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• 1/2/2010 - The Rank Result Of Of European Islands Was Disclosed Three Isles Of Greek Listed Ten Of The Best

Have it your way.

According to the reports of hotel price comparison website www. Damn!! It is Correct for You to Choose Fascinating GHD hair trivago.gr, the three Greek islands: Rhodes, Corfu and Santorini, have entered the top 10 of European islands rankings. According to the website, the top 10 island are: Rhode Island (Greece), Corfu Island (Greece), Santorini Island (Greece), Mallorca Island (Spain), Gran Canaria Island (Spain ), Tenerife (Spain), Ibiza Island (Spain), fees Fuerteventura Island (Spain), Lanzarote Island (Spain), Menorca Island (Spain).5 Cons You Should Aware About ed hardy jeans

Rhode Island belongs to Dekanisi Islands; with everything you can image the pastoral scenes. Every tourist longing for a leisurely holiday must visit the exotic beach of Kalithea.

Rhode Island not only has beautiful and gay beach but also more beautiful underwater world especially the famous dive sites in the sea floor. A sight spot in Rhode Island is known as Vallery of Butterfly, a conservation district which attracts thousands of butterflies coming here every summer. Rhode City a good place which is worth a visit of every tourist coming to the island: Large Master's Palace, Knight Road and the medieval town are treasures located in the island.

Corfu is another famous island of Greece, known as the paradise in Homer's poems. It's called the Green Island because of its diversified vegetation. In addition, the southernmost island has a lush olive trees, of which there are olive trees up to 20 meters high.

Various kinds of beaches in Corfu Island provide alternative space for the tourists who have different interests: Beside the Korissia Lake, in northwest of Corfu Island, lies one of the most beautiful and special beaches; Valuable feature of this island is capital city of Corfu of its Venetian-style architecture;

The idyllic monastery on Palaiokastritsas Bay also attracts many tourists. The Santorini Island in Greece has formed a spectacularly geological wonders due to volcanic eruptions. The buildings with white walls and blue windows on the steep hillside of the Santorini Island are of typical Cyclades style.

And among them, the most spectacular scenic spots are the dormant volcano and the excavating site of the of the Kammena ruins. Visitors also have the opportunity to approach the dormant volcano and enjoy the scenery of other small islands belonging to Cyclades Islands. Magic and beautiful Santorini is the first tourist destination for couples.

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