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Mobile App Design and Development

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Trusted Contact App by Google to Help Your Relatives Locate You During Emergencies - Posted at 12:21 on 3/1/2017 by johnniewalk

During emergency situations, we struggle a lot to contact a person who is close to us. When we are not able to find him, first we think about calling, but if he is in crisis, how he replies to your call. This is where Google’s new app Trusted Contacts help you.


Apple’s Find My Friends, and Facebook’s Safety Check are existing players who are helping to handle these type of emergency cases.


We can say that Google has put one step ahead by introducing new app Trusted Contacts. Trusted contact helps people to share their exact location with any of their trusted contact. A person who has been listed in a trusted contact can accept or reject their request, if they fail to respond to it, then automatically the request will be accepted by the app and consequently it shares the location.





If you compare the app with Apple’s Find My Friend, you will prefer Trusted Contact more, because the person who is using Find My Friend can be able to share their location for a certain period of time, and it requires him to be online. But in case of Trusted Contacts user can share their location at any time with no limits. Even it works offline. When your phone is going off, the app tracks your last online location by verifying it.


Reduces the crimes


People who have to go late at night, and walking on the streets alone may feel about safety. Because, according to a survey on crime, most of the people are attacked in night by street walkers. With this app, they can share their location with their trusted contacts, so it helps to reduce crimes act.


Reduces mischief done by cab drivers


Cab apps like Ola, and Uber have created a different move in the world of travel, they offer maximum travel comfort. Some cab drivers make mischief with the customers, so to avoid that, the travel app displays the driver details while booking a cab, even though some drivers make mischief with the customers. So by utilizing the Trusted Contacts travelers can share the location with the trusted contacts if they feel unsafe.


Looking to develop an app with the same concept of Trusted Contacts?


Let us help you. We at FuGenX are one of the world class apps development companies in India, Bangalore. With our skilled app design and development team, we turn your app idea into a real app. We provide our app development services for iPhone app development and iPad apps development in India.

Best Ways to Figure Out Keywords Your Prospective Customers Are Using - Posted at 14:59 on 14/12/2016 by johnniewalk

Today search engine is an important facility for businesses to reach out their targeted customers through online marketing. To make your website visible in search engine, you have to put right keywords which can help you exactly reach your targeted audience.


It shows that keywords are the key factor for different online marketing strategies like SEM, and SEO, etc. Based on the searchable keywords, search engine provides the SERP results. To ensure your businesses reach out the targeted audience, you should identify relevant keywords which users are using to get the desired results.



I would like to share information that helps you find keywords that your prospective users use to find your business. Hope this tip can help you well.


Think like a user.


The most effective and simple way to find the relevant keywords to your business is considering  yourself as a user and think the searchable relevant keywords which match your product/services.


For example, your business is related to mobile app and game development service providing company, in that case, think as a user that you are looking for a app development company in India, then your searchable keywords terms may be mobile app developers in India, game development companies India, etc. Even as a user you have to think about suffix and prefix searchable keywords like Android game developers India, iPad app development company India, etc.


Get a feedback from your clients.


It is better to get a feedback from your clients, who have already reached you through search engines. You can ask for a suggestion that which searchable keywords they used to reach you out, because different clients may use different keywords phrase to reach you out, so that you can get an idea. It is one of the best ways to get an idea about your keywords phrase, because you can get perfect searched keywords directly from your clients.


You can use different keyword planner tools.


Using keyword planner tools to find keywords is one of the most effective methods, which provide you almost an exact result in finding out keyword phrase. Different tools show different results as per your keyword requirements, it means that for different geographical locations it shows different keyword phrase.




I suggest you to give first preference for the Google Keyword Planner tool for keyword research phase, because it provides you an exact and useful results, which helps to reach your business to a diverse group of targeted audiences.

How Uber Brought Changes to the Travel World? - Posted at 07:11 on 21/11/2016 by johnniewalk

The introduction of smartphone has helped many businesses to grow their business a step ahead. We can say that one of the most tangible benefits of the smartphone is app. The advantages that app can deliver created a huge demand for itself. When the enterprises realized the app demand and its advancement, many startups have rushed to hire a mobile application development company to develop app for their business.

Understanding the ubiquity and convenience of mobile app for travel venture, Uber has jumped into the market as app-centric venture. When Uber got introduced to the app market, it made a significant change in the world of travel.

Let’s see what are the changes happened in the travel industry from the Uber introduced itself to today.

Uber created a solution for travel barriers, as well as for common people

Traveling from one place to another place is a true necessity in our life, for that purpose, we can use different types of transportation depending on our requirements. But most probably, common people prefer auto rickshaw or taxi to move from one place to another within the city. But sometimes common people will face problems as they can’t get facility on time to reach the required places.

When the Uber app stepped in, it created tangible benefits for cab owners as well as for travelers.

Let’s see what are the benefits vehicle owners and travelers are getting from the Uber app.

As a customer/traveler

  • By using the Uber app, a customer can reach the place on exact time.
  • Customers can easily make their journey as comfortable as they can. Uber provides an opportunity to the customers to choose an appropriate vehicle who likes to travel by.
  • Customers can book the vehicle at anywhere, anytime.
  • Customers can feel safe journey, the vehicle driver details are displayed and customers can view it. So due to this convenience, chances for misbehaving is very less.
  • Customers can utilize the offers provided by Uber based on the travel.
  • Reasonable cost they will charge for journey and they provide opportunity to make online payments, as well as offline.

As a Driver

  • For the drivers using Uber app they can get a lot of rides, so that they can earn more money.
  • Drivers are able to reach the customers quickly, as the app displays the location where the customers wants a ride.
  • If the customers feel happy with the ride, they can provide a good feedback that helps drivers, likewise they can also give negative feedback.
  • If the drivers don’t wish to accept ride they can skip it.

Hope the above things helped you understand that how Uber app brought a lot of changes to the world of travel.

Looking to develop an app like Uber?

Reach FuGenX, we are one of the top reputed iOS app development companies in India, Bangalore. We develop Uber like app, as well as app for real estate, hospitality, and many industries on different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows , etc. We developed an app called iRelief related to healthcare industry that was recognized as Uberification of Ambulance, Blood Bank, and Healthcare Services. This is the first of its kind in India.

What is Unity3D Game Engine? - Posted at 06:53 on 21/10/2016 by johnniewalk

If you ask information regarding Unity3D, I think most people don’t know well about it except game developers. As game developers, we help you know about this. Unity3D is a cross platform 3D engine which is used in the game development process. Most of the game developers love to use this powerful cross platform because it creates a user friendly environment in the development process.


For the beginners, Unity3D is easy enough to learn and for the expert, it is strong enough to utilize. Unity3D is very helpful for the users who want to develop 3D games for desktop, mobile, web and gaming consoles. Unity3D supports mobile game development on iOS and Android platforms. According to a survey, around 20 to 30 percent of games which are developed by using Unity3D became top selling games in the appstores.


Hope the above information helps you to understand the concept of Unity3D. Now let’s see the unique features of Unity3D:



Features of Unity3D:


Quick learning


Basically Unity3D is a quick learning tool because it itself described as a game development ecosystem that means it is not just represented as a mere platform. It came out with a set of power tool that can be called as assets. During the development, it helps to smooth out the potential crease. In the assets store, you can easily get a readymade version of assets which can be customized, you can download it from the assets store.


Dedicated developer community


By creating a community thread for the developers, Unity3D makes a way to know more about it. Utilizing this thread, developers can share their ideas, suggestions, information and queries which help to gain much more knowledge and improvement in the techniques.


A single code can be deployed for multiple platforms


Unity3D shows that it follows a certain principle in generating a code which means write once, deploy everywhere. By creating a single code using unity framework, developers can easily deploy it on various platforms, including Play Stations, Android, iOS and Blackberry. With this, developing an app is easier for both game owners and game development companies.


Allows Integration with native codes


Developing a game by using the Unity3D framework makes the game extremely stable and the game can be run as native game. Once the native code has been used, it can be integrated again in the future.


It is a low cost technology


The latest version of the unity tool has a feature which supports mobile platforms for iOS and Android. A game developer who has a passion of developing game using Unity3D tool can also convert it as his profession, as it is low cost technology. So by using this tool’s features and your innovative idea and skills, you can develop an outstanding game.


Looking for the best game development company who can develop your game by using Unity3D tool for both iOS and Android platforms?


We at FuGenX are one of the top class mobile game development company in India (Bangalore). Our experienced game developers have a great knowledge in developing Unity3D games. We are also one of the expertise mobile app development company in India. We provide our services for iOS game development and we are also an Iot application development company.

Tips to Make App Wireframe - Posted at 06:45 on 22/8/2016 by johnniewalk

I think You May not have no idea about app wireframe, so if I move straightaway to the topic, there's a chance That you can not understand the concept clearly. Let me explain app wireframe first. App Wireframe is used to design application features and functionalities using pen and paper or wireframing tool.


I would like to explain the app wireframe creation Clearly proceeding with the steps it Involved.


Wireframe is a framework or screens, providing a structural look at the layout of an app. How to create it?



Sketch your ideas


Meanwhile, if you are working for an app project with your team members or you are handling the project on your own, just make sure That You are keeping a track record of your app project and your thoughts That how the app shouldering be overdeveloped, and how the app screens shouldering be look like. In your thoughts, if you include the tags, navigation, and buttons, it is not a problem. It is better to sketch your ideas in a drawing pattern Instead of keeping it in your mind Because it can help to present your ideas, and-which can work-which can not work Practically.


Approach Wireframing in Different Angles


In wireframing, there are different approaches, All which can be used depending on your requirement, so in That top-level approaches are epicenter design, and linear approach.


Epicentre Design


If you Decided to start the main task of a design from the outwards and you want to ignore the navigation and the branding part by using the epicenter designs, you can work On those but one Important thing is this one will perfectly work in web app design than native app.


Linear Approach


This is the most common approach followed by many mobile app designers India while designing the mobile app (or native app) .This can be started from the homescreen and forward through the user interface, you can go accordion thing to your sketch. Almost all the app-which followed the linear approach have simple user interface.



Referring similar apps helps you create more clean user interface


It is better to refer similar apps you wanted to build to get an idea and mutual understanding between the app can interfaces.You Clearly understand the concept of what users' expectations in terms of navigation and buttons. If you understand Those Things, then you can easily craft your sketch.


Why users reject app?


Think like a user, what are the Reasons behind firing up your application by the user. Reasons May be as followings:


  • Features of the app
  • Navigations and buttons
  • Improper navigations in the personal settings of the app
  • Placed improperly logo

Now it's time to sketch it on a piece of paper keeping above points in mind.


It is the time to imagine yourself as a user and starts to implement your plan That You prepared for the first task in the user flow. That Means from the homescreen to navigation and buttons. Sketch it perfectly until you get a rough sketch of your plan from the beginning to end. If you can not then you can use an extra button in the wireframes So THAT can help.


If you get confused or if your mind needed some rest, then take a break come back and again go through the task, at this time it is better to think about Whether your paper buttons-which you sketched is making a sense or not. If theywill not work, try again to redraw until it working.


Hope now you got a perfect user flow.The process-which you are going to make May take time. That could be half an hour or a couple of days, All which depends on the complexity of your app. The next step is mobile app designing process, it is the time to upload your app to the mobile to test, so That You can get a quick feedback from your friends or coworkers.


Looking for the best app development company?


We FuGenX are the best iOS app development company Mumbai .our expert mobile app developers follow Those steps-which are've given above and Then They start to develop your app, Enquire with your Ideas, FuGenX will turn your ideas into App. FuGenX is ook recognized as a premier Android game development company in India.

10 future technologies that could revolutionize retail - Posted at 08:27 on 2/8/2016 by johnniewalk

In the retail field, it is quite difficult task to provide a better shopping experience and to increase the business efficiency. So to achieve these things we should find a way for that. There is no better way than adopting advanced technology to bring retail business to the next level.

As we know, now a days the technology has improved a lot, which resulted a huge demand for mobile app development. For retail, it is better to develop an app from the best app design and development company. In the retail world, I just want to share with you 10 future technologies which can be included in the app. It can be a significant power to bring changes in the retail world.

Augmented Reality

This technology will provide an opportunity to the users to view the computer generated images, which provides the enhanced view of the real-life images. In the retail field, Augmented Reality is creating an opportunity for the companies to easily manage their inventory. By releasing augmented reality app, customers can view their product before buying it. With the help of augmented apps, customers can easily choose the right product which is suitable for their home without moving out from their homes.

Virtual Reality

With the help of the virtual reality, retailers can successfully deliver the product based on the requirement of the customers without investing much in the stores. Virtual reality creates an opportunity to see the products before purchasing it.


With the help of indoor mapping, online shoppers can easily find their products. In the smartphone apps, GPS makes it easier for the users to search the exact products and helps to view the product side by side.


In retail stores, internet connected sensors help them a lot. Sensors helps customers by intimating them when they are near to that sensor (or store) about special offers in the store. Incase if the stock is running low, it can intimate store’s inventory and logistics departments. Sensors can monitor each and every specific item.

3d Printing

In the retail industry, 3D printing impacts a lot. With the help of 3D printing, they can offer customers by printing their designs and providing their finished product. To make the customers to buy the product, 3D printer is enough, because it has that capability.

Through Drones Delivery

I don’t know how it will be worked for but if it works, it can create a great impact. For the online purchases they have a plan to deliver their product by using the drones, but this technology is not yet implemented, some sources say that day is not too far. If the drone delivers fine works for the online purchasers, then there is a chance that the drones may create a huge impact on the online shopping.

Huge Data Analytics

It is a good opportunity for the retailer, which can increase work proficiency. In online shopping, if you gain more customers connected, it is important that to make an analytics through the data. According to data analytics, you can easily make some pricing changes and provide some special offers for regular group of customers.

Mobile payments

In today’s world, many of them makes their payment through their mobiles. They thought that instead of carrying a wallet, always it is better to use technologies, which is available and keeps their work simple, so instead of waiting in a rush to make a payment it is better to utilize the technologies by making a payment through their smartphones.


For the retailers this technology is really helpful to deal with the customers. By utilizing the chatbots both retailers and customers can contact each other without making a phone call or meeting. Through chatbots if they have any queries regarding the product and their services, they can raise the questions and get quick answers.

Are you looking to develop an app for your retail business?

If yes, FuGenX can help you. FuGenX is the best game development company in India, Bangalore. With their expertise mobile app developers, they have an ability to develop innovative retail apps on different platforms like iOS, Android, etc., based on your requirements. FuGenX also recognized as a premier Android app development service provider.

Review the secretes of mobile app which helps to increase the business performance - Posted at 08:09 on 21/7/2016 by johnniewalk

Each and every business’s basic aim is to increase their business performance by improving their capital assets, profit and work environment. So, all the entrepreneurs know very well in the current marketing strategies everyone is looking forward to develop a mobile app from the app development company. They believe mobile app will improve their business performance. Many industry experts say that mobile app is a powerful tool to increase their business performance.


So let’s discuss how the mobile app effectivelyincrease the business performance:


In the digital field, developing a mobile app is a smart move because everyone in the world always look for the smart work instead of hard work, in this case, mobile app can be business successful strategy to make the works simpler.


Every industry like banking, real estate, hospitality, education, etc. started to develop an app, so there is tough competition in the app industry, it is important that your app should be more innovative than the competitors apps, so it is better to give your project for the best mobile app development company who can make your mobile app innovative and competitive.



Mobile app make users work simple and convenient


In the smartphone world, apps are making a significant change in our day to day life. In the competitive world, people always try to accomplish the work without spending much time. So every business holds their different concepts, and app developers have to develop mobile apps according to their concept and make users use it easily. Make sure that mobile app should provide a user-friendly experience. So they can simply download the app and use to their convenience, and also whenever the app is needed they can use it.


Mobile app makes promotion and marketing task easier


Before, promotion and marketing task found it difficult to get done the works and it was consuming a lot of time. But, today with the mobile apps strategies, everything can be done in a few touches. With the help of mobile app, you can be able to promote latest update of your business easily and in less time, you can spread the news to nook and corner of the world. To make the promotion and marketing task easier, all marketers need to do is develop mobile app. But one thing, expertise app developers and designers can always be plus for this job.


No worries, when forget to bring wallet


It does mean when the mobile app is there, it is not necessary to carry money in your wallet. Today almost all the apps have been integrated with wallet for online payment, so it is not necessary to carry cash, ATM, and credit cards. Through the mobile app you can easily make a payment with your secured bank account.


Hope this point is enough to explain how the mobile app will help to increase your business performance. To implement it perfectly, all you need to do is hiring a trusted mobile app developers India.


Have a plan to develop mobile app?


If yes, FuGenX will help you. FuGenX is one of the top iPhone app development companies in India, Bangalore. FuGenX has developed more than 1000+apps and games with their experienced mobile app designers and developers team. FuGenX is also recognized as a premiere mobile game development company.

Fruitful UI design tips to design eye-catching user-interface for your mobile app - Posted at 10:41 on 28/6/2016 by johnniewalk

In each and every successful mobile app, there are many distinguished success factors behind, it may be an app that is developed by the best mobile app developers, or the app’s creative and attractive design or the app’s capability to perfectly serve the users’ expectation. But I am damn sure, in most of the successful apps, the most prominent success factor is eye-catching UI design.


In mobile app development field, experienced app developers well know which tools and technologies need to be used for developing an app to make it more innovative, in the same way, it is requisite for mobile app designers to well know the UI design of the app. It is even important for app owners to know the UI design elements to bring out eye-catching app.


The whole article is regarding UI design techniques that most of the mobile app designers implemented and succeeded. It can even help you (both app designers, and app owners) to make your mobile app’s UI design more innovative.


I don’t want to drag the things, so let’s move straightaway to know Fruitful UI design tips:


Make your design responsive


It is beginning of the mobile app design, if you fail there, everything will collapse. Mobile app designers should always remember that. The user interface design of the app should be designed as responsive because the same design is used in different mobile devices. So responsive will keep your mobile app design out of an issue. It is mandatory that the designers should focus more on the responsive design and know to tackle the issues while the app is used in multiple devices.


It is good iterating user interface design


As an app designer, you should concentrate on user behavior too. Its interface should be fully engaging and able to retain the attention of targeted users. Once you have done a user interface design, it won’t be waste, you can use the design ideas that was taken during the iteration to the current project, and even for the next app as well.


UI design needs to adhere 508 compliance and security issues


During the mobile app development process, 508 compliance and security issues are considered in the later stage, which increase the project execution time. So as a designer, you should make sure that the right set of data is being implemented in an appropriate manner, by consulting your back end team.


Keep your user interface simple


Most of the app owners concentrate on simple app design. The app should be in such a way that even the first time user should be able to access the app without going through detailed instructions or guides. Doing so allows the user use the app easily, and subsequently, there would be a huge chance that the user could get addicted to your app. Using the colors logically will allow you keep your app's interface as simple as possible.


Evaluate mobile UI design with real users


When your app design is in the nurturing stage, it is good to have some real users to evaluate UI design functions, which allows you to take some suggestion, ideas and opinion from them. Doing so helps designers decide which design elements will work and rock. It saves the time and money significantly that you could spend on redesign.


Want to create an eye-catching UI design for your app?


If yes, FuGenX will help you. FuGenX Technologies is the world’s fastest growing mobile app development company in India. It bagged Deloitte Technology award for its exceptional performance in the mobile app design and development. FuGenX is also providing their services for iPhone app development and Android app design.

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