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Twins' Mauer change as catcher in lineup-nflinstoc

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

Since injuring his heel on April 30, Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins Jerseys star Joe MauerJoe Mauer Jersey is in the lineup at catcher against the Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox Jerseys for the first time.

The AL MVP missed eight games with a deep bruise in his left heel. He pinch-hit against Baltimore on Saturday night, then got his first start on Sunday when he was the designated hitter against the Orioles.

Mauer went 1 for 3 as a DH in the victory over Baltimore. Wilson Ramos filled in primarily for Mauer during his absence.

The team was going to ease Mauer back into catching to ensure that the injury healed, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire has said. When the lineups were released for the game Tuesday night against the White Sox, Mauer was down as the catcher in his customary No. 3 spot in the order.

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Article Source: http://www.nflinstock.com/news/twins-mauer-change-as-catcher-in-lineup-a-51.html

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Twins' Mauer change as catcher in lineup-nflinstoc


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