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• 15/4/2010 - Autumn fashion with little jacket to play a major role in

Beauty of the whole body with simple and comfortable little black suit with a white T is the most classic of the most error-free option, khaki slacks to break the monotony of black and white, big leather satchel with the whole shape of the body are coordinated, and white retro shoes It has enough personality.
    Striped Long T-Fine with black pantyhose is the most common mix of summer, in the early autumn season Wei Liang on if they feel cool and add a little coat is the best choice, the warm pink is really lovable, one-fifth sleeve design of both the warmth without shuffling going on, a kind of oblique zipper design of the flavor of a small locomotive winds.
Is the traditional black and white with a long section with a black leather jacket white shirt, stylish yet practical integration of black pantyhose and high heels, legs stretched thin and long, very smart dress. Live bag is one of the highlights of the graffiti.
    Paragraph in the long suit is that the prevalence of big hot season, especially for girls much like a neutral, black silk vest with a light-colored suits, the length of the coordination and the yin a soft and costumes are very distinctive, bright side of 9 Sub-tights are the best partners in the autumn of girls, pink is make people like a small heel, a black Balenciaga bag is enough to see the new girl's fashion tastes.
    Season of early autumn sunshine during the day is still overflowing, pure white cotton skirt and stylish, the pair of legs emerge in the evening that Wei Liang a light gray bat sleeves jacket is the best choice. Red high-heeled shoes are the focus of the entire body.
Small Saia elegant chiffon dress cute, a simple design of a black leather jacket to break the tradition of pure, so delicate little girl looked a hint of a candid charm.
    A whole body of a black dress does make a lot of girls look lean, but some tedious. Irregular hem of a long gray sweater shall not only bring some color to black also increased the overall level of feeling. Red satchel is the finishing touch.


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