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Plastic water quality report from the Copper Association submission1/4/2010
Plastic water quality report from the Copper Association submission
Beijing Center for Disease Control are: the report circulated on the Internet is a mosaic, all ppr pipe problem Cautious

Recently, a report circulated on the Internet: from the Beijing Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Control and Prevention, detection ppr water quality test report, the time for the October 19, 2002 to January 5, 2003, said ppr plastic pipes used for a period of time, inner wall of secondary pollutant, and bacteria, a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria, a new killer to human health and potential life-threatening, should not do home water pipes.

Message 1, the resurgence of domestic copper pipes with plastic pipes in a market system ppr battle scores.

To do this, "First Financial Daily" reporters were investigated.

"Problem report" suspected baked 8 years ago

According to online display of information: The test report 8 years ago, the International Copper Association censorship unit (China), the name of the water samples, submission time is October 17, 2002 to December 25, 2002.

Report: Home ppr water pipe out of the water quality of countless number of bacteria and the detection of Legionella pneumophila 1, 5 type, quantity as much as alarming, more than has been banned galvanized pipe.

"The report circulated on the Internet is a mosaic, not we write. We only examined the report of the test items." Prevention of disease control and prevention center in Beijing related staff reporter said.
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The central budget of drying 12 accounts1/4/2010
The central budget of drying 12 accounts
Clear departmental budgets by the government departments would be open to people to read more

Ministry of Finance announced yesterday on its Web site all the central financial budget content.

The financial sector for the public to demand a public sector budget issues, the Ministry of Finance for the first time explicitly, the main public sector budget for all government departments, public sector budget by department.

Ministry of Finance in answer said to reporters, and the contents of last year, compared to the budget of the contents of the public a more comprehensive and more detailed subjects. But some experts believe that the content of its publication is still too crude, and the public can not know the details of the direction of the flow and use.

After two sessions in 2009, the Ministry of Finance for the first time the first time in its official website announced by the National People's Congress adopted the budget report and the four major forms the central budget. One year later, the Ministry of Finance to promote the central budget information public there new breakthroughs in this year's National People's Congress adopted the budget just considered the report and the central budget 12 form posted on the portal site.

Increase the content of paragraph 82

Ministry of Finance spokesman Dai Bohua said in answering a reporter's question, and compared to last year, announced by the Third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress examined and adopted the 2010 central budget data more comprehensive and more detailed subjects.

In addition, this year the central to the public expenditure budget level tables and the central and local tax rebates and transfer payments to the budget table, basically done in accordance with paragraph-level subjects refinement.

Among them, the 2010 expenditure budget of the central level to further refine models of 23 Class 123 subjects, an increase of more than 82 models in 2009 the contents of a more detailed revenue and expenditure accounts, and budget to further enhance transparency.

Read from the public sector budget is not

For years the outside world is difficult to understand the budget concerns the problem of Dai Bohua said Yifang Mian is the government budget has some expertise, Bufen deputies and the public are not really in financial Gongzuo. More importantly, the central fiscal budget is submitted in the various departments based on the preparation of the budget, more detailed data on the major departments in the various departments and units of the budget the budget reflected the community's contents may not be of public concern from the central government read the total budget. This is also the industry's appeal to scholars and the public over the years and asked the Government to public sector budget of the reason.

Future efforts to increase public

Not across the board to local pioneer

Dai Bohua said the next step will continue to increase the budget information disclosure and further expand the scope of the central budget and the public to increase the budget for public content.

The public are worried about the "open work on the budget to go in front of the unit, 'cut' will bound their hands and feet" problem, Dai Bohua said documents the local and central government departments request reflects the unity and flexibility the principle of combining, there is no "one size fits" question.

Dai Bohua said, "guidance" suggested that "society has been active areas of public budget information and departments should continue to follow the" Ordinance "requirements, take the initiative to further improve budget information public work; do not take the initiative to the community and the public areas of budget information departments must conscientiously in accordance with the "Ordinance" requirements, pay close attention to the work of budget information disclosed voluntarily. "
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Yunnan, Guizhou and severely affected the national GDP is not expected to drag1/4/2010
Yunnan, Guizhou and severely affected the national GDP is not expected to drag
1000 million tons of grain well, and more arid Southwest assistance ministries together

May the rainy season does not rule out breaking appointment is not expected to drag the country worst hit Yunnan, Guizhou and gdp

久旱逢甘霖, but if only a few drops of how to do?

Guizhou, the hardest hit by the droughts experienced such a situation. Fortunately, many ministries and national days of joint operations, arid received good news after another: press on the 25th from the National Food Authority was informed that, under the National Development and Reform Commission, State Grain Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Railways, the Agricultural Development Bank and the total grain storage companies jointly issued a notice, the state grain sector before the end of July in Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan and Gansu, adjust pay 1.42 million tons drought-affected areas.

At the same time, land and natural resources system will be completed within one month of drought in the Yunnan-Guizhou-Guangxi region serious construction deep 200, Asai 1100, directly address the two million people around the drinking water shortage.

Galaxy Securities macroeconomic researcher Hao Daming told, "First Financial Daily" reporters, the drought will have on the local economy, causing serious damage, but of the whole country, does not affect the overall pattern.

He cited data that the worst-hit drought in Yunnan and Guizhou in 2009 gdp accounted for just 3% of the country, from the global point of view, this year's drought will not give the local economic situation in the country a serious impact.

Life: a month ago, today can wash the

From a village pond, ditches to 3 kilometers, to the water point 5 km away ... ...

From a few steps away, to 3 hours of mountain road, to seven hours of stumbling ... ...

With the worsening drought, Guizhou Province, Lee Wan Town Panxian board Lung-mei Luo village water has become increasingly long and difficult road.

Xinhua News Agency yesterday, this is the beginning of broadcast of a manuscript. When asked how long the wash clothes, 34-year-old Luo Long-mei embarrassed smile: "Never mind the laundry, I have more than a month without a bath. Today you can wash up." Two days ago, the town to The two sent each fetching water. But because the mountain roads are too rough, open water to the car to the Mid nearly overturned, the driver did not dare longer follow the high country.

Weather: rain in Guizhou province next week, or meet

"According to past experience, early in May that will usher in the rainy season in Southwest China." Chinese Academy of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development Institute Fellow, Da Lin told reporters.

Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters in charge of Water Resources who is more pessimistic: "in accordance with the theoretical point of view, southwest early in May that will usher in the rainy season, when the drought will be relieved. But we have not yet been confirmed by meteorological departments."

According to Guizhou Province Meteorological Bureau, despite the 22 years since some parts of Guizhou Province for 3 consecutive days of rain, but a long time because of the drought, the degree of deep, drought in western and southwestern regions will continue. Good
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