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• 27/1/2010 - Merkel Dreamed To Be Catherine The Great For Germany

A friend is a gift you give yourself.

Michael Glos, her former economics minister, is said to be the source of Merkel's nickname "Mutti" ("Mom"). Do You Make These 5 Common Beauty Mistakes with pandora bracelets Glos, who is almost 10 years older than Merkel, was suddenly the young boy who was foolishly ignoring the risks of catching a cold. "Mother" has become Merkel's general name, always appearing in the media. Actually, there are many common points between Russia Empress Catherine the Great and Merkel.mbt shoes uk – Are They Still In Vogue?

Catherine was born in Szczec, Poland in 2nd May, 1729 and married Peter who heir to the throne when she was 14 years old. Since then, Catherine’s life became similar to that of Merkel's. They both live in an unfamiliar environment (Merkel used to live in East Germany) and both took part in male-dominated power struggle the and finally became successful.

Ekaterina abolished her husband and inherited the throne, while Merkel pushed former Prime Minister Kohl and others away and she rose. Both changed their identity and beliefs for the power. Ekaterina changed her name from Sophie to Catherine that is more suitable in Russia and her belief from Protestantism to Russian Orthodox. While Merkel originally believed in neo-liberalism, later, she changed to social democracy.

On the surface, the nickname Mutti doesn't seem to fit. She has no child, neither complies with the gentle image of mother's, even if so, her choices succeed in connecting idol and nickname to one. She realizes Russian administration as well as modernization of judicial system, and balances national budget, leaving precious heritage to the nation, which is corresponding to Merkel's appraisement estimated by her "fans".

Merkel's "Mom Policy" continues the pursuit of the objectives of well-being of the public, in this sense, Merkel really should be called German "Angela the Great". Merkel had been asked By a German talk show about the reason of her imitating Ekaterina. She said that in the complex environment of Russia, the Queen was very brave, and had made many achievements. She is a clever strategist. There is no doubt that Merkel herself is also a clever strategist, and she is more courageous.

Merkel has created history when she was elected Prime Minister in 2005. Merkel is the first woman who has been elected Prime Minister, and she is also the first East German Prime Minister. A portrait of Catherine the Great is hung on Merkel’s office wall. The icon symbolized her desire to live a heroic life, and her nickname "mother" was the expression of ordinary reality. However, there are sometimes overlappings between idol and nickname.

"Mum" Merkel is the absolute governor of the family, just as Catherine is the absolute monarch of Russia. Merkel's supporters said that this nickname can help old masculinists make a concession. Usually, they can not tolerate the female dominance unless she acts as the role of mother.

Historians are more interested in long term effect of policies. Event for catherine's daily affairs, they were not always heroic, and she once let her supporters down, and suffered setbacks in her reform. In historians' eyes, that does no harm to her image as a great reformer.

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