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see a hill

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

eggs Lo ~ ~

holidays, working conditions are poor, scattered thoughts hwan.
always very painful to write programs, the same as painting, even the best ideas, and then clear mission concept, how to show up? Process may be completely overturned. Painting Fortunately, no progress, writing programs, running out of time every day staring at,Office Professional Plus 2007 Key, Yu.

like entering a bottleneck, ideas, the more I do not know how to express.
PPT, Visio,Office Keygen, MindManager .. more tools to use, and sometimes more chaotic.

is simple as well.
three realms:
1, see a hill, watching the water is water
2, see the mountains, not a mountain,Office Home and Student 2010 Product Key, watching the water not water
3, to see a hill, watching the water is water < br>
I in this regard can only climb in the second stage ah climb.
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see a hill


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