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That Girl

• 2/9/2012 - Awkward.

Hi, Here I am. I always thought that life is a gift. But you can return a gift, not life. You have to hold what is given. Sometimes it's hard to hold these things, I know. So here it comes. My parents are, about 13 years, divorced. Both are re-married or how you want to call it. My steph mother, well she is nuts, it's very hard to explain. But hold the thought of someone who's crazy. My dad is such a good person, you can't imagine, and he still holds on the thought of having a good relationship. But well enough about that. Do you know the tv-show Awkward. Well if you do or don't it's a amazing cool tv-show, I love it! Well my life looks in no kind of way like the life of Jenna. And she has a hard life actually but she had Matty, who kinda used her but she let him, and she has Jake and he is so utsweet. But Matty still wants to be with Jenna because he finally sees he made a mistake. Why isn't my life like that? I mean not the shit things in her life, just nice guys who actually can see me and like me. That isn't so hard right? But why does it never happen to me? xoxo JustThatGurl Sorry, if I made grammar mistakes while writting this blog.
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Hi, this blog is about my life, trouble with my complicated family and teenage problems. So prepare.

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