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• 6/4/2010 - Party preferred gorgeous coat dating

Recently, the people most in need of warmth has become a matter of concern, of course, beauty of girls who did not want to become a bloated Big Bear, this time investment is the safest fashion pick your favorite one or two coats long sections, fashionable thin wild is also significantly .
   Sweet and lovely, elegant and mature in different styles of a can-shaped coat be reflected, while the proportion of optimal shape. A lovely elegant fonts inside a black dress coat length and is similar to the one with black tights and fine, blowing when the exposed corner of the skirt definitely charming and moving.
   Winter days have highlighted the perfect curve, then the choice waist of the jacket appeared to be very important, of course, significant figure cannot be because of the need to give up the principle of warm, printing of the waist coat is blocking the view of the fat on your hips and thighs, and second, medium-and long coat can be visually stretching your upper body curves, simple and bright contrast color matching, play the effect of self-cultivation.
   Are you worried that winter, a heavy down jacket, warm will also become a more of your fat, then try the next warm wool coat collar bar, a variety of styles, will cross-stitch of your eyes! Coat in the fall and winter for you warm, both stylish and practical, you cannot miss the beauty-conscious, casual jeans with a very charming.
   Personalized pull plush coat warm winter wind. Smooth cut style and great variety of patterns and quality of gives comfortable, casual feel. Is no longer the same as before, the rigid lines of this year's plush coat and neutral retro feeling better suit the style, the fashion tide of people dressed the best temperament. Light-colored single product with the accession to the overall color is more out.

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