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• 12/3/2010 - Rebellious wave of decadence holes stockings Europe and the United States who beat favorite street


Speaking of stockings multi-functional, is not only to beautify the legs and the introduction of reverie, as well as increase the function of taste can be said to be practical products, even bank robbery of the bad guys have to use it. Holes in stockings, began the last century decadence of the 90s pop culture. The torn stockings, hey, grasping bad, the beauty of this somewhat incomplete since then there has been much sought after young women cynical love.
   A thin hole effect, with the overall retro feeling appeared to be very coordinated. Holes in stockings and knee-high socks to wear a lot of flavor of the stack.
   Do not have a scratch flavor asymmetric, tight-fitting black dress and boots are just right mix.
   The holes in stockings as usual and the black stockings to wear, the effect surprisingly unexpected. Hole has attracted attention, but also in the squat, sit down and faint when they exposed the legs, increasing sexy Oh! Hole in light-colored stockings, and there are many levels stacked Shaqun wear and will not appear cumbersome, large areas of the hole to short skirts and long legs highlight the charm! A taste of England, the students checked skirt with bow tie, pants are extremely rebellious hole in stockings, girls in a new era of personalization is to demonstrate this.
A level of feeling strong All-black dress, accompanied by asymmetric hole stockings, cool feeling full. Romantic purple one-piece skirt folds, with slight scratches the wave point of thin silk stockings, as if to escape from the fairy tale world, a small fairy.


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