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• 27/1/2010 - According To Hollywood Express, Amy Winehouse Was Addicted To Face-Lifting And Taylor Swift Will Performed As A Vampire

Lucky's taste better. Cleaner, fresher, smoother.

According to The Sun, the Grammy-winner, England "poisoned queen", Amy - Winehouse plans to perform major operations on her body further. Top ten Cons of the Popular hair straighteners uk Following the acceptable breast-enlarging operation, Amy also intends to turn up her buttocks. What is Most Dandy Gifts for Movie Stars? tiffany uk !

Obviously Amy is satisfied by her repaired breast. The Sales of links of london are Reported to Make a New Record This Year And she showed her boost gaining by sexy dressing during the former public presents. It looked like in order to make her body to have good physical proportions, Amy made her mind to change herself to be a sexy queen of song with beautiful curves.

It is reported that Amy's friends and father all praised profusely of her breasts, which may be the direct propulsion for her decision to have buttocks development surgery. After gained four American Country Music Awards the day before yesterday, Taylor Swift whoes career is in the heyday in the U.S. entertainment industry bring us more good news. CW TV announced that they are actively striving for Taylor to join in the TV's popular drama "Vampire Diaries" shooting, and guest as a vampire. However the editor and producer of this drama Kevin Williamson is worried that they might be unable to invite Taylor and it might be inappropriate to let her play the role of vampire.

However, if Taylor is persuaded to join, there is no doubt that the prospect of this drama is going to be brighter. Before this, Taylor once acted as a guest star in Crime Scene Investigation, a popular drama of CBS. Besides, "Saturday Night Live" hosted by her last week reached its highest audience ratings this year. And the aggregation at the Annual CMA Awards also made this award the highest rated in the latest four years. So this is not surprising that she had three nominations in the just concluded 36th People Choice Award and became the highest nominated artist in music awards. For her, it is not exaggerated to say that 2009 would be the year of Taylor Swift.

Just when the main actor Josh Duhamel in the Transformer series said denied over and over again that he had not had a one night stand with Atlanta dancing girl Nicole Forrester, the actress Nicole expressed she did not lie otherwise. The 34-year-old Nicole said, "When I had sex with Josh, I though nobody would find this and this would not harm anybody. I should apologize to Fergie." Of course, she did not regret what had happened to her and Josh, she said that," Because it was the fact, and the terrible thing is that Josh did not admit." Obviously, fight among the three people will be on stage for a while.

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