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the same types of debris

{ 06:08, 7/2/2010 } { 0 comments } { Link }

Strange because wow gold, first of 22 relatively well in the previous large, and new clothes so many people looting, you equip, and playing fast is not necessarily a good thing, blame the brush is limited, who finished the infinite so you only wait for the next batch of and you can grab the next batch of 1,2 months on the good. Therefore, Chuan Chuan mission equipment can be, and the abyss, and 30 suite property is very good, there are four holes! The value of this thing to Ou Bisi, do not you have a penny. Second, to the Xin Shoucun (that is, that the recent birth village) The first thing, to expand its package in a row,wow gold and then on began to develop the habit of picking up litter. I do not know how the other servers, at least when I play my server there is such a phenomenon, wow gold and some people playing strange touch the body, and monster debris (usually the name of all call XX claws, what kind of debris) Some do not pick, in fact, this is your main source of income to buy the wings, I found the 100W from the 1-30 class are picking up rubbish too, so strange in the brush, when we particularly noticed the same strange look for a name places frequented by the brush, so to the types of debris on the relatively less (because the same items can overlay) will save you back to the citys time.

Another point is about the resurrection point binding ,1-10 bound in the Xin Shoucun 11-20 bound in the Belem fort ,21-25 bound in the El fortress, 25 bound in the abyss. Why must say it does. AION binding because the resurrection is money, wow gold and funding for a bit small expensive, AION looked at a map of relatively large, in fact, a little glide-technical people will understand, walking is a very fast, but each city has to fly to bases flight division, all the people in these places only to be able to bind, and pre-place is changing very quickly, cheap wow gold and if you do a local task that is very uneconomical to bind a.

If you are dedicated players can go looking for entry-level life skills, to understand what is required to do everything, and then according to what they want to leave some of the material collected for sale. Here, I can tell you is that what alchemists (because I am a student of alchemists, so I can not be arrogant to comment on other life skills). Novice can usually get alchemical material is fresh Anjelica Anjelica and there are lower-level wizard rock. However, due to Anjelica can be ord energy conversion available, they are able to sell only fresh Anjelica and lower wizard rock. When you sell fresh Anjelica recommended every 20-30 months a group, Price, 1000  month. Wizard rock around a group of 30, Price, 500  month. This reason is that AION may Consignment is based on prices from low to high down the row, you put too much accumulated a higheraion gold price, due to selling more players, you further reduce the price even if someone else does not necessarily have the patience to look down, but life skills training are generally Otherwise do not practice, more practice should be trained to point (yes, you, you will be so ah), so put less stuff on to others disdain. And then there are all kinds of refined stone, degree of market demand, were as follows, Arms refining stone series, the Armor series of refined stone, jewelry, refined stone series. Special Note, The lower the rating the more refined stone to stay! Because of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and if he really wants to practice life skills, he certainly something you sell a package. Because the rich are like the convenience.

25 future, do not do anything mission! Do just one thing, taken the trouble to go to the abyss of brush weird! Because of the abyss monster is by name, and they have split in an isolated island, it also thought that the monster you get types of debris the same, save a lot of positions. But also in the abyss and better equipment, the probability is relatively large, I would hit 25 blue 31 blue suit shoes and necklace. And here is the price of selling junk monster pretty goodwedding dress, every time I go back up a burden for one-ching is 10-20W. Recommended that you brush blame in this, another very important reason for this is in the abyss is a strange brush can be Ou Bisi point, to 30 you can basically change the 3. After a 30 team mixed with the more convenient to kill, so all the equipment in the abyss hit all the throwing intermediate bar! White also threw! Mozu because many people fear being killed, so in ghdEl brush it. In fact, the same fear of Mozu family days to kill, so matter of fact no man into the abyss, you feel dangerous place, Mozu too, thus resulting in no one dare to go. You say you can blame unpleasant brushes do. Of course, there is absolutely no Mozu is not dead, a 1-2 times is normal.

the weakness of the anti-control

{ 06:04, 7/2/2010 } { 0 comments } { Link }

A total of 100 games played fast, in addition to myself, Ive only met four German, two wild and two were recovered 2 to resume operation at Germany and the Shadow Thieves knife inside, and the other is hunting wild wild sa combination wow goldwow gold, The last is a hunter Wild wild Germany team = Master lunch. = b. This is the basic situation of North America and Europe Division of the two figures are indeed quite rare people boo, but compared to the market which saw nearly 100 soldiers twice or so a little bit better on. Aside from a variety of strange mix 200 Fishermans baby appeared to take the lunch team, ran into the ranks of the largest are, France, animal husbandry, and the Shadow Thieves I would like to put together a knife that hit 1750 because of the time, our team with a team of thieves France, animal husbandry, and a team of Shadow sword fight into an infinite loop, we eat thieves France animal husbandry, animal husbandry and food Shadow thief France knife, knife eat our shadow.

Thieves France continued a consistent style of animal husbandry at the same time to further all aspects of the control chain of the deep knot in the hymn + + mirroring bug after the entry of sheep convergence of infinite perfection, mirroring the whole point of the outbreak of + damage + penance combined attack and defense has once again set fire to switch more efficient wow goldcheap wow gold, rated as the strongest wake-up carved carved text of the text so that thiefs life, animal husbandry and France have improved a notch, so they have to cut capacity to the weakness of the anti-control is relatively easy shadow sword, but we de black and white wild ride when it is not able to stand, because the kidney even hit the ice bears in the DK or injury are very limited, but if you want to cross the dk and wild Germany forced to fight knights, it may play invincible before the Master has been into refrigerators or pastor has been was spike, the

On the other hand, we are on the knife when the shadow of death because there is no effect, it is difficult to look at the rescue of the Warlock Knights crushed to death or dk, in a war of attrition, I have yet to figure out the time being between the dk and wizards Addition Mechanism In any case, just like God of War wrote that s the same as the other party dk despite the talent and our dk the same, but the damage was almost hit me and the sum of our dk, while the Warlock 3 of the output to the dot to make each others total output of greatly exceeded the total output of our end or our first Blue Knight to do, or because to find our way back to the Blue which led to the outbreak of one of them was a sudden death, several tests we find that this tactic seemed to solve , or only by having hunters Ruti me or dk, coupled with the lethal effects of smoke blue,wow gold and the remote stations to avoid the melee were the other dks aoe can overwhelm such a team. Two strong dps + death + smoking + treatment with blue, the viability of three professional and both are top of the highly fault-tolerant, does not need to deliberately play control chain, in the low-end is easy to eat, animal husbandry, aion goldand the thief thief technique de France take minutes.

But I personally feel that the high-end thieves France, animal husbandry and the control chain and fast-turn set fire to break out, they do not is very difficult to win, especially now that Master has mirrored bug, you can not even sheep under the other 30 seconds. . . For us, whether it is wild or a D + dk + Knight Rider Wild D + hunter + lineup playing three giants have a slight advantage. Because we are bound to be a target for other hunters, the other side if you do not play wild D, then the hunters themselves will be every 15 seconds a 5 star crippled paralyzed 7 seconds cut off half of the dps, while also Nakano D free hand blown or blown milk riding dk However, if the other side to fight wild D, then the dpsghd will all be consumed by the side three people who bear the highest injury-free, but eating the other side is free of injury hurt the lowest hunters.

Said from behind on the go, thief surgery Germany  animal husbandry and basic routines continued tbc age difference is, now thieves are aware of his technique is soft cakes, are all trained to have a slide, such as loach kung fu, kick down the sneak thief damage split  Eviscerate, even the kidneys were not hit, and immediately disappeared  sprint card perspectives sneak around the column,wedding dress and so full of energy look at warlock dot where individuals with low blood or warlock snatch shot again and we have to be borne in pursuit of a surprise attack, Warlock is a transfer in arrays on the mountain slopes

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the same types of debris
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