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Using Answering Services for Your Business

10:43, 19/12/2007 .. Link

Companies that specialize in taking and recording missed calls from the subscriber to the service are known as answering services. These services essentially perform the function of the basic telephone answering machine. Like an answering machine, answering services usually offer their customers the ability to record a voice message. This message plays to callers after a given number of rings. The service holds the voice message, and any recordings left by callers. The costumer can play back these messages and other recordings by using through a simple phone call and password log in.

If you actively use a cell phone like most people these days, then a description like the one given above isn't necessary for you. Your messages are recorded by answering services because cell phones clearly cannot hook up to a traditional answering machine. This service is typically part of the contract users agree to with your service providers.

If you have tried to order something on the phone before, then you are probably familiar with answering services. You will usually be redirected to an answering service when you call a business whose operators are all busy with incoming calls. You are not normally prompted to leave a message in these cases. Instead, you will be kept on a 'hold' like status until the next operator is free to take your call. The service will often play music or verbal encouragement so that you will stay on the line.

A lot of modern businesses are now turning to the use of a live answering service. The usual and often obnoxious music playing ones to encourage customers to stay on the line for the next operator are no longer popular. It has been suggested by recent studies that these live answering services have better results in keeping potential customers on the line.

A business that employ a lot of workers will rely on the use of an answering service, even if it does have customers that call. There’s no sense in using a physical answering machine in an office environment with dozens of cubicles and as many employees. The business as a whole usually subscribes to an answering service. Each of the employee's phone line is connected to the central service.

Hospitals, government facilities and other establishments also rely on answering services to take their missed calls. Any organization with a large number of incoming phone traffic will rely on an answering service. This is especially true in a medical or political environment when disastrous results can be caused by a single missed call.

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Using Answering Services for Your Business


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