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Contingency solutions

Posted on 21/10/2013 at 16:28 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

The marriage must be organized taking into account both the possibility of having a lot of sun and heat, such as a tropical storm or a tornado. It must be clear mobility planning of the guests, the alternatives for placement both indoors if there is rain, against the sun as if they will be outside and it's really hot.
In an outdoor wedding planning is so important to the comfort of the guests, as a working dynamic providers allows them to continue their work beyond the weather. In this regard it is important that the kitchen is protected, that the path between the kitchen and the living room is covered, you have safe places for connecting electrical components, etc..

The importance of the atmosphere

Today atmospheres are a Must at weddings, thereby achieving true event productions that involved elements such as lighting, living rooms, muzica nunta genres, vases, square tables, high and low and countless objects that make impress guests arriving at the site and that contribute to the personality of the party.

The look of the bride

It is likely that the overall look of the bride is more stripped : dress, makeup and other elements that make the image. However, there are certain parameters that do not vary : it is not the same as a makeup day for the night. The first is more subdued and in the case of make up for the night, eyes, eyelashes and mouth are highlighted far more.

DATA PASS should not miss!
Bathrooms: There are many villas and rooms where marriages are performed outdoors or in a tent, but is made available to the guests the bathrooms in the house instead. Eye ! are usually guys, few and far. Ideal hire good chemical baths. For women, it's good to have a prior mirrors so they can touch up your makeup, and maybe chat ! in the case of men, achieved with a single box.
Mosquitoes and other bugs : it is very important to make a good spraying a few hours before the wedding.
Electricity is essential for the DJ bring a generator, to attend the party in the event of power outages.
Security: usually not a service that provide this type of places, but it is highly recommended to hire in a particular way.
In the event that the case of very large parties, does not hurt to have an ambulance on site!

Quintas and stays. Married in Green!

Many boyfriends can not even think of getting married in an enclosed area. Getting married in fifth or stay is a very interesting and no doubt, is booming.
The difference of getting married in such a place is the environment and what this generates. A wedding in a lounge atmosphere and requires a lot of day is not an option.

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