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The Summer of Lawn Mowers - My Encounter With the Wild Green Jungle - Posted at 10:19 on 4/12/2015 by junglejuicon

I awoke early, fed my pet, attended to some kitchen chores then gardened or logged on my PC. So, I had a lot of time listening to nature, outdoor sounds, my thoughts, meditating and soul searching. This was the first summer that I could not afford having my lawn mowed by another.

To complete the task: I settled on determination, vigor, and a new experience outdoors. I armed myself with a pair of black knit work gloves to protect my manicured nails, a yoga pant, socks, a pair of Esprit sneakers, a hat, and a tank top. I waited for the sun to set and then went into the jungle juice online. Yes, the jungle of grass and weeds. By now, the grass had reached a height of nearly 10--12". My former neatly manicured lawn was unrecognizable.

I had an outdoor cord that was half the length of a football field--I turned that machine on and mowed back and forth, up and down, and round and round in circles until I mowed a quarter of the lawn. I decided that was it for the first session. Although relieved, I was exhausted. I work out regularly (dance/pilates/walking), but this was hard work. Maybe, that was why my family never allowed me to mow the lawn when I was growing up. And because I am petite, feminine, and am not suited for or enjoy hard labor.

That old mower traveled in grass gullies, raspberry vines, and mint overgrowth-at the end of the session it was filled with moist grass shavings. Those shavings were removed from the mower and the cut grass left behind stayed there on the lawn as mulch. I concluded mowing was not my cup of tea or type of exercise, but it certainly was a challenge for me during the summer of 2008. I've decided not to make mowing lawns a regular experience, at least not with this mower. In the future, I will probably return to having my lawn mowed by another or buy a new more efficient mower with two working blades and belts.

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