Mobs for a Short Time). Extra: Has Physical Res % and Curse Res %, and can buy 2moons dil % Monsters Def and can Stun (1/3 Attacks).

Good: An Excellent Tank especially with the Most HP and Def out of any of the Summons. Great is for PvE as well as with the Taunt AOE Skill and His AOE Stun on Mobs. Bad: He is BIG so clicking may be a problem, and he Moves/Attacks Slower than Agares. Max: YES. He is clearly one of the Last Summons and is Very Important to have 2moon dil for various Situations.

Name: Grew pain. Type: Beast. Level Req: 15. Attack: Range. AoE: NO. Extra: Has Ice Res % and Ice De Buff (Lowers Enemies Attack Speed by X %). Good: It can lower Enemy Attack Speed. Bad: Not Very Useful in general and Tarantula is better. Max: NO. IN GENERAL it is not really useful cheap 2moons dil at all compared to the rest of the pets, one of the few things most people agree on is do not max.


03:30, 15/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

CABAL Online: Siena The Queen, the second part of the latest CABAL expansion. This patch has already been updated on EU server. So get yourself prepared for the latest expansion.

Free to download, the expansion offers users the most challenging experience yet, with the update seeing the introduction of two new dungeons, improvements to the guild system, the addition of a series of new craftable stat-increasing items and much, much more

What's New?
The Altar of Siena - a new end-game raiding dungeon to explore, with a series of encounters that require brains as well as brawn.
The 'Blended Runes' - a series of craftable stat-increasing items, which allow for greater character customisation.
The Panic Cave - an exhilarating fight against the clock, providing solo players with an exciting and rewarding challenge. Coming in three different levels – easy, medium and hard – it is not a task for the feint hearted, with the fast paced nature of this dungeon requiring you to master your character's abilities (as well as your senses).
Improvements to the Guild System – Addition of levels and the guild storage function.
Linking System – Ability to show your fellow player a location on the map or a piece of your equipment.
New Binding Options - Addition of ‘Bind on Equip’ items, allowing for an increase to the high-end equipment drop rates.
Item shop additions - a range of new items for you to enjoy!
Changes and Bug Fixes.

Pwn PvP with Your Hunter in WoW

03:30, 15/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

If you have no time to earn World of Warcraft Gold, you can buy it from here website at the lowest price. They will try their best to help you. OK, I would like to provide you some useful information on Pwning PvP with Your Hunter in WoW and I got it from other websites, hope it could help you.

In fact, it is can be a bit different that prepping your hunter for level 80 Player vs Player (PvP) combat than preparing for a raid. The random element of human ingenuity can make PvP combat unpredictable, making a lot of wow gold and your success very dependent on knowing your class, cooperating with your allies, and fighting strategically. If you outnumber your enemy 2 to 1, there is always zerging or the danger of being zerged, but it is always best not to be to reckless as the tide of battle can turn at any moment as more people and more warcraft gold join the fight.

To obtain victory, the first thing you must know is your role in combat. Your role as a hunter does not differ much in PvP combat, just as it does from fighting in groups and raids. Stay with your group and keep your distance in combat. Use your cheap wow gold and ranged attacks to take out enemies from a safe distance. You will have huge clusters of enemies that you can fire your Volley attack at. With all the chaos, this sometimes goes overlooked and you can gain wow money several honorable kills by the distracted enemies. Some areas such as those in the Alterac Mountains battleground, offer many places such as towers that you can climb to the top of and fire ranged attacks at the enemies below.

Thanks for your reading, if you want to buy wow gold you can go to the best Gameim Company and enjoy yourself in WoW.

Level of importance in Dofus

09:23, 9/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

Without Dofus Kamas and low-levels is a pretty-pretty low options than grow-up chars. The next I will introduce the level of importance in Dofus, and I hope it can help you more or less.

Your sac may be easier to raise. While we do not have any personal experience and Dofus Gold in Sacriers, they seem to be in majority independent, while also being very good team players. If you decide to raise this character first, you can then easily raise your Enutrof after. Again, buying sets or Buy Dofus Kamas for this character may be a bit pricier than going the chance build way with your enu, but you may level a bit faster.

What is most important, though, is that you learn about the market. Find out which resources are hot, and which ones are not. Track whatever items and Cheap Dofus Kamas you are thinking about buying for your characters find out if they are cheaper to buy, make, or even if you can drop them with the right team. Go on shopping trips around Bonta just to check prices of different items, and go on dungeon runs to drop and discover new treasures that you have never even seen. If you need, feel free to ask for advice on what set to buy for a certain build.

Many of the people you play with know a lot about the items you are buying either because they make them, or they have bought them for their characters as well. Selecting what to buy is dire. Our golden rule is to never throw away any resources, because you can always save them in your bank so that later you can sell them, make them into equipment, or give them away to friends to earn favors. This has helped us so much along the road of buying new sets, as well as developing friendships and relationships in our guild.


Soldiers of Thunderstorm [SoT]

09:23, 9/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

The Soldiers of Thunderstorm [SoT] is a well-established, Russian gaming community. Early on, the core members realized where the future of gaming was going, and their friendship jelled in May of 1998 with the birth of their game child, the Soldiers of Thunderstorm.
Prior to the new millennium, this relatively small band of avid gamers focused on the hottest thing at that time, Diablo. However, the pinnacle of [SoT]'s gaming achievements was the vested interest in Ultima Online from 1999 to 2005. The first Russian UO shard was Lostfort. At this time, the [SoT] leadership split clan projects by assigning in-game squads led by a Guild Master. Guild Masters were responsible for PvP activities and official interactions that the squads established in-game.
The tightly-knit and well-organized membership of [SoT] once again moved forward with the evolution of gaming technology. The precise date of that shift from past to present was October 28, 2004 during the ArenaNet World Preview Event of their first game, Guild Wars.
Overall, [SoT]'s initial reaction to the feature-rich environment was, "Wow! Look! Tomb of the Primeval Kings and Guild-versus-Guild Battles! This is all we really need!" As you might expect with any new venture, there was trial and error. The guild's force of five Fire Elementalists with Bonding Monks did not immediately dominate all opponents, but they were confident that one day they would reach the desired title of top GvG guild. In the many months prior to unveiling Observer Mode, Heroes' Ascent was the best place for them to learn and test builds.
[SoT] needed an imposing PvP task-master at the helm of the guild, and an ex-guild leader (Light Friend) suited the position just fine. Under his demanding tutelage, [SoT]'s performance as a PvP force to be reckoned with steadily grew. Team members quickly developed protocols for maintaining synergy during those instances when pressuring a weakened enemy team or deciding whether to hold the center or fall back to base might swing the direction of battle.

List of element Buff in Cabal

09:23, 9/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

Cabal Alz which is the same as your magic pole, so you can use it to produce the everything that you want. The next I will list the element buff for you, I you like it!

Enchantment Attack- Magic, Ice, Fire, Lightning. Attack and Defense Rate- Wind. Defense Up- Earth. Hp (Cabal Online Alz), Mp, Hp recovery- Water. As you can see, we listed magic, ice, fire and lightning together, because they are all attack enchanting buffs and cannot be stacked. Choose lightning for the highest Atk buff.

So basically you can have 4 buffs at 1 time, which is the same as your normal magic buffs, but stronger. It seem that when force enchanter is casted, all your range magic skill will be automatic casted along with it. Here we would provide you the cheapest cabal Gold with the fastest delivery.
Battle mode 2- obtain at level 50 class up quest. Blade Shooter [usage 1 SP bar]- Transform your orb into an astral cannon. This is one of the few battle mode IIs that allow you to use your normal skills and Cabal money.

How to use this battle mode-This mode allow user to use cannon attack by absorbing energy each time you use a sword skill [not magic skill. And after being charge up you could use a MAGIC attack skill and buy Cabal Alz.

When you use this skill when battle mode 2 is up, the skill power is being increased depending how long you charge it.

From my studies, BM2 cannon work this way: level 1: blue cannon: not charged at all, could not fire any shot. Level 2: yellow cannon: a weak charged cannon. Level 3: orange cannon: a med charged cannon. Level 4: red cannon: fully charged.

Guardian capture nirvana

03:11, 3/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

aion gold fly over many things, such as skills, point and blood, even more arms, but we can create many things out if we make full use of it. Otherwise, we will waste much money, in this condition, I tell you some guardian capture nirvana, and I think it can help you to get many things that you want. Capture distance and link arms fire from the big sword than the sword away, of course, and stretching farther stretching big sword can catch twenty one miles. This is the first skills, and the following introductions are according to this rule.

Capture is a magic skill, and silence can not be used. Capture the physical attacks, and magic skills had no effect on this increase. Capture the skills of attack effect with regular attack flat cutting effect, and these skills can decrease damage when you meet trouble. Capture the success rate is a constant probability, and the hit, spell hit, rating and sudden attack has nothing to do, this probability is from sixty five percent to seven five percent, and the only factor is the terrain. Capture may arise three kinds of situations, namely, it contains narrow added deceleration, deceleration, no effect. The most buffer reel superior force is to capture conditional invalid. Capture caused by the slowing effect is magical damage, and capture is the mark. A block of the post-harvest can be caused by the immune slowdown, but can not be closer to the immune.

The following are complementary:

Impregnable fortress to capture the state can be interrupted by the other party, capture paralysis after 1-2 seconds, and it keeps quiet suddenly, and captures are a very good use. I think you must have known these advantages now, and I hope you can go long road when you meet trouble, than you can grow.

Ether Saga: why?

03:01, 3/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

  If you want to play the Ether Saga, I think you will know that in the game the Ether saga gold had an important part, but if you do not play the Ether Saga, I think you may be heard from your friends this game, so the Ether Saga online become more and more popular, more and more people beginning to play this game.

 So that we to know this game why become more and more popular, from the official website we know that Ether Saga Online is the English-based version of KDXY, one of the newest and most popular titles released by Perfect World Beijing. Ether Saga Online combines lavish graphics with a young anime style. It features a slew of unique features and systems that make the game truly one of a kind.

Unlike other MMORPG games that charge subscription fees, Ether Saga Online will be Free-To-Play. Once inside the game world, players can earn and spend money to upgrade a large variety of items to enhance their game play experience.

There are three races in Ether Saga Online. In terms of game play the three races all behave the same and can all play as any of the six Classes. They live harmoniously and without serious conflicts. This is because they all have different aims. Each race will have its own quests (in addition to shared ones) which will all be aimed at completing that race's particular objective. In addition to these race dependant quests/goals is the shared ultimate goal of being selected to join the Mission West.

Ether Saga Online (ESO) houses a unique pet system. When you start your journey, you will be given a pet according to your race. As you advance, you will be given the opportunity to capture, tame, and raise many different types of monsters. Monsters that can be tamed will be indicated by a marking on their name panel.

Read this introduce, I can sure that the game must can become more and more popular, if you play this game know, you will not loss the game, if you do not play, will many young players said that you out of the world.

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