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aion news

Knight: Training class in the submarine

08:51, 8/2/2010 .. 1 comments .. Link

Have you ever played the game Knight; if you played it before, I think you will know that Knight Noah is important in the game. When you play this game, it can help you to increase your level and can increase your experience. If you have no Knight Gold at first, you can use money to buy it, when your level higher, you will even get more knight online gold.

In this game, harbor for the Cavaliers for the experience of value is not very high, and the Knight Online Noah is not much. The protracted battle: I think the main playing Kuisi Tan repair, Long turtles and crabs, because to fight these charges is not very strange water, and there will be reels, magic books and courage of water. As for the sharks, it is no matter to fight or not, because experience is not high and even stick out a change is not necessarily easy to sell. And about jellyfish and starfish, you had better not to touch it, it is dangerous to you. The protracted battle skills: do not play in the place where monsters gathering, especially the starfish gathering, and if you careless too much to trouble, its time for quite a long stiff. The best way is not to grab with other people, if you quarrel with other people, the treasure will be away from your side. And the Protracted results of operations: a conservative estimate of 20000 gold coins in an hour is no problem, Yong water will not disadvantage, as you rolls depend on the rp, and I think it will never be empty-handed when you return off. This is what I have think from playing this game, if you want to try this game, you can use Knight Online Premium to help you, when you have mastered the skill. I think you will have more exciting in this game.

Silk Road: Legacy of the Silk Road hero games

08:50, 8/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Silk Road Gold is welcomed accepted by many players, this game is loved by many people, in the game, Silkroad Gold is necessary, you can use it to help increase your level and can use it to improve your skills. In the world Silk Road, it is difficult to make a wolf, more difficult to do a good wolf. Because it needs much more time and money. Needless to say the money to expand their military power must be approached. Adequate time should the need to spend a lot of energy came to the sheep, looking for a sheep suited to their taste.

First to talk about how to find the sheep. The most popular, most practical and most tedious way is to their own fortress as the center, one by one investigation. According to Rich List under heaven, to find who has more money, try to steal the money from the rich, if no money you can find a closer one. Other is according to the military list, specifically looking for relatively small military forces, and the prestige is high. The finally way, I have not used it before, but you can reference. That is to look at the reports of attacks within the Union. Take a look at what other people are more plundering of resources, but also along to share. In fact, we can also find useful on a variety of fact is a great list. We must be reasonable use. For example, round their own personal example. Point look, prestige, and his own almost. In no investigation, no probe array premise, we first determine the next according to a comprehensive ranking of the strength of this man. First, look at the military list. This is very important. Many players would Buy SilkRoad Gold or Buy Sro Gold before they play the game, then they will have more advantages in it, and they will have more joy, if you do not have much Sro Gold, then you can make an effort to get it, I think this game will bring you more exciting.

tales of pirates: BOSS fight several professional plus-point method

08:48, 8/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

tales of pirates gold is welcomed by all players who played the game tales of pirates. Now I have mixed in the pirates inside for so long, BOSS did not play much, but that is the BOSS combatants spar there are several emotion. Here I refer primarily to a magic and magic 2 BOSS.

There is several essential occupations in BOSS fight, seal, sniper, Sword. This three career is unavoidable. As for the doctors, will depend on the anti-body giant, in principle, as long as the body next to the giant can be top-BOSS mobs, and two swords can only be on the sidelines. Personally think that the best combination of the seal + attack + Sword +2 navigation. The following is a plus point of their case, and the extra-point look at random to see how quickly even the level increases. Of course, it is necessary to pre-skills. First of all, talk about seals. When playing a major role in BOSS skills, revival of the abyss mire, Shadow of the chapter, sages seal. Therefore, when the first Canadian to add those skills. Second, is the sniper. Use spy skills with hands, feet lie in ambush, and the first storm. Finally is the Sword, this is not much dispute. In addition, it is best with a marine. Navigation is mainly the whole spirit of the skills to use, 10 and 10 shells hit by lightning. When to the Rubik's Cube, body giant in charge to take people to BOSS there, and then pin down little monsters, you can go while drinking coffee. BOSS will not get away by then. Waiting for you to devastate. As long as there is no time to pay attention skills, then you can quickly put away the skill. In it, you can get more top gold, if you do not have much gold, you can use money to buy tales of pirates gold or buy top gold, there are much cheap tales of pirates gold in the line site, so you can enjoy the game more interesting.

DAOC: Team Combat in DAOC

08:48, 8/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

DAOC Gold takes an important part in the game; you can use it to do many things, it can help you when you play the game. this game mixed pve and pvp to allow players to experience, this is indeed a very interesting game.

The early game is mainly carried out exploration in the country, the final goal of occupying the other two regions. Each continent has its own boundary line, the player in addition to defend their own territory, the need to attack other territories to complete the final unity. The border line is the most ancient Emain Macha, Celtic Ireland, the continent which is a border area. Britain is England between the mainland and the Scandinavian Germanic mainland China one of the main entrance, there is a strong majestic gates, it must be that it can enter the country. After entering this area, it will be under house arrest for an hour unable to move. For this setting, some people like it, some people resent. Obviously, such a result would come to attack the enemy alive simmered died here, including some of those expeditions and protection. Relative terms, most people do not like an hour long wait, if you encounter the enemy to attack the door, they would like to conduct some large-scale war are better. National borders are a feature of other people here, fighting often fail, in particular, simply can not win it alone. The face of this difficulty, it is necessary to conduct a protracted war. For example, the enemy to conduct covert operations, group operations need to rest camps and travel routes, taking advantage of not pay attention to the case near the protection zone, or to send troops to detect a small portion of actual situation. Get players on the different regions, will be set up in their ambush of the border line to avoid being the other broken. In this game, you can experience the cooperation, and you will find more fun in the game. Dark Age of Camelot Platinum or DAOC Plat will useful when you play it, it will help you get more joy in it.

Silk Road: Silk Road city of heroes outside the resource exploitation

08:50, 2/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Silk Road Gold takes an important part in the game, if you want to gain advantage in the game, Silkroad Gold is essential, and it can help you improve your skill and easily upgrade your level.

When first play this game, put off all the open space outside the city has developed, and now appears to be not appropriate. I suggest that you put every resource of all to build a mine, and then slowly upgrade. Then according to the latter part of the demand for resources, and gradually re-development of new open space, so it is quite scientific. Access to resources for novice and outside the mine is only part of the city, or even a small part, we can also get more resources through the following ways, in the left side of the page, there is a task flash day by day, new players can novice the task inside, then according to the task requirement to develop, that is to do the task, so that you can get a lot of resources, rewards. With the completion of tasks one by one, you will also find that in fact his own castle is also a little bit of scientific grown. In the "Hall of Heroes" moves, a hero, he was sent to changan to let him pitch darkness over many years to do "risk", Whenever he got a few hundred gold coins can also be obtained., in fact, "hero adventure" is also putting on a "mission", novice "heroic adventure", the best is to do 20 minutes to complete, then players on the line after forty minutes can get the stone, wood, metal, forage resources and the reward of 1W. Coupled with your resources, mine production, your resources to the novice outer city, inner city and low-level technology, construction and upgrades are adequate. I found that even if the outer city, inner city, science and technology at the same time to the 10 upgrade the demand for resources as a whole no more than 2W. When you first play this game, you have no gold at first, you can use some to Buy SilkRoad Gold or to Buy Sro Gold, when you have enough Sro Gold, and you can also make money in the game.

Knight: Training class with a bow

08:49, 2/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Knight Noah is very important in the game, if you want to upgrade your level, Knight Gold is necessary. In this game, Knight is a medieval king's most loyal followers, for their king, honor, justice and the fight; they are bright and respected knight. However, some people just are not satisfied with the respect that they reneged on their oath and started the looting of the heinous crimes. These are the dark forces of the dark knight. You must be loyal to your oath Choose your position!

When you play in the game, you do not need to chase strange, practice riding should have this feeling, and you should less water, you can be opened to see a bit eccentric, Walked in front that is about it really riding on the drank young shot quickly, many times everybody else thought I was a demon with the plug-in accelerator, there is more than strange situation can also be shot while walking, not only to drink water like a knife when the top. You can add experience easily, others can be the first to open the strange far away radio stations. As long as you do not suck up paste strange things, in general, nobody is saying anything, thus playing a maximum of a question mark. You all right, he also had a smiley face. Full-screen attacks, as long as you can see the place. Even if you shoot down the hill in the mountains, it still can hit the blame sucked Po. With a knife would not do anything, and a maximum of two cell attack is a weapon, which has seen and experienced is also not strange. With the bow hit the ground out there is the possibility of treasure, so strange in mind when shooting with a bow to have a few. What is strange I need to play the number of arrows shot is very clear, as far as possible reached the strange front hung up.

If you play this game with knight online gold, you will get more from it, Knight Online Noah will help you to do the task in it, when your skill upgrade, you will get more Knight Online Premium,

tales of pirates: The way to get money

08:48, 2/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

When you play the game tales of pirates you should need tales of pirates gold, it is helpful in the game, you can use it upgrade your level and to buy some useful props, if you do not have top gold, you can first use some money to buy tales of pirates gold, then you can upgrade easily.

If you want to make money in the game, the easiest way is to sell the wood to sell fish selling iron, get these things is easier and security than get crystals, first of all get to do life-skills point of historical mission, to silver, Scott began to take historical mission that began the task is very simple, and slowly one round pick, followed by receipt of trouble After doing the task. Get to the grocer, after life skills, the skills of people that buy a book as a 1000 one, to logging, mining or fishing in his own choosing. You can add the skills and then to buy the ax, total up the cost of two thousand, then you can start logging, and generally white under the extension of the coast had been walking out the door to see people packing, there can begin to cut, and pay attention to those strange trees Do not be beat, novice to die is very easy. Wood prices tend to be able to sell 200-500 an absolute, the absolute benefit of more than 10 turn. Iron ore is dug, then the ice wolves, 1000 to buy books to learn skills in mining, also spent 1000 in the blacksmith then buy the ho ore, iron ore and coordinates the ice around 900,747, where no absolute safety initiative strange, iron ore general and wood the same price. Personally believe that I would recommend ways to earn money early is a good reference value, novices can choose, but the begging is the most thankless people who despised the method, there are paid before there is harvest. You can use cheap tales of pirates gold to improve your skill and if you do not have gold, you can buy top gold then enjoy your game.

war of dragons: Dragon King hegemony

08:47, 2/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Do you know war of dragons gold, it is important in the game. When you play the game, it can help you high your level and can improve your skills, you can use it do many things.

This game around the creation of the world's three Ryujin body. Ryujin and worship of their sub-Dragon, Sun Dragon, together dominate the world; but one day, in which they would like to own a dragon king, unified the world, so with the other Ryujin engaged in a fierce battle. While the final seal of evil Ryujin was up, but the world had also been damaged. Since then, the worship of the eight Dragon race but because their own selfishness, will re-awaken the sleeping dragon god, while the earth has once again caught in another one into chaos. In this game, you can experience air with air, air with ground fighting fun. In the game world, the dragon become a major source of strength, and the players have the same status as the protagonists of the same, and fight side by side with the players. In it, each dragon's death or birth will also have an impact on the strength of the country. Strong, it is incredibly powerful dragon is extremely rare, only a handful of players with both the strength and luck to get corresponding dragon and strength. In this game, you can experience the enormous power to shock, if you play with wod gold, you can easily get what you want, if you do not have so much cheap war of dragons gold, you can use some money to buy war of dragons gold, and after you have mastered the skill, you can even make war of dragons money, I think this game will bring you much joy and entertainment.


cloud nine: Cooperation in the game

08:26, 25/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

cloud nine gold takes an important part in the game, it can not only help you high your level, but also help you to increase your game skills. When you first contact this game, you would have no enough cloud nine online gold, but if you want to high your level, you can buy cloud nine gold on the line site, there is much cheap cloud nine gold on the site, you can use it to help you in the game.

When you play in this game, team coincide with the performance of online games should focus on the core content, Team games are an important part of online games. In fact, this marks the online games and even in contrast to a large extent, on a single game high interactivity, and high-coordination. This is also a form of online gaming in this society, the basis of an important relationship. However, it is disappointing that, everything will break through the boundaries; he should not hesitate to move in the opposite direction it ran. n fact, the vast majority of online gamers team forced to do most is to find that fit his team a day, on-line in order to form a suitable group to wait 1 hour is a mere trifle. A short time each day of the game to team up to waste, and this is already a chronic disease that currently bans the team the game. Various members of a team practice with its own ability to relate to the whole team of the efficiency and reliability. As the choice of team-mate on the period of being unhappy and in the battle drag on individual members of the team I am afraid that had long made us accustomed to the online game players. So if you play in this game, you should know the importance of the corruption, and buy cloud nine online gold will also help you in the game. Try to play it and I think you will like playing it.


Kavatina Story: With a variety of movements and magnificent skills "Kavatina Story"

08:25, 25/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

KavatinaStory gold is welcomed by all players who played the game Kavatina Story, all players know that KavatinaStory online gold can help you when you want to high your game level, but when you first play this game, you could have no much cheap KavatinaStory gold, you can use some money to buy KavatinaStory gold, then you will have more gun in it.

When you play in this game, you can not only fighting with peers in the underground city; you can also be thrown out of the way to partner across the barrier. But also can be gorgeous for the operation and the huge underground city BOSS battle strange to experience the fun of fighting. At the beginning of the game, you can quickly find maps on the front and two different lines, if you want to move to the back of the line simply double-click the arrow keys up, wants to return to the front also can simply press the down. Take advantage of this change-line feature, you can temporarily avoid the monster's long-distance attacks, or secretly, this mode can also be close to deal with bad monster. However, if a smart enemy will still cross-line pounding. Players can choose the role, this exhibition version of the "ninja style" "strange power of the wind," "Little Witch Wind" three kinds, The main types of essentially the same as imagination and specializes in quick successive attacks, has the power but can be slow, as well as long-distance attacks, and so weak defense. And when fighting with the BOSS, but also there are pictures out to the depths of the giant hand grasp the situation. One can imagine the depth of the concept into the picture; you can feel the game in the world, what would become a very spacious. This game is very worth for us to play, when you mastered the skill, you can also make KavatinaStory money, this must be very funny.

mabinogi heroes: Wizard of weapons development

08:25, 25/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

mabinogi heroes gold is often used by players in the game, you can use it to increase your level, and can use it to increase your skill, it is very useful. When I first contact this game, I had no much mabinogi heroes online gold, but I want to high my level, the I use some money to buy mabinogi heroes gold, after I get these gold, I can do more well in the game.

In the game, character skills personal growth process is the process of the final analysis, that is, the distribution of AP. In the mix personal front, there is insufficient capacity of AP are also very fragile serious problem, which direction you will develop, how to be more reasonable distribution of AP, do need to charge a lot of thought to the planning. The wizard in this game is a genius with bow, this is no doubt, but the wizard is far from refined skills of people feel like chicken ribs, consumption AP247 points, but only in exchange for the greatest harm to 15-point minimum damage 10 points, min 21 points, aimed at speed 200% of these appear to be rather disappointing that the ability, but we should not only see the shortcomings of the neglect of the wizard's talents, Skills to prepare a short time, it can be said is second only to sketch the preparation speed, can be used to prepare Pu-shot edge bow while running, and the foot-way faster than humans can be riding shot, running to 50% that could be aimed at the transfer targets without having to re ready to move, these advantages are enough to make up for shortcomings. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages, the combination of the actual situation and then, it can be thought to rely on the wizard excellent mobility; pre-Discipline can be abandoned far from fine, because the 247-point AP sufficient to consume a wizard 2 turn of the AP, which can not be when teaching other skills. Why I would rise to C, because in C needs less AP, and the feeling in the preparation time significantly faster than the E-class. There are much cheap mabinogi heroes gold in the site, you can use it to raise your level, and after your skills have mastered, you can also mabinogi heroes money, at that time, and you will get more interesting and joy from it.

WE Online: Different fighting styles

08:24, 25/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Have you ever played the game we online, if you have played it before, you must have used we online gold, it can help you do much in the game, it will upgrade your level and improve your skills. So every player play this game all wants to have much we gold, some players often use money to buy we online gold.

When you play this game, the process is not simple ingle-minded beat monsters, but also experience the search for hidden road, hanging on the box can not walk to walk on the road to find the key to open the door into the next stage, to avoid the pitfalls such as the right time to jump action RPG elements. The other main feature of the game is not the role of professional distinction. Game, sword, ax, a blunt object, stick, guns and other weapons debut, the game will show what kind of weapons the role of the use of different fighting styles. The weapon has proficiency, you must use a high proficiency of weapons, and the game can play the role of its actual strength. In this manner, players can change weapons at any time to deal with different changes in the situation from occurring. If the team is not enough, when certain weapons can be replaced weapons; single game, you want to entice the enemy over a distance can be temporary use of long-range weapons. The game screen, as a whole gives the delicate soft and lovely feeling.

This game is worth for us to play, if you have not played it before, you can have a try to play it, and maybe you will like playing it. cheap we online gold will help you more when you play in it, and after you have mastered the skill, you can make weonline money.

cloud nine: Enjoy game

02:26, 20/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Have you ever played cloud nine before, if you played it, you must know cloud nine online gold, you may use it to help you high your level, cloud nine online gold is very helpful, when I play it at the beginning, I had no much gold, but I use some money to buy cloud nine gold, and then I can have more joy in the game.

I feel this game a little more dynamic that the other games. It is not easy to get hand, when you into this game, you can get some new player cards, and if you along with the task you can get a little cents symbol, the card, but these were not enough to read. And compare with the diamond card in the mall, it is less helpful, many new players are also at this time to go. But I would say that success will always come at the persistent human body! In fact, this process, the key is to give us are familiar with the game, and the relatively long adaptation period, at least 2,3 days to get started to hand. In the game, there is landing spree online, and level of packs to be able to obtain these cards. Some tasks can also get cards rewards cards. This approach has the advantage of a stable source, but usually will not reward card cards are very similar mind. In the other players to purchase, using a game of cheap cloud nine gold, in it, no matter how intelligent you are, familiar with the game has a process, the task must be done! After more than a summary of cattle people, the best way is 2 plus point of attack eight injuries. And some cards can sell gold coins, some cards can be sold for money, should be carefully identified, and you must away from the co card.

This game adapted from mythology, the game background, wonderful to be a rich imagination, lively and cheerful game world. This game is worth for us to play, and I have get more fun from it, buy cloud nine online gold is a good way for you to high your level, you can enjoy it more interesting from it.


mabinogi heroes: Adventure the world

02:26, 20/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

mabinogi heroes online gold is important in the game. All players need it to high game level, it can also help you to increase your skill, but you would have no mabinogi heroes online gold at the beginning, if you want to high your level, you can buy mabinogi heroes gold, it is cheap on the line. As an online role-playing game, mabinogi heroes not only reflect the high level of combat and the exquisite scene. Also provides a high quality environment for the physical movement.

The settings of this game are different from traditional games; there are many attractive new ways. In it there are twenty free choices of occupation, a player who is 20 careers simultaneously, and switch between careers. Previous games always felt soldiers must be transferred into a knight, and then converted into what is very monotonous, turn the post-nothing, and start again. In it, you just go to 20 completed the task of bridging the various occupations, you can also learn all occupations, and then as long as the point of clicking on the free transfer switch. The next time a copy of, when contest time, when the Society of war, can be converted freely according to their own style of play. People fully appreciate as a "Transformers" and readily. Have you ever tried hundreds of different kinds of skills to make your own mix, with different occupations, different teammates, you may be a simple choice is to decide the key to victory.

If you not want to miss this game, you can try it with cheap mabinogi heroes gold, you can get more fun and have interesting in it, when you skilled, you can make mabinogi heroes money, so quickly to join it and enjoy it.

WE Online: Role-playing game

02:25, 20/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

we gold is accepted by all players who played this game. What this game attracts me is that it’s fresh theme and the game design, with the concept of east and west, the two camps against each other to conduct.

In this game, if you want to win, you must kill all non-allies, and the eradication of the enemy's condition that the capture of the enemy's main, or kill the enemy boss. The technique is, of course there are many different ways. In this game, the morale will not only affect the power of attack and defense, but will also determine the order of movement, if you use the principle of the use of arms in each gram, you will get more advantage, The principle is the sword in each Spearman, Pike man cavalry, cavalry sword, while the archers in the long-distance attacks, then we can all branches of restraint, but as long as the archers at close range attack that can easily be eliminated. Join attack could allow an attacker to power increased dramatically. Joint attack way is to let two or more forces to conduct joint attack can be surrounded by the same goal. However, the archers, of the attack are the need for more than two units close together, rather than surround the same goal. As the popularity will affect the morale of the troops, as well as the success rate of hiring military commanders, it is proposed first for the prestigious new players to rise. In the game, you can use we gold to help you to win, and if you have no much cheap we online gold you can also buy we online gold on the site, after you mastered the game skill, you can easily make weonline money.

Kavatina Story: New fun from it

02:24, 20/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Do you know buy KavatinaStory gold, it is needed when you play this game, KavatinaStory online gold can help you to high your level in the game, and you will have more interesting things in it. In this game, players should be able to find their place in the game, rather than blindly in not understand some of the basic fun of the game before they unconsciously to hang out a high-level of the number, up to now I also must admit that I practiced a resolution is not perfect, nor is it able to wash out wash-point, So, I always tell those that experience the first novice who has just begun.

In that moment before you upgrade, if your blood is full, then the system will give you an extra 1-3 points, plus the maximum of life. Do not underestimate these points to life; more than 100 multi-levels is 100-300, is a figure can not be ignored. So, please start a novice who is important to note this point. Former friends who have not paid enough attention began to pay attention from now on; I was 54 when it is aware of the law, which means a loss of roughly more than 100 bloods. In this game, if you have no special purpose, then you can choose a name that has more affinity, after all, this game and other players you still have to communicate with. When you get to the level 11 to 30, then you have been a soldier, at this stage, you will feel some of the pain, we should pay more appropriate Master friends, and team and training class more quickly. Otherwise, after a few others will kick you out.

I think this is a very interesting game, many players are all want to play this, with cheap KavatinaStory gold you can do more and have more in the game, when you had no gold at first, you can buy KavatinaStory gold, and at last through your effort you will make KavatinaStory money.

Argo: Earthdium

04:16, 13/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Have you ever looking for argo gold? It is important and can help you high level in the game, if you skilled when you play this game, you can get much argo online gold, but when you first playing the game, you will not have so much gold, so you can use your money to buy argo gold, it will help you a lot.

In the game, it descries a description of the war all year round destroyed the world look after and taken refuge in underground survived the human "Novlian" and selection on the ground to survive a variety of people "Floresslan", both in order to compete for the source of life - Dream Ore "Earthdium" and started the survival of hot war. Argo blends of pure fantasy world of adventure and color sci-fi game, through ethnic and racial antagonism between the distinct styles of shaping a strong game. In the game, you must scramble the energy left a little in the world, so the survival war begins. You can use large-sized vehicles in the game. They are all very individuality. Players in the game can choose different professional, soldiers, hunters, magic or adjuvant therapy, but whatever you choose, you can get on clothes with fossil energy to increase own ability. And with the help of the clothes you can resorted to a variety of skills. Argo at the same time have for more than ten people aboard the tub, transport ships, huge ships and so on ,as well as for personal travel, have much diverse colors and appearance, it attracted more players attentions. The game clever integration of a variety of today's online games all the main elements and characteristics of popular can let players enjoy the fun from the large-scale fighting.

When you want to high your level, you can buy the gold on the line; there is much cheap argo gold on the site. When you skilled at last, you can make argo money also.

pristontale war: The ways to play pristontale war

04:15, 13/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

pristontale war gold is very important in the game, Here we give you a guide to make a lot of experience in pristontale war. Hope it is helpful for you to level up quickly and make pristontale war money in game.

In the network game, although the war at any time exist, but already lost its original nature of violence, more embodies the team's co-player's awareness and operations, the war has become a player in the game to promote the exchange of a potential media. In the game, players can battle through the camp to carry out mutual exchanges, while in the camp battle players will also have a lot of money can be their own rewards, so that each player will echocardiography fascination. cheap pristontale war gold can help you do well in the game. If you do not have much, you can to buy pristontale war gold, and then you can make an effort to get pristontale war online gold. In the game, you should act with large forces, even with a team mate, your chances of winning will be much higher, even if you died, your teammates may help you to beat enemies. Unless the team assigned give you more important tasks. You also should always keep moving, no matter how much you think the current location is safe, innocently standing waiting will give you a fatal blow. We are all low-level amateur, but we should be in line with a learning mindset, psychologically to be able to accept defeat and victory, respect for the opponent. Sometimes I play the bad state of mind, lost will be annoying, but it will gradually adjust their own. pristontale war can really train a person's thinking, the most so I am sure is that it can make a person has an indomitable spirit; always adhere to the last minute, not to abandon not give up, not lightly failure.

mabinogi heroes: Defense Force Upgrade

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mabinogi heroes gold is welcomed by all players in the game, it can help you to earn money and also add your experience, when you skilled in it, you can make mabinogi heroes money, at first you could have no mabinogi heroes online gold, but if you want to upgrade your level quickly, you can use money to buy mabinogi heroes gold.

In the game, when the other side fears devil, we must have been hypnotized in the note units. Try to wake up the first time to play, or allow the destruction to absorb. When the enemy use of therapeutic guards, try to eliminate the first time. When they have the treatment guards should be placed on the Air Force ground units below or above the enemy is difficult to find or difficult points. when you see the enemy units in the non-heroes being heroes to send him the magic array, while the unit's HP limited circumstances, may be the first attack on the unit so that the other heroes can not be sent to the battlefield. Concentration of firepower to attack the enemy a unit, Do not focus on just fighting attacks. Corrosion of the ball to finish with a hero to attack him, and so the other units are subject to certain attacks, and then all the attacks, when attack the enemy base, you can control the main base or cobweb strange tower attack on a hero, so move slowly. Do not let the main base or cobweb strange tower indiscriminate attacks. f DK was surrounded him to send another token, it can immediately send the unit in the vicinity around this time, if there are CL, immediately surrounded by DK puncture of the soldiers, because there are flying and the vertigo of time, can stop an enemy attack on DK

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WE Online: PVP Battle

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In this game, during the War of the Three Kingdoms games, inherited the world-famous classical map War craft RPG the main features of the core technology in a timely manner on the basis of competitive PK be innovative, self-developed engine, and have been optimized, allowing players to fully experience between the three countries intense confrontation and ease of operation thrill of the game. Different characteristics of the turbulent hero, the enemy gorgeous and practical skills, the power of a magic treasure amazing device, soul-stirring battle country race will give players a new experience never before! In the game players will be gathered from the various heroes’ cards, participate in various arena challenges, through the team, national co-ordination as well as individuals to defeat the operation of consciousness, Opponent and gain the final victory. If you are a newer in the game, no one to help you at first, so not to play tricks. Because escalation of suffering, no one with the main thing is he has never attacked no skills, to play tricks can not add power, so often you do not hurt the baby's great teammates, plus the blood is at the early stage does not make sense, we Team to play a small increase in blood care whose fault it, and you have added yet more medication added. Skills and your probability of success seem to have the relationship between the level of effort, and blue must be added, a look at the issue less the rate of increase.

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