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Social Media

00:56, 30/7/2012  ..  1 comments  ..  Link

Social Media like twitter, facebook, google etc could connect you to the world. It can be very powerfull if used correctly. I made some mistakes with Social Media so it's time to write about them. I'll start with what happend to me lately.

Not so long ago i met someone who i was talking with on a forum. She seemed to be a nice lady and we went for dinner just to meet and see if we could get along. We had some interests that matched. She had some problems in her love life so i decided to help her get back on her feet. We had a great time and when we met for dinner or a drink i coached her to get her life back on track. I was succesfull in that, she told me over and over how much she liked me doing that for her and that she respected me. I did a lot of things for her, payed a lot for her even went a weekend shopping in Paris which was pretty expensive. Whenever she had problems, i tried to solve most of them for her. Then she got a better job, met other people from which she told me had a lot of influence in the business world. As i found out later by using my connections not likely, but ok. As you could explain, she wanted to climb up the social ladder. I asked for a nice dinner in return for the weekend Paris. We went for dinner, but since it was a new restaurant, she couldn't pay with a credit card. Since i always have enough cash with me i ended up paying again. So in return i asked for a night out at her favourite hotspot. It never came that far because she wanted something else which i didn't liked. She got furious about it and then things went wrong. Since i arranged for her private car to be stashed away i asked her to search for a new place and pick her car up. One day before our meeting she called in sick only later i had to find out on twitter she was a night out. Not so sick after all. When she finally got her car she told me she had written an email for me and tried to let me read it on her blackberry. The letters where so small i couldn't read them so i asked her just to send it to me. When she got home she did just that. I can't repeat the email because it was so insulting it hurt to the bone! I never expected that after what i did for her, even now i wonder what has happend to respect in this world. But ok, that's not all.

I went to be active on twitter because the friend mentioned above told me i have great quotes that i should share with more people. The quotes i tweeted are about my experiences in life as i know it. Also, when someone tweeted that he or she was feeling bad, i always tried to cheer that person up with simple words and my experiences in life. It all started to go wrong when a girl misunderstood me. Her nick is seb_girl and she cheered for Lewis winning at the F1 GP in Hungary. The tweet she posted was a bit funny to me so i reacted with some humour. She didn't understand and took it very serious, so i tried to explain her how my tweet was meant to be only getting "idiot" back. I responded to her that i didn't want to offend her or insult her in any way. But she took it all serious so i tried to learn her something which went totally wrong. I ended up confused about what just happend. Even other people on twitter contacted me and telling me not to take this serious since this was something i couldn't avoid. Well, thanks all for the support, but i got the nasty feeling already. Like someone was waiting for revenge.

Today it happend... It all fired back in my face. It hit me so damn hard that i decided to write this blog. It started by a girl called on twitter when she tweeted: If everyone is beautiful then why do i feel so insecure?:$ I responded because i know the feeling very well with a tweet: Maybe because you don't let the beauty from within shine out as it should. Lillte did i know she was only 15 years old. I really didn't know that! But she responded later with: awwwweeee:'3 So i responded with a tweet: You're welcome, please just do it. It makes you very attractive for sure! The more i think about it, i really can't find anything wrong with this. I just tried to cheer someone up. I was just trying to help, that's all. Tried to let someone feel better. Later this day someone responded to that, this one called  or @ilovesel_x and what she tweeted i couldn't believe: ew this is fucking creepy. this is sick. you're 35 and shes 15. you total pervert.

Well her next tweet was even more insulting: for all we know he could be having some 'dick fun' whilst going on your twitter saying it.

I don't know what i did wrong all i do know that i'm the man that would kill the one that abuses childern in any way! I can't stand perverts, i would die to get them out of this world! For the girls that posted this, there's something you should know and it's something i always tried to do: Make the world a better place, start with yourself and give that helping hand, it doesn't hurt to reach out and help. A song which comes in mind and will forever be my motto: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWf-eARnf6U

As for me, i'm done with helping people, i'm done with social media. It's just me now, so social media made me someone i hated before. I think that's what the world is asking for....

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