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Howard may miss games for US at worlds (2)-nflinst

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

He is the first player in NBA NBA Jerseys history to lead the league in blocks and rebounds in the same season twice, let alone in consecutive years. Howard took the Orlando Magic Orlando Magic Jerseys to the NBA finals last year, and they lost to the Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Jerseys in the conference finals this season.

Howard said he would let USA Basketball know of his intentions "soon."

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo has said he expects players who want to compete in the London Games in 2012 to also play this summer.

But LeBron JamesLeBron James Jerseys and Dwyane Wade Dwyane Wade Jerseys have indicated they might not play because of various summer plans. Both are expected to be free agents July 1, along with fellow 2008 Olympian Chris Bosh, and that could also make them unavailable.

The world championships will be held in Turkey from Aug. 28 to Sept. 12.

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Article Source: http://www.nflinstock.com/news/howard-may-miss-games-for-us-at-worlds-2-a-130.html

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Howard may miss games for US at worlds (2)-nflinst


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