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Fashion korea style

  16/4/2013 - promote the sustained rate of breastfeeding

Dr. Wang Shufang stressed: medical study found that the benefits of breastfeeding increased with the extension of the feeding time. Taiwan since 1991, the implementation of "baby friendly hospitals BFHI certification job so far in 12 years, according to the 2011 Baby Friendly Medical Center and certification of; involved in the Baby Friendly certified hospitals share of the country covered by the number of births rate of up to 71.4%, and the validity period Bow cuffs dress of 144 baby friendly hospitals during their hospital stay its first, second, fourth and six months of exclusive breast-feeding rates were 65.5%, 54.5%, 43%, 26.3%, significantly higher than the non-baby friendly hospitals babies born (54.3%, 43.4%, 33%, 20%) (Department of Health, the National health Council, 2012). Compared to the World Health Organization recommends that "all babies" or the American Academy of Pediatrics, "50%" baby six months exclusive breastfeeding goal to promote the sustained rate of breastfeeding, there are still outstanding arrest of.

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  15/4/2013 - in order to express some agents decade to work hand in hand

In addition, the Ka Mei Fun invited Ruili Group Vice President Anna Ka Mei Fun Ruili Group strategic cooperation plan in the next decade to share, and the official opening decades of aromatic trip. , Chairman of Yue Junhong, Zhang Yanli, general manager of portable the Ruili Group Anna vice president, its own lavender farm suzerain Mr the De Boeck stage, jointly launched CAMENAE Ka Mei Fun celebration of the tenth anniversary of the lighting ceremony, lit the blessing of all the guests present the morning celebrations draw to a successful conclusion.That night, the Ka Mei Fun 10th Annual Dinner will be the celebrations into another climax, the accompanying brand with the growth of Ka Mei Fun, common joy and warm moved into.

The agents to express their appreciation to work hard over the past year and to create outstanding results, especially for them, the company awarded the 10th anniversary of the trophy and send thank ceremony. Meanwhile, in order to express some agents decade to work hand in hand with Ka Mei Fun, Ka Mei Fun invited professional reporters interview 10 years to go hand in hand sincerely agents and their families went to Harbin, Shenyang, Guizhou, Ningxia, Guangxi Province, employees to share their feelings and blessing of the course of ten years, and at the dinner in the form of video broadcast live, followed by 14 years, Ka Mei Fun Thanksgiving and awards go hand in hand sincere agents and said that in future work will continue to support the work of the agents to create success.
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  9/4/2013 - absorption effect of UVA

Ultraviolet UVA and UVB can penetrate the ozone layer and the clouds to the Earth's surface directly to the skin's dermal layer, destruction of elastic fibers and collagen fibers. Long-term or excessive by UV irradiation will make skin tanning, sunburn, accelerated skin aging, can cause severe swelling and peeling.

Here we show by a professional test the ability of this isolation liquid sunscreen.Using UV spectrophotometer to measure the absorbance Sunscreen 0,3,6,9 hours after use to measure its absorbance. UV absorbance of the reaction is its effect on the absorption of UVA, UVB, the greater the absorbance, the better the insulating liquid absorption effect of UVA, UVB. Absorbance between 0.5-1.0 the minimum protective UV effect between 1.1 - 1.5 Medium protective UV effect, 1.6-2.0 efficient protection from ultraviolet irradiation, more than 2.1 full protection from ultraviolet radiation.
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  5/4/2013 - year tuition takes about more than

Interview, "both sides of the needle" staff told this reporter to describe: P & G's world-class executive talent Yuejiang Bo who may become a "double needle" second pioneering, overall management to enhance a turning point opportunity. In fact, too, Yue Jiang two months of small test their skills, both sides of the needle, "the company's production and sales performance curve has been a marked upward.

Yue Jiang, Liuzhou dream, extraordinary! Yue Jiang, exciting!
 Vidal Sassoon (Vidal Sassoon) and TONI & GUY training school and salon in London's Oxford Street, London's busiest commercial street. In the UK, Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy is the top hairdressing school, both charge is almost the same, year tuition takes about more than 10 million yuan. If it is a short-term courses, classes and creative classes, the cost is even higher.
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  4/4/2013 - many of the company's approval system

Mak: as each individual home, we hope that environmental protection can start from each employee, start from the day-to-day trivial. We encourage employees to try to make it water, electricity, waste separation, use both sides of paper. Cancel the disposable cups, we recommend colleagues to bring their own teacup, environmentally friendly and health, many of the company's approval system to achieve electronic save paper but also improve work efficiency.

Environmental ideas not only from scientists. Employees on the site, we also provide a platform for "green energy gold idea solicitation to employees, in 2008 alone, we collected hundreds of golden ideas, many of them have become reality, such as" paper the payroll changed to electronic wages single ".
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  3/4/2013 - category instead of the skin care products

But perfume is different from the global the perfume category no absolute leading brands, most skin care, clothing brand extension from unprofessional. Jahwa stay, Chinese people like the smell of a certain Europeans like the different China's Hong historic, accumulation, have different worth entering. "Fragrance" Why popular? You can see that the attitude of the Chinese people perfume.

Of course, still the Road Mr. Chang did not let Jahwa do luxury skin care brand, the real meaning is Jahwa good rhythm, the luxury brand the perfume category instead of the skin care products, skin care products perfume do some visibility should launch The share of re-entering the late.

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  1/4/2013 - presence of netizens a living example

January 30, 2010, the famous business-government image design experts Ju Jin teacher in Guangzhou Province Office Building, opened a "charm manufacturing influential lectures for the the beauty network's netizens. Lecture, humorous Ju Jin teacher a contemporary of the information passed to the netizens that is your charm to create success.

As the famous image of business-government design experts, Ju Jin teachers considered "successful image design = successful life design", and she has been convinced that "beauty is an attitude". Her a decent image, humorous statement showed the presence of netizens a living example. Later, makeup editing as beauty network Xiaobian very honored and Ju Jin teacher made ​​a face-to-face interview.
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