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Vogue Eyewear 2009 A/W Up-To-Date Products are Delivered

Posted on 3/8/2010 at 03:09

Probably there are two categories of people who wear glasses: one is the real "four-eyed ladies or boys, while another is fashionable people. The near - sighted person always think it's not convenient to wear the glasses. However, more and more peple who have the nomal sight like to wear the galsses. Even sometimes the eyeglasses frames. If you pay attention to some famous people at the website, you will see the eyeglasses more often than sunglasses. and most of the eyeglasses have no lens. The stars look acquainted with the eyeglasses frames on their faces which are carefully made up, thus reducing their materialistic and mammonish taste.

Now, the glases no longer are ordinary, which just used for correcting vision. it become the fashion necessities. Eyeglasses are called "Eyewear" in fashion world, expressing how much we need to "wear" optical to receive identities and make low-keyed luxury style. Usually, the glasses actually can make the miracal. If you stay up to work all night, and even have a meeting with the client next day, taking the plain glasses at least can help you improve youroccupational image, and also can conceal your dark circles. Beside concealing the lack of eyes, the glasses also can embellish the facial fiurge, when the glasses have become the fashion goods, we should served its turn to make up ourselves.

When speak to making one person more charming, people in New York, London, Barcelona and Milan will happen to choose Vogue Eyewear, and they are all potty about special decorations of this brand. From 70 years, original shape of Vogue Eyewear already has both elegance and cynicism, this brand take new surprise for vogue circle. Series of Vogue Eyewear for the autumn and winter in 2009-2010 are very special, and their super shapes can evoke your memory about the grotesque style eyeglasses in 1950s. As long as you dare to wear these unique sunglasses with rich detail design, you also can change to a super star. Adoption of translucently bright acetate materials plus various new style of novel colors, rhinestone decorations and mosaic logo, new series wholly represent the charm of Vogue Eyewear again. This novel, unique and epoch-style new series are designed for pursuers. The trend includes 24 models, 19 models for the ladies and 5 for men. Let us first to see the style.

  • It is the first choice of eyeglasses style for weekend shopping. Free and elegant at the same time embellished with delicate rhinestone, the color is both modern and romantic.
  • Prescription glasses adhering to the playful cynicism of the Vogue style, will make you become the focus of everybody's eyes.
  • The newfangled appearance combining the cartoon-style dots also offers many color options: The most attractive ones are the black and white combination, bright and dazzling jelly color series and so on.
  • If you want to be a sexy secretary during the day, and turn into a disco girl at night, the crystal plastic flash glasses will be your best choice.
  • Princess style is light delicate style on both sides, dotted with exquisite and delicate petals. These full-flavored African styles are also revealing a touch of retro style.
  • The metal style is full of scientific and technological sense, whose shape is with a butterfly design and the visual contrast of the eyeglasses frames, which in black and white version is even more apparent.

Four Ways to Watch TV Hurt Eyesight Badly

Posted on 3/8/2010 at 03:09

Watching television has now become essential in numbers of people\'s lives\' contents. The television bring glasses us much happiness, but at the same time, it also brings enormous threat to our health. Let’s see four situations about watching TV that injury people eyes mostly.

  • Watching TV for a long time.

Some people always spend several hours watching TV continously. and then they feel dizzy and faint, the symptom is called “televitis” in medical community. It is harmful to eyes if one watches TV excessively. A study shows that the eyesight will drop 30% by watching TV for 4 to 5 hours constantly. It will be still the same until some time later. If you watch TV for a long time without stopping and your sight optical cann’t get the recovery, your sight will be impaired permanently.

  • Watching TV with lights off.

Some people ordinarily prefer to watch TV or use computer with nearby lights off but luminous light from the screen. Experts of eye point out that it is not proper. In this manner, your eyes are inclined to get tired easily. Over time, your eyesight will be affected and even your eyes will be badly hurt.

According to a latest survey from the research men, compared with watching TV for a long time, changing chneels too often do greater harm to eyes. Because the majority of TV sets for the moment, will be sudden black and changes of light, which would cause some stimulation of the eye. You'd better close your eyes before changing channels, or winks the eyes for several times after changing the channel.

  • Watch TV in vehicle.

Now TVs are available on many tourist coaches and buses to help passengers fill their empty hours. It stands to reason that this is excellent service performance. But, it will result in eyestrain, headache, and even make one throw up if you are watching TV on buses for a period of time.

For your eyesight, please keep far away for above mentioned ways.

The Covered Story At The Back Of Darkcolored Lens

Posted on 31/7/2010 at 04:00

In the outdoors and the mountains, you can not see my destination, because you can not see my eyes, and they are looking into distance. You will not know which beauty I’m gazing at in the street, because my eyes are hide behind the fuscous glasses. Fuscous glasses give more sense of security to your eyes.

UVEX jumping series sports optical: As a well-know German eyewear brand, UVEX lenses has the functions of absorbing and filtering the scattering lights. which will make your eyes no longer hypertension, and got effective protection.

OYEA Movement Serial Sports Glasses: The special character of these glasses is that there are music notes inside of the brown glasses frame. Remember, it’s only decoration, if you want your journey accompanied by music you should bring a MP3 with you.

Rayboa Flying Series Sports Glasses: Raybo is an outdoor brand, rather than a lifestyle brand. In addition to having the functions of 100% anti-UV and filtering harmful lights, the stylish appearance is Rayboa Flying Series Sports Glasses' biggest bright point.

UVEX cycling series sports optical eyeglasses: As the classic riding glasses, each lens of the sport glasses has three rectangular holes in its upper part. Do not look down upon these eyelets, when you are galloping, they can protect your eyes from the impact of air, and they will provide the best comfort and fit to your eyes.

The spider-man serious sports glasses of OYEA: it’s a serious of sport glasses designed for riding; the red transparent spectacles frame is full filled with black netting frame. Although it looks cool, these glasses are usefulness for you to transform into a Spider-Man.

UVEX Pulse Series Sports Glasses: The lenses and frames of pulsating series sports glasses employ the design of gradient. What is more, its nose care part is made of soft anti-allergic materials. From this point, we have to admire the German's carefulness and consideration.

Toread 3558 series sports optical glasses: It is undeniable that Toread is indeed humane in the design. In addition to having damping nose care and anti-slip mats, this kind glasses’ color matching is also very good. Wear it, you feel comfortable, and it will make you more dazzling.

The Popular Means For Selecting Glass For Stylish Appearance

Posted on 29/7/2010 at 02:01

A lot of people change for another pair of optical for several years. Those who hold such views are not rare. On one hand, it's good to have one pair for using due to the high price of glasses. As for the selection of glasses, ignoring lenses, we talk about spectacle frames. We consider not only its design but also its material, of course, the color is the most notable one when you choose a pair of glasses.

On the other hand, people do not show as much care to glasses as to clothes. The cheap glasses emergy for playing their roles in vision correction and bringing sense of fashion to more people as well.

Refractive errors include myopia, hyperemia and astigmatism. Myopia can be divided into simple myopic, compound myopic astigmatism, mixed astigmatism and other conditions. Thus, each person's refractive state is not exactly the same. A doctor or optometrist, according to different people's refractive status.

It performs both subjective and objective optometry, then retest the glasses, and finally get a pair of suitable optical eyeglasses. If you borrow a pair of glasses of someone else and wear them randomly, you will not be able to see things clearly, because the light sensitivity is different, and the focal spot cannot fall on your retina when the parrallel rays enter your eyes. Even sometimes manage an effort you see, it won't keep a long time. You will feel eye pain, swelling and discomfort for a long time. It will deepen myopia instead of improve your sight.

At one time, what style is popular for sunglasses in the street is the best topic for fashion guys in their leisure time.

The suit is precious for its fine workmanship, it is enough to have one, but you have to own 4-5 pairs of glasses at hand for matching. A fine suitable pair of glasses is sure to make you suddenly open your eyes and ears, and make your image impressive. However, eyeglasses frames vary in materials such as metal meterial, shell material, plastic material and synthetic material. You can make your choice according to your skin type. Men's accessories already a lot less than women, in addition to watches, neckties, now many men are digging out the jewelry glasses. They have found meaning of the word rescription eyeglasses, and optical glasses can not only modification of the eye, the mor Differences in glasses frame not only cause a great impact on your image, but can also create your personal style. Among them, plastic-framed glasses has the best the optimal effect . You can receive accurate prescription and elementary eye health at the same time in proffesional eye hospital.

Eye diseases at early stage for the old such as cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration can be detected and treated as early as possible in the course of medical optometry, even for diabetes with no obvious symptoms and retinopathy. It is reported early eye disease is found in medical optometry, treated as soon as possible. Therefore, people over the age of 45, even though they have no obvious signs of eye disease, they should go to the hospital for eye health checks regularly, if there is aging sign, it is necessary to wear reading glasses in time.

Retro Glasses: the Fashionable Dress on Your Face

Posted on 29/7/2010 at 02:00

In the era marked by pursuing individuality, it seems that the more outdateted the glass frame is, the more fashioned. Being retro-looking is the eternal symbol. Born to have a handsome appearance while always playing some neurotic roles, The Hollywood handsome guy Johnny Depp has had his special taste fully demonstrated in his day dress. When walked along the red carpet at the 80th Academy Awards, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" really looked a knockout in his soecial retro optical.

In order to echo his causal attitude, Johnny Depp always wore a pair of "Tart Arnel" which were produced at fifties of last century in recent years. And this has made retro optical eyeglasses once again become fashionable.

It is said that he always carry retro glasses. And he prefers Moscot above all others Whether it's sun-glasses or corrective glasses,Deep tends to have a preference to frames of Moscot's Lemtosh style He himself is always expecting that his own temperament is to be known by the outside world. This pair of retro optical glasses is likely to be a turning point in his image: from men with sexy look only to a skillful actor.

The Most Popular Police Glasses, For Different For Various With Different Facial Form

Posted on 28/7/2010 at 01:41

In recent years, street pats are pretty popular in Euro-American, with cool sunglasses which are big enough to cover half of the face, street pats stars make others rather envious. However, the most popular ancient restored spectacles frames are not available for all the people. Sunglasses must be chosen according to different facial features, therefore big faces becomes small, plump cheeks become thin by vision.

In order to beautify the facial lines for ladies, this quarter Police considerately designed new types of sunglasses for various facial features. Wear the most appropriate sunglasses, own your unique individuality.

Ladies having square face: It would be a bit serious and difficult to close. In this quarter, the best choices for beautiful ladies are the new designed sunglasses with thick brown frames and round lenses by Police. Elliptical lens can soften facial lines effectively. Dark brown frames show the elegance and gentleness. Thick frames give the vision gravity an up move, and soften facial lines on the comparatively board lower jaw.

Girls having round face: She gives lovely warm feeling, but can not control the most common kind of that round glasses, making the face look rounder. Ladies with such type of faces can entirely try the firm stylish men sunglasses, which are the most standing ones of Police series. Brown partial-square-shaped frames and spectacle leg lines are most suitable for contraction of the slight plump round faces.

As to inverted-triangle-faced ladies, proper sunglasses will make them particularly noticeable. Inverted triangle face has no particular requirement for the lens shape, but it should confuse smaller frame. As the girls having such face usually has wide cheekbones, great lens can effectively narrow the width of this part of the face, consorting the coordination of the upper and lower face. The most popular sunglasses with super-large lenses among the stars can be the reference of inverted triangle faced ladies. It will pull people's attention to the sharp chin under the lens.

Girls with an oval face: Congratulations to you for having the face and you can wear any type of sunglasses with no hesitation. But the glasses which Police introduct this season, new light-colored, with thin frame will make the girls with an oval face even more refined and elegant.

In addition, a special series of glasses which Police launched this summer with metal frame, are designed for those type of ladies who blames herself for her bridge of the nose that is not high enough. Two lens legs of Police sunglasses frames with metal frame have been specially done the anti-skid treatment. Even in the summer when it’s easy to sweat, it will still firmly shore bridge of the nose on both sides, uneasy to slide.

Attentions for Selecting Kid Glasses

Posted on 28/7/2010 at 01:40

Kid sunglasses have two fuctions, what is more important is their therapeutic effect, while secondly they can be used to match kids' hair style or clothes. Protecting the glasses is the fundamental action to ensure children to use glasses correctly. How can the children protect their glasses?

The glasses must be left in someone's care. When you take them off and give you eyes a rest, remember don't let the lenses touch the surface of the desk. Put the glasses in the box when sleeping at night to provent the glasses wear and tear or broken down. The soft glassbox should not be your choice in case the the legs of the spectacles will get distorted by the constant squeeze, and your eyesight will be influenced by the pitch when kids wear them.

Never wipe lenses with clothes or fingers casually when there is dust on the lenses. Because it will wear the glasses and reduce the transparency. Long time later, the lenses will be not that clear like a layer of mist before them. Huff toward the spectacles a little bit to humify the substances before you use the glassescloth to wipe them softly if there is anything dirty or stain on them. If children's men sunglasses lenses are damaged or can not properly correct visual acuity normally, promptly go to the hospital for examination, optometry, match a pair of suitable glasses.

When the children do sports or make other violent activities, should remove the glasses, put it into the spectacle case. According to children's naughty and lively characteristics, the eyeglass frames are mostly plastic or acrylic made. Such frames are comparatively wide, which make children feel comfortable, but not easy to damage, or not easy to hurt the eyes of a child. Moreover, with low prices, these frames are popular with the public.

The mirror support should be properly sized. Some parents think big mirror support looks better, others think the small one can support the glasses better, while, none of these says all. Too big or too small frame will make the children's eyes turn aside from the lens center. That can't correct vision, but will further the development of refractive error, even affect the normal growth of facial form. Therefore the frame of children sunglasses frames should be chosen by the skull, face and the development of the orbit and eyeballs, and changing them with the growth.

The Glasses Of Police Being In Vogue And In Pursuit Of Quality

Posted on 27/7/2010 at 04:25

Born in the big city, Police is always leading the fashion. Police sunglasses combines the innovate design with the modern city feelings Skillfully. To those determined to find products suitable to their unique personality people, Police is a keen sense of smell to the fashion environment, persisting in innovation-style brand.

At the end of 2003, Police wrist watch was released and caught on quickly in Europe and America. With their unexpected color combinations and attractive decorative elements, it touched the hearts of countless city residents deeply. And police sport wristwatch captures much fashionable tide of people because of its exuding unique self-confidence and elegance.

Every series was granted its unique statue and level. meaning that Police is so energetic with personality that it has satisfied the chic needs of different people. In 2004, Police presented jewlery series, electing different materials with bracelets and necklace in same color system, expending the fahsion area of Police. The familiar “P” logo of Police showed the mysterious and charming character of this series to the full.

With its successful pretty appearance, Police has got other ways to satisfy people's nose and hands. There are the perfume series with delicate modulation and the coming series of fur products with signituare style. all allow Police fans finally having the opportunity to indulge wholeheartedly in the Police’s atmosphere showing the only self.

The fashionable articles of Police are designed especially for the fashion enthusiasts. From men sunglasses, watches, jewelries to the coming leather accessories… all these are injected with Police’s energetic living attitude.

Antonio Banderas, the famous Spanish actor is the spokeman of the newest Police sunglasses frames. The Hollywood star gives off Latin style eternally strong, enthusiastic, the sense of self-confident to infect and influence the design of Police, and give the brand a new life.

Today Police’s position is quite clear that Police as a global and noble brand, would strive to make every user full of confidence. It decides to move people with every delicate design, smart color combination and the proud P logo.

It is Likely to Bring about Eye Diseases if Wearing Contact Lenses While You Catch a Cold

Posted on 24/7/2010 at 04:20

Loving beauty is the nature of women. The frame Titan-Brille is sometimes unconvenient for the people who are shortsighted. Consequently, wearing contact lenses is not only a trend but also a convenient lifestyle. However, it's unfavorable for one to wear contact lenses too long and there are too many things to worry about. therefore, you should be careful that you shouldn't wear contact lenses especially when you have a cold.

When you have a cold and wear lenses at the same time, you might have tearing eyes, which are red and swollen. Flu virus may cause ocular diseases such as viral keratitis. Because people who have a cold would always blow their noses and sneeze into their hands. There will be a large of bacteria on the hands, and germs and viruses are easy to go into the eyes and pollute the cornea when wearing and removing the contact lenses.

It is also not suitable to wear contact lenses when you are in a fever, When one is having a fever, the ability for the eyes to fight against the virus will become lower, and the decrease of the secretion of the tears helping the virus to breed quickly. Ocular metabolites will deposite in the space between the cornea and the lenses, so that oxygen permeability of contact lens decreases, which easily lead to ocular diseases.

The eye experts advise that contact lenses users are better not to use contact lenses or to change them to your frame klassische Brille when you are having a cold or getting any fever . Otherwise, you need to take caution on which medicine you should take when wearing contact lenses. That is because many anti-cold pills, cough-kiilers, or pain-killers contain ingredients which suppress tears. The reduction of tear secretion would make the lenses too dry, and reduce their transparency, thereby affecting the sight. Corneas themselves are becoming dry very quickly, and if artificially decrease the moisture of the corneas, it will easily cause keratitis and conjunctiva diseases, making the eyes rubedo, itch and uncomfortable.

Those Who Wear Spectacles Should be Careful of Eye Treatment

Posted on 24/7/2010 at 04:17

Because that kind of people always watch things in narrow eyes and because of the pressure of the weight of Titan-Brille. It is easier for them to have wrinkles. At the same time, that will be followed by dark circles under the eyes and eye pouch, etc. It will undoubtedly break beautiful girls' dream of having a pair of attractive eyes.

Experts suggest that wearers should avoid squinting at objects for a long time or deliberately blinking eyes. because it will couse the nerve of muscles around eyes, undoubtedly it will cause some fine lines. Therefore, don't ignore the eyes when spray for replenishment. In addition, do suitable exercise for strengthening the skin around the eye to keep elastic. For example, try to open eyes widely for a few seconds and then close slowly until the upper touches lower eyelids. The whole process should be ease.

Generally speaking, the skin of the ocular region of the people wearing klassische Brille starts to aging at the age of 15. That is to say, the care for skin around eyes should be arranged on the shedule at the age of 15. Cleanness should be among the top priorities when suffers are picking out their eye ointment. If blindly using eye cream with high anti-wrinkle function, it is easy to cause symptoms such as trigger eczema and allergies. Eyes and the ocular region are very close to the lenses. It is very easy for the bacillus transfer from glasses to the eyes. That is the main cause of eye inflame and early ageing. Therefore, often wash and clean eyeglasses. The near-sighted and far-sighted sufferer should go to the optometrist semiannual, and change the klassische Brillen when necessary.

Those Who Use Glasses Should Attach Importance to Eye Care

Posted on 23/7/2010 at 04:38

Due to the fact that people who wear Brille often struggle to squint at things, in addition to the oppression from glasses' frame to the eyeballs, they are usually easy to get wrinkles ahead of time. At the same time, troubles like black eyes, eye bags and etc. will get their way. What a pity for girls who are eager to own a pair of charming eyes!

Experts put forward that people who wear eyeglasses should not narrow their eyes to see things for a long time and they ought not to blink on purpose. It's because this can easily let the muscle of eyelids in the state of intensity, and then it result the appearance of wrinkles. Consequently, don't forget to replenish the skin around your eyes while spraying your hydrating water. In addition, in order to strengthen the muscle of eyes and let it become flexibility, you may often do some eye exercises. For instance, open your eyes effortively, and remain this gustrure for a while.

Generally speaking, the skin around eyes of people wearing Brillen will suffer from aging since 15 years old. That is, it is necessary to take good care of the skin around the eyes from the age of 15. In the choice of various eye care products, people must pay particular attention to the fresh degree. If you keep using the anti-wrinkle eye cream, you will be apt to be allergic to that with symptoms like eczema and fat granule to come out. Eyes and skin around eyes are close to lenses. So, the bacteria could easily spread to eyes and skin, which will cause eye inflammation and premature aging of skin as a result. Therefore, cleaning glasses regularly is necessary. Besides, myopic or hyperopic patients need to have optometry once every six months; if necessary, they should renew Titan-Brille.

The Reputable Stars Take Enjoyment In Glasses With Vintage Style Of 60'S

Posted on 23/7/2010 at 04:38

Stars are still the most persistent wave riders. Walking in front of the fashion, they have been always displaying their loyalty and pursuit for the trend with practical actions. Although now it is 2009, the situation is still the same. We see that the well-dressed blue-eyed boys begin to set an example to copy from the 60's glory.

Fashion queen Kate Moss will never lag behind others. She likes dressing herself in black, and after she has added a bunch of new pierced holes to her ears, she feels more of a yuppie rock taste. Wearing the black vintage style Brille eliminates the too sharp feelings with the exception of the fashionable taste.

To match with this pair of sun glasses, Kate Walsh has chosen a hat which has the same retro sense. The small bag which has been discovered in an antique shop by Kirsten Dunst, gets along well with the pair of sunglasses that was also made in the 1960s. However, Nicky Hilton, Rachel bilson and Samantha Ronson have chosen colored ones. If you want to be different from the passengers in the streets, they are good examples.

However, if you wear a pair of colored Brillen, you'd better match it with the colors of your clothes. If your dressing is too jazzy, wearing coloured sunglasses is easy for people to mistakenly think you are like young people who perform arts on the street. Police sunglasses are not that garish; instead they are rather manly. So its vintage style pattern just has two more metal bars on the glasses legs, which is subtle and elegant enough.

If you want to be more refined, choose metal frame and not so dark lenses. The most traditional style can best live through the test of time. If you want to be completely retro, you can choose the traditional vintage style Titan-Brille of Gucci, Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss. As to your preference to the mark, the color (dark or shallow), all these details make sense.

The Ways to Buy based on Various Conditions

Posted on 21/7/2010 at 02:58

Glasses are our necessities in the daily life. It is used to correct defects of vision. Somebody protect eyes with glasses. Or as ornaments.

So people will choose different optical according to their needs

  • Accurate prescriptions are needed for correcting eyesights.
  • The high-quality is needed if the glasses is used for protecting the eyes.
  • The new type is necessary if the glasses is used as jewels.

And to different sex,the requirement of glasses will also be different.

  • Women prefer gorgeous glasses because they want to look pretty,
  • Gentlemen pay attention to quality;
  • Children mainly use optical eyeglasses to rectify their eyesight with their focus on the quality of glasses in the course of their eyesight growing.
  • The elderly mainly select the bifocal glasses or progressive lens.

The people of different occupations also need to choose different glasses. For example:

  • The welders need to wear the welding goggles.
  • Pilots need to put on special pilot glasses.

so that their safety can be guaranteed at work.

Whatever optical glasses you need, you can find them in Glassesshop.com.

To Have a Choice Of A Right Sunglasses And You Will Take Enjoyment In Good Scenery

Posted on 21/7/2010 at 02:57

There is a very classic lines about the combination of trip and fashion: A pair of good shoes will take you where you want to go. However,climbing or hiking boots travellers always wear ,obviously,are not the HighLight of fashionable vacation.

Holiday passengers who are obsessed with fashion do not lose heart, The design of popular optical in catwalk are more chic stylish than before. Just choose the style suiting your facial form, and your strip must be chic! A pair of good sunglasses will make you see the scenery you want to see!

Benjamin's Cindy Series sunglasses Even though sunglasses of all styles withdraw from the fashion world, Cindy series under Benjamin brand is an unchanging item on everyone’s shopping list.

Sunglasses of Cindy series have oversized frame which has an incredible effect on beautifying the face feature. They are always the charm equipment of Hollywood actress, even Lindsay Lohan who is famous for the taste is the fan of Cindy Series.

AJ Morgan's Feline Series Sunglasses Feline Series sunglasses of AJ Morgan have a very luxurious retro shape, With the bright red colored lipstick, they can suit different occasions.

Ralph Lauren's Vintage Classic Sunglasses In the fashionable week of celebrating 09 spring and summer clothing, round optical eyeglasses return gorgeously. just go to see these classic profiles of Lennon and stars of 1960s,

Lanvin’s Key West sunglasses: This year, glasses focus on retro fashion trends, but not everyone is suited to this style of dressing up. This pair of semi-frame sunglasses of Lanvin has a very interesting original model, a little good match could make a Hollywood star feature. In summer, even though you just wear T-shirt and jeans, you can appear on different sense with a pair of extraordinary sunglasses.

Karen Walker Duper’s Strength sunglasses: I think that at least a pair of beautiful colored optical glasses should be prepared in the summer. Karen Walker Duper's Strength Sunglasses have perfect shapes and pure colours.

Aqua blue is the most popular color this year, and absolutely choosing it will not be wrong; If you want to be more outstanding, the mysterious purple definitely suit your taste, Now, what are you still waiting for? You must be the focus of hot parties with it.

Retro Round Sunglasses, Getting beyond RayBan Sunglasses, are Popular now

Posted on 20/7/2010 at 04:37

Circle lens optical is not new to us, the most representative figures is that John Lennon. In fact, you can see many actors wearing sunglasses or ordinary glasses in the old movies. It can not be denied that Ray-Ban is indeed good retro glasses.

We can see it frequently. And also, there is some people want to be different. The piece of round-framed sunglasses is a pretty choice. It's the most lovely item under the retro fashion trend. Round makes it look extremely cute, whether it is T-station or street still has emerged a large number of round sunglasses. With Olsen Sisters and Sienna Miller with its frequent appearance, once again they bring optical eyeglasses to the fashion forefront.

On 2009 August & Winter runway show, you may ignore such obscure round glasses by focusing on big and gorgeous decoration gadgets. Proenza Schouler has always worn the metal round-framed sunglasses with sort of the mechanical era. Dries Van Noten and Ralph Lauren also have works of black sunglasses, focusing on the design of the frame. Noten is biased in favor of a sense of cool, but Lauren is with retro like aristocrat.

In the street, many people also fall in love with the glasses. Almost of them will be so cool and attractive by following the simple style and wearing the classic glasses. When the world is full of Ray-Ban women and men, if you want surprisingly, round frame sunglasses is really a good choice. Retro trends of the moment is being driven, but also looks very interesting. You could say that it has the effect to change mood.

As for the choice of the frame, actually many fashionable people like coloured round-framed optical glasses, like Rayban, fluorescene colour makes you looke younger. Choose the frame according to your own facial form. Some people prefer the more complex design, while others think that simple models are suitable. For choosing the glass, color gradation may be more popular, dark colors are still elegant, and light colors would be modern. You may also select according to your clothes assortment.

The Well-Known Knowledge About Frame Glasses And Contact Lens

Posted on 20/7/2010 at 04:37

Experts remind people who wear optical that when buying a new pair, the original ones should not be thrown away in a hurry. After long time work in front of the computer screen, the following phenomenon will occur to your eyes: tears, foreign body sensation, unclear or even decreased vision.

You may wear your old glasses to avoid fatigued permanent hurt cause by excessive adjustment of your eyes. In general, the strength of old glasses is 1.25 diopter less than that of new ones. It is the best wearing optical eyeglasses to watch computer. Eyes of normal people can adjust naturally. On principle, they needn't adjust to see the distant objects.

If the object is moved close to 5 meters, it can only been clearly seen by eyes adjustment. And the nearer the object approaches to you, the bigger adjustment protency is needed in order to see the nearby object more clearly. Always look at things up close, the adjustment of eyes is often used. As the crystals, ciliary muscle and the suspensory ligament are at tension for a long time, it will trigger such discomforts as tears and foreign body sensation, etc. Thus, to reduce 1.25 diopter of myopic optical glasses for close objects is very helpful to eyes. Following is points for attention of contact lenses. First, look at the instructions carefully. Grasp strictly the ways and requirements to out on and put off contact lenses. No matter you wear which kind of contact lens, in principle, you should everyday put them off and deal them with cleaning and disinfection in accordance with the regulations. People had better not wear glasses while sleeping, so that the cornea can have a natural breathing, and thus to reduce complications.

The action of removing glassed should be gentle to prevent damage to the lens and cornea. Once eye pain, photophobia, tearing, hyperemia are discovered when wearing the glassed, you should immediately take off the lens and temporarily stop to wear by placing them inside the box and go to the hospital for a treatment in time. bringing the lens and contact lens with you for necessary examination, according to which the effective medication could be chosen. Store temporarily unused lenses in the case with sterile saline solution after cleaning and disinfection with seal to prevent them from contaminating and drying. There are already Disposable contact lenses in recent years to reduce infection by discarding after use, but the timely treatments of cleaning and disinfection are still needed. Under normal circumstances, the lens can have a moving range of 0.5 to 1mm on the cornea, which will not lead to the fluctuation of the eyesight or any discomfort of the eyes.

The Unknown Story At The Back Of High-Colored Lens

Posted on 17/7/2010 at 02:09

In the outdoors and the mountains, you can not see my destination, because you can not see my eyes, and they are looking into distance. You will not know which beauty I’m gazing at in the street, because my eyes are hide behind the fuscous glasses. With dark lenses, your eyes will feel safer.

UVEX jumping series sports sunglasses: As a well-know German eyewear brand, UVEX lenses has the functions of absorbing and filtering the scattering lights. which will make your eyes no longer hypertension, and got effective protection.

The movement serious sport glasses of OYEA: the special places of this serious of glasses are that there carved note patterns on the inner side of the tawny frame. Remember, this is just patterns as ornaments, and if you want to travel accompanied by music, you still have to prepare a MP3.

Rayboa Flying Series Sports Glasses: Raybo is an outdoor brand, rather than a lifestyle brand. Besides the function of 100% anti-ultraviolet radiation and filtrate harmful rays, the fashionable appearance is the most attractive point of the flaunting serious sport glasses.

The riding serious sports men sunglasses of UVEX: as classical riding glasses, there are 3 rectangular eyelets on the top of every glass of this serious of sports glasses. Do not belittle these holes, when you gallop, they guarantee the eyes from the impact of air to provide the best riding comfort.

The spider-man serious sports glasses of OYEA: it’s a serious of sport glasses designed for riding; the red transparent spectacles frame is full filled with black netting frame. Although it looks cool, these glasses are usefulness for you to transform into a Spider-Man.

UVEX Pulse Series Sports Glasses: The lenses and frames of pulsating series sports glasses employ the design of gradient. What is more, its nose care part is made of soft anti-allergic materials. From this point, we have to admire the German's carefulness and consideration.

The 3558 serious sports sunglasses frames of Toread: there’s no doubt that Toread is humanized on the design of its productions. Besides the shock absorption nose care and anti-slip mat, the color arranging is wonderful. Wear it, you feel comfortable, and it will make you more dazzling.

The Different Points Between Soaking Solution And Eye Drops

Posted on 17/7/2010 at 02:08

Some contact lens users often mix up contact lens care solution with their eye drops. Here's a brief of the difference between contact lens care solution and eye drops. Hope you to put them to better use.

The contact lens care sunglasses solution is used to soak the lens and play a significant role in disinfection, sterilization and the removal of protein. While eye drops are only suitable for those who feel uncomfortable in the course of wearing contac If necessary, never be too dependent on moisturizing eye drops which can only alleviate eye fatigue but can't be regarded as a substitute for waters in your eyes. Generally, it is suggested to drop lubricating solution no more than 5 times a day,1 or 2 times per day is good. Because to rely completely on lubricating solution can weaken the function of tear secretion.

Composition of the different contact lens care will be slightly different in order to Multi-Purpose Solution is concerned, the main ingredients include: disinfecting and cleaning composition, wetting agents, electrolytic solution and taurine. These components will sterilize and clean the contact lenses safely and effectively and meanwhile, the stimulation on ocular regions can be minimized. Besides, there are two kinds of wetting agents, and their components are similar to tears. They are also applied to the products used for curing xerophthalmia.

The composition can be formed on a layer of the eye moist protective film to enhance the comfort of wearing contact lenses, and can maintain a permanent lubrication between the eye and contact lenses. Physical electrolysis liquid and taurine can make contact lens nursing liquid and the physical environment of tears matched. That can make sure the comfort and health when you wear contact lens. First, run-eye drops is not a medicine. It is a liquid which is sterile and isotonic, and it is used to lubricate contact lens especially. Moreover, it has some certain ease effect to dry phenomenon due to wearing contact lens.

There are HA high-moisture factors in eyedrops and they are a natural constitution of lenses. It can contain 1000 times water than its weight, and it also can keep wet and has much water and moisten eyes for a long time. The run-eye drops has close components like tears. It is mildĄ˘healthy and not stimulated. The liquid is like transparent water shape, and it is mild and not stimulated. It will be like tears when it enters into your eyes. You will feel mild and natural.

However, serum could not be applied when you are wearing contact lens because the medical elements might have been left on lens and change the profile of lens. Since the sunglasses frames elements added to moisture fluids, part users may be sensitive. Once it happens, the application shall be ceased. Use the product within 30 days after opening it. The product is only suitable for external use on the eyes but not for the storages of lens. Above is the difference between contact lens nursing liquid and run-eye drops. The specialists remind you not to mix them up when you use them.

Don't replace serum with moisture fluids, neither to replace moisture fluids with serum. They shall be applied seperately.

Guides to Pick A Pair of Sunglasses

Posted on 16/7/2010 at 08:31

Sun glass is a kind of health product which could prevent the strong sunlight from hunting people's eyes. With the improvement of people's material and cultural life, sunglasses serve as a cosmetic or personal style reflects the special jewelry.

According to the usage, sunglasses can be divided into categories: the sunlight-preventing glasses, the light-color sunglass, and those for special usages.

As the name suggests, sun protection optical are for preventing sunlight. Generally, people should adjust luminous flux through adjusting pupil in the sun. When the intensity of light exceeds the regulation capability of eyes, it will cause damage to Therefore, in outdoor places in summer, many people will use sun protection glasses to shelter from sunlight in order to relieve the fatigue of eyes caused by adjusting pupillary size and the harm brought by strong irritation of sunlight.

The function of Light-colored optical eyeglasses to block sunlight is no better than sun mirrors, but their colors are rich and can suit to all kinds of clothes. Besides, they have great decorative function. Light-colored sunglasses because of its rich colors, styles and diverse by the family of the favor of the young, fashionable women to their more favor for me.

Special purpose sun glasses are professional in blocking sun shine which are applicable on occasion such as beach, skiing, climbing, locations that are of strong sun burning, highly required to be UV resistant.

Different groups should select their optical glasses according to their different likes and purposes, but the basic principle is that they can ensure the wearer's safety and will not damage the wearer's vision. It should be sunglasses' basic functions to reduce stimulation of strong light, see objects clearly and indeformably, recognize distortionless colors and accurately identify traffic signals. If there is any deficit in the functions above, the sunglasses won’t play its role at least; some self-conscious discomfort syndromes like dizzy or sore and tender feelings on the eyes may happen at most. Sometimes, such symptoms as slow response, color discrimination illusion and uneven vision when walking will occur, to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to the style but neglect the inner quality when selecting sunglasses. The consumers should note the following tips when purchasing sunglasses.

We can know from the abovementioned sunglasses that different sunglasses fit to different occasions and people. When we choose sun glasses, firstly we should know our purpose, for obstructing the sunlight or matching with clothes for decoration? In addition to blocking sunlight, you need to know whether you require them to have the function of anti-ultraviolet and whether you have special requirements about the safety of lenses. Only by clearly articulating these objectives, combined with style and the actual results worn on my face can we purchase a suitable sunglasses.

Not all the sunglasses could prevent the ultraviolet radiation. We can only say that a pair of sun glasses which meet all the basic requirements would not allow more ultraviolet radiation when obstructing the strong light. If a pair of sunglasses cannot prevent equal amount of the ultraviolet while blocking the dazzling light, the wearer would suffer from more ultraviolet than when they don’t wear the sunglasses. For sun glasses on sale in count of mall, the lens, trade names or package are usually remarked with obvious logo which is similar to content tag on clothes. Consumers shall watch carefully while doing purchasing.

The Exclusive Choice for Middle-aged and Elder People: Progressive Glasses

Posted on 16/7/2010 at 08:31

Presbyopia is a universal phenomenon among people who are older than 40 years old. It is really a big trouble for them. Following are some means to improve vision for presbyopia sufferers.

To correct presbyopia, one can wear normal reading optical, bifocal glasses or the elderly progressive multi-focal glasses. The old reading glasses that wearing to look far and taking off to look near make people embarrassed deeply, at the same time, will be rejected by middle-aged people in the image and psychology. The main film of bifocal glasses can help you see something away, while the next half of the lens can help you see something close. They really make the elder avoid taking the glasses down when they want to look at something further. Compared to bifocals, progressive glasses have made a great progress in helping presbyopia sufferers.

They set up three parts, that is looking the distant, the middle and the near form the top to the bottom. Thus, by wearing progressive eyeglasses, people can see objects in various distances clearly and continually. Such optical eyeglasses are also characterized by their comfort and beautiful appearance. It overcomes the shortcomings of previous presbyopic glasses and bifocal glasses, such as unclear, not pretty and so on. By comparison, we can deduce that progressive eyeglasses are the top ranking choice for senior citizens.

Regardless of what you do and where you go, you needn’t bother to take along a pair of presbyopia glasses. You also don’t bother to put on and take off eyeglasses. Just one pair of progressive and multifocal optical glasses can meet your various demands.

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