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Upgrade route from 1 to 36

Posted on 3/2/2010 at 02:13 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


On the way of leveling, Sword of the New World Vis is very important. To level in a right route like what I will talk below will save a lot of money. Level 1 to level 7: In these 10 levels, just simply do the tasks, finish the MCC2 quickly, and then begin to train level in the first battle map. Level 7 to level 12: Came to the second map, brush wild boar, you can collect some Snw Gold,SNW vis and materials in advance to finish the task in front of MCC3. And then do the errand task in dungeons. 12 to 20: Here are a lot of ways. Just a little slower, but it is worthy if you urgently need cheap snw vis. 20 to 25: at level 20 or so, when should be commit to MCC3 errands task inside the dungeon, in fact it is not difficult, should be very easy to buy vis,cheap snw vis. 25 to 36: begin to train level outside the Metro where the monsters will loose kinds of materials, adhere to fight, then will be very profitable Sword of the New World Gold. After 30, the speed of upgrading will be gradually slow because the bosses here are 33 the highest and 30 to 32 the least, to the 30 or so can kill them in groups. This time the props are expensive, insisted on playing here for the Sword of the New World money to upgrade is right. Level 36: Come out of the Metro you will find the second underground city; you might consider entering wasteland to train level. However, it is very dangerous to stay there alone. If no other people inside, it was suggested to come back to brush bosses of level 30.

Experience of novice trader

Posted on 3/2/2010 at 02:13 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


As a new player of Maple Story, mesos is beyond doubt very important for me. Plenty of gold can ensure the adequate of medicine and the pace of upgrading. I usually pick things dropped from bosses when I killed them, I can either sell them to the store or sell them timely at a higher price of MapleStory mesos to someone who collect them. In addition, the flower mushrooms and Maple caps, etc. can all be sold for a better price. So, novices can be totally self supportable. While training level and killing bosses, there will come out the equipment and volume. General property of equipments can be sold directly to stores for Maple Story mesos JP attributes of Maple Leaves and toy equipments should be able to be sold for a better price at the market. It was generally known that in the sky city, there was a place to exchange experiences, and there are many people there who collect these things, you can exchange those things for experiences with them. If you have time to go to the market to see, sometimes will meet some very cheap things, you buy it and sell it to another one at a little higher price, easily earn Maple Story Gold from the price difference. So this is another profitable method, the method is particularly suitable for players who are committed to train level. Pick these props while leveling and sell them in the market. These are several methods I learned in two months, of course buy cheap MapleStory mesos is also a good way, it is not very comprehensive but I hope it can help some of you.

Last chaos pet guide

Posted on 3/2/2010 at 02:13 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


Last Chaos Gold to feeding pets with equipments will get basic property of points; these points can be freely assigned to the body, soul, spirit and mind. Each property has its upper limits, when reaches to the upper limits, can not continue to increase, need to upgrade your pet's level, or qualification. All these are corresponding to the pet’s life, dodge, hit, deadliness and LastChaos Gold. During feeding time can open the pet interface will be ready at the same time the equipment is also feeding point, if the pet interface is displayed as a red box on the feeding illustrate this equipment can not be fed, instead of green on the description can. Meaning that is as long as there is sufficient green fitted to be the pet food, basic also quite plenty of Last Chaos money. After the success will be the corresponding element points, five star pet per level to increase 9 points to10 points, six stars, these elements are assigned points according to their wishes to the wind, fire, electricity, poison, objects, ice and other properties like cheap last chaos gold. With regard to skill learning, I propose to pick a particular one to study, an attacker can tie together elements of the role of their own learning, because it fit in the future fights with bosses, you can buy Lastchaos Gold to increase its own attack on the strongest elements. I prefer the power and ice, because these two skills can rivet the bosses, make it easy for me to kill them.

Raise the most intimate baby elf with less money

Posted on 3/2/2010 at 02:13 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


priston tale Gold helps you increase the intimacy with you and your baby elf. It is disciplinary to raise a baby elf; you have to send it to do the right things in an appropriate time. So as to let the baby elf has maintained a happy mood. Over-collecting, over-cultivation, tired, could make baby elf be in a bad mood, work failure, and even intimacy decreased. So that the speed of making priston tale eons will be slow down. We all know that magic bubble drink can bring back good mood to elf but it is very expensive! So, some players do not buy it until it is very necessary. In fact, this idea is wrong. When the baby elf in a bad mood, cohesion will be greatly reduced, so will let you spend more money. So try your best to make it happy by buy priston tale eons. The beginning of the baby elf's intimacy is 999. Send it to collect raw materials, a continuous search of raw materials two times, the baby elf's strength at this time has been less than 80%, let it rest in the hut inside a little physical fitness would be restored. Then calls it out to accompany with you to kill boss, just a short span of 5 minutes, you have enough ore and cheap priston tale Gold, and be able to send the baby elf to self-cultivation, self-cultivation projects: arms manufacturing. Successfully completed the task I said 3 times, Baby elf should be very happy, and the intimacy only continues to increase in very pleasant conditions.

The shortest possible time to do the most tasks

Posted on 26/1/2010 at 09:41 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


worldedition money let you be able to do the most tasks in the shortest possible time. How in the shortest time to reach the best effect, that is the shortest possible time to do most tasks, and gain more experience and rewards every day, ultra-high price to do the task, the only best way is to buy worldedition gold. Story task is to be done. The daily tasks that must be done (that is, the window on the right button on the daily tasks that row) Daily 12:00 update, because the daily task as you complete the volume and level of incentive to upgrade more pay for more worldedition online gold. Family tasks of this task is to its games are currently the most cost-effective tasks, experience is the most generous. If you want to be the game master, less cheap worldedition gold used in this task is absolutely unattainable. The efficiency of doing the task is a skill, when your story to a new scene task when you can reach Q key (task shortcut keys) the bottom left corner has a magnifying glass, you will be prompted to do the task can now NPC location, point of what is the amount of worldedition money. Then do not go away, there are a lot of tasks, do not worry too much to accept, the result is you can take the task every. There are reward task, a copy of the task, etc., needed to discover on your own, very interesting.

A person's war to make money

Posted on 26/1/2010 at 09:41 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


tera gold needless to say, the first one is very simple, no reason small monster, according to M after the point where you want to go. That is, in this corner. Automatically go after the mobs are direct quotes from the BOS and then kill. ZS and DZ is no problem. FS needs a small amount of tera online gold leaked information operations; this is a FS to be technology. The second direct hit on the last stand is OK. Now is the third one. This feature BOSS I believe we all know, when the trick put the thing back, it will be prompt. For the ZS, there is no problem with buy tera gold. DZ FS can be run away low level. Because when you ran away to clear the monsters, large space is needed. In fact, this three Bosses is very simple to deal with, 28 can pass. However, I am currently 34, it is very simple. 40 do not need to get good equipment before. When I have nothing to do, I will make a little cheap tera gold on the brush this copy, mainly brush gem. Therefore, it is a good way to make money. The game will focus on the task is completed to obtain the amount of things that are far greater than the amount of big boss get something. The completion of the task lies in the efficiency of team, remember that you want to play this game, definitely not a loner making new friends, except that you are using tera money.

A PK course for Ice Master to single attack at level 64

Posted on 26/1/2010 at 09:41 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


tenvi gold and exile and frost crystals are the most important things I want to say. The PK process is very simple, after successfully exiled others, run to the place behind them, take a good time to throw the crystallization and then continue to buy tenvi gold to exile, and its effect is to make someone else unable to attack you, and at the end of exile the time was attacked, was killed after being exiled, tortured him slowly to die, there is no way for them to attack you. Incidentally, this move is not the absolute patent skills of the Ice Master; other professions can also take advantage of tenvi online gold, the time difference through using of a ballistic skill, but all the usual skills’ speed is too fast so it is difficult to master it. Ice Master is the only one in seven careers that has a professional skill which can not make people faint, in the absence collapsed skill, Ice Master became the highest relative operational requirements of cheap tenvi gold. Ice Master is able to learn the skills that other people can also learn, while the dragon wear equipment of people, mostly anti-ice equipment, so the Ice Master PK is really no alternative but to use these helpless PK tricks, please understand! As for the point addition, I add a little ice with the group rely mainly on attack in order to ensure the speed of leveling in the copy and the speed of brushing small BOSS. Attack adds no property, so it can guarantee a strong attack output in BOSS war, coupled with tenvi money and a powerful optical method supplemented with the skill combination of death prayer and god realm so that you can use the attack skill to the limit.

How to linearly speed up

Posted on 26/1/2010 at 09:41 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


steel dog gold in drag racing is a very through skills competitions, you have to manually shift the race, so this will be very troublesome. If you want to win, be guided by the following practices: Do not tread started to do throttle, but to make the steel dog online gold pointer speed to keep changing the color of the area, so start there when the driving force, but also ensures that the pace of their work. 1 ~ 3 files shift do not hurry, we should wait until a green icon up after shift. Can not shift too slow, otherwise it will result in speed is too high; a long time will burn out the engine, because they buy steel dog gold, so you lose. 4 ~ 5 (6) files this time shift will not result in shifting much difference, in most cases as long as the shift well on it. N20 can then look at acceleration, so that would be better sense of speed. At this time, as long as you use cheap steel dog gold do not crash, then you win a majority. Driving the process you will encounter a variety of cars, such as the opponent's car, or an ordinary road car. At this time, as long as you choose the right path to walk on it. Do not always transfer Road; this will slow down the speed. When your car in the uphill time or shift too fast, the speed may be insufficient, leading to power is not enough, the car can not speed up. At this time, you have to use steel dog money to shift sharply, reducing a file, to ensure the car's momentum. In addition, the use of shortcuts will make you a better win.

Analysis of Blade Master and Force Masterí»s characteristics and skills

Posted on 19/1/2010 at 10:19 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


blade soul gold, equipments and skills are keys for every occupation. Blade Master, the sword familiar to an extreme, all the sweat and soul blend with the sword. Aura Awakening: under the impact of attacks, with the sword inside the aura immediately got up and entered a state of war. If you want more gold, blade soul money is not hard to get. Vulcan Shock: Sword Vulcan debris around the blade and the impact of the enemy became visible cause a certain amount of weapon damage, and washed into the air. Because of this, more and more players choose to buy blade soul gold. Chopped Dance: Vulcan impact of connecting technology, to float in the air where the blitz was launched, was resulting in lethal weapons injuries. Poseidon surging: Sword of Poseidon in the activated immediately printed, and then attacked the enemy cause some damage and knocked to the ground. If you want to experience the powerful skill, you should have enough cheap blade soul gold. Cut off: the surging sea cucumber connection technology, giving the enemy down on the ground caused by the terrible fatal blow. Force Master to perfection with the "energy" and "strength" and that this mastery of the subtleties that exist between the two, as well as qigong in the awesome power hidden. blade soul online gold will enable you avoid the tiresome quests. Dark binding: Using Qigong broad power of the Secretary of darkness, immediately binding the enemy and thus unable to perform any action, the final overthrow of lying on the ground. The thunder wave: the immediate gathering of more than a few times Qigong waves of air to form a huge ball of gas, and threw the enemy causing fatal injuries. With blade and soul gold and the best skills, levels and equipments wouldn’t problems any more. Multi-qigong wave: the air around gather to cast the enemy out of the continuity of long-range damage.

Teach you make money in the fierce competition

Posted on 19/1/2010 at 10:19 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


How to make tenvi money in the new version? I believe that many players would choose extremely popular and scarce ethane to carry out enrichment. But now ethane lessened up, difficult to buy in small shop, so they want to dig up their own, some will choose the easier way that is tenvi online gold. But unlike other oxide materials, can be collected at the collection point, ethane is relying on a pitiful probability of opening the box, so a bunch of people struggling on a few boxes is a bit difficult. Now can we consider making cheap tenvi gold somewhere else then? There is! Fluorine has been hot, and now while prices have dropped to freezing point, but still demand is extremely large, because there are a large part of a friend is still hovering around 45-50 levels, worn equipment also need to use fluorine gas, take my area for instance, ethane is sold to about 8J, fluorine gas is 80Y, In the time of digging 10 fluorine, can we certainly be able to get an ethane? Answer is no, even nothing. buy tenvi gold will make things easy. The fluorine gas collection point is now almost no one to keep guard. I have taken at random at the Ghost Island, half an hour of fluorine gas, they adopted more than 100, not including the occasional playing the Snowman, chat, and that more than 100 fluorine placed in the shop, asking price 70Y each, were sold out soon. So, want to earn tenvi gold? Give up digging ethane, to dig fluorine gas, and even black iron ore, platinum bar, these things are still very hot now.

Tips for soldiers to kill boss

Posted on 19/1/2010 at 10:19 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


tera gold is necessary when you are killing BOSS, there are many small monsters beside you, which always makes things difficult. I found a method, to stand on the same position where the BOSS stands, together with the duplication place of the old monster, small monsters will not be able to hit you, it will be better if you have tera online gold, and then double-click the mouse on the old monster, attack for a while an then release the skills for a while, such alternative attack method will make the old monster break down and has no way to attack you! The tera money and rhythm is very important! If you control it well, only need to add a little blood at the beginning time, and later to keep up with the blue is OK! However, please pay special attention to your ability and the amount of cheap tera gold, if the boss can kill you in very short time, please do not go, one by one method may be able to kill it, as to the small monsters, you may still be not able to resist! Do not try to kill he water buffaloes on six-story of macrophage monster cave, if you did not reach level 50 or do not have enough equipment. Some players who buy tera gold will be able to do this. You also should pay attention to those people who will rob the boss from you. When you beat the boss until it has only little blood and almost be killed, someone will take this opportunity to sneak attack you. It is very pity if you are killed under such circumstance, so please be especially careful for this.

Store task skills

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steel dog gold is concerned by every player. Store task is one of the ways to get it. There is 4 tasks at the same time at the beginning of the shop task, four separate to do will be very slow, there is one tip is to store the kind of mandate. Store sub-four kinds of tasks, the first men the task of passengers, the second, women passengers task, third, through the task of profit, fourth, through the stores (logistics) profit. Only steel dog online gold can help you end the life of doing task, to find these stores, then the task instructions will tell you that, in general, four stores where there are two missions are the same, such as the first one required nine men passengers, the second required 16 a man of passengers, the third task of a profit through 5000, the fourth store profits through 2000. buy steel dog gold at this time so that the first task of store profits not do it, you can do first through the task profit. Then brush Spider-Man on Bell Street, has been brushing up to the task of passengers are men, this time the pace of three stores remain basically the same task, and to Brush man, the passengers can go to the task, if you have more cheap steel dog gold, you do not have to brush man enough passengers task, the task assigned to the store. Overall is the overall planning, reasonable arrangements to every minute of time, because the stores are very few types of tasks, so basically the task will be to maintain three stores at the same, brushing a man passenger or other tasks is equal to brush three at the same time, and the steel dog money will relatively be easy to make.

Level 21 Hunter PK experience

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An investigation shows that c9 online gold has become more important in processing of PK. Hunter's advantage is the speed of close attack, hit batter enhancing the blood is also quite impressive. I often use a set of skills is a continuous jump X, ordinary attack, sights point of view. For those who need c9 gold, blood blade coupled with collision grasp, and then spins kick after the enemy floating space-time, higher angle, press the right mouse button. Soldier’s advantage is high attack, there are a variety of fighting skills to be more prudent, and careless was affixed to fight to death. Hunter likes tight battle though, but on the face of a powerful warrior who is at a disadvantage, so it should be an appropriate way of buy c9 gold, interrupting the enemy's skill. I ran him close, and then suddenly take the initiative to close to beat him one by surprise. Hunter rolling restrictions on the use of them can be the biggest enemy of close, rolling can be a continuous, step moves faster, but also to replace the view, so close to the body when the best the enemy can use a step, adjusting the viewing angle, you can fight back on the play, not work on the rolling can not see the enemy does not work, so use a good roll step as well as cheap c9 gold. Soldiers attack is very slow, there are a lot of time trying to chop it spotted the opportunity to jump, jump cutting action than in the past, or come rolling much faster than trying to chop, so long as not the kind of super attack, super defense fighters and hunters. With c9 money, the winning percentage is still high. Warrior action is too stiff, easy to catch a chance. The probability of winning is 80%.

Rules and skills of equipment composing

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The more tenvi online gold a player holds, the faster he can become a superior in game. After much practice, I summarized some rules and skills of equipment composing as follows. Failures, equipment down two grade levels, that is, three blue and equipment, combined into a yellow and equipment, such a situation, there is relatively small risk. buy tenvi gold is cheap, simple, easy and reliable. The success of the case, equipment down a grade level, which is the general situation, the most common, that is, three blue and equipment, in a combined green. Major success, namely, the three blue, blue synthetic other equipment, there are also divided into two cases, one is the synthesis of the same class equipment, while tenvi gold is the wish of everyone, synthetic materials, more advanced than the blue rare. Have tried to take before the gray, white and yellow equipment casually together, the results of the heap of green out of a 107 summed up the experience and equipment placed inside the three synthetic machines and equipment, there success, great success together out of equipment level is in accordance with cheap tenvi gold and the highest grade materials, equipment, calculation. In fact, synthesis equipment should be free of many synthetic over the card, without placing the order, synthetic formula for these allegations. Turning now to the recent flooding on the market for 60 villain sets and dresses, their generation, are generally 52 to 54 blue equipment, a product of big success. Overall, the success probability of props or a synthetic machine can be acceptable, after all, the risk is big, if you do not have much tenvi money, do not put equipment that is still useful in it.

How to play Worldedition wonderfully

Posted on 13/1/2010 at 04:35 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


It’s no doubt that using worldedition online gold you can play Worldedition wonderfully. Career choiceú║1, Double training Master: Majoring in Life 195, minor in nature 105. Armed with sophisticated equipments. Advantages: defense shield over the high, control versatility. 2, physical fighters: 100 of violent physical or 130 guardian. Advantages: blood thick and high defense. 3, Dragon Dance knight: This career only needs to spend a little worldedition money on weapons. It is the best career choice for ordinary player, defense power over 2000 is a very simple matter, Advantages: a high defense. 4, fighting shooter: Level and weapons must be added. For the Master needless to say, and for the low defense fighter, your strong magic attack is deadly for him. If high defense fighter wants to kill you, you just leave for good. Advantages: high defense and attack power. Players can choose an occupation according to their own hobbies and the amount of worldedition gold. The above is the best job I feel, each has their advantages. Upgrade method: 1, Brush roll: I feel the pre-upgrade is a very tedious, and manually upgrade will be exhausted for you may just upgrade to 80 or not in one month. It is worthy to spend cheap worldedition gold in scrolls, then three days you will enter the ranks of master. 2, Manual, or hang up. If you want to upgrade to experience pleasure, and then start your long journey, and I came along this way too, it is quite interesting. City and field are all ok to do the task. 3, Concerned about official website frequently. Inside there are activities and tasks, do not miss. I am just an ordinary player, I sometimes go to buy worldedition gold, and all I said is just for your reference!

Earning as much money as you want!

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blade soul online gold is a hot topic among players. Let me teach you how to make as much money as you want. Go out of the city to specifically kill monsters as requested, malleable iron of the mainline mission must be more than adequate, according to how much blade soul gold you want. When the task items to your self-perceived level of pay on a suicide mission back to the city, reminded the audience level must be greater than 5, otherwise still need to go out one more time or go to buy blade soul gold to make up the loss. Cross finished all the tasks, so that what you go to what bamboo tube on the other, and to the stone that guard gold opposite, that is, next to a guard guarding the captain and lead fishing tasks, good will come to another trumpet fish trade. If you need gold but do not want to cost much time, I advise you to choose cheap blade soul gold. To complete the task of 13 arms, sell it, it is ok. Leaving only the malleable iron and equipment, weapons, items need to put the task repository (the 25 weapons should be left behind to continue) is able to sell 13 weapons and 450, other things that also can make some blade soul money, deposit the money in warehouse, delete number, Note: The front of this main task is to hit objects. Behind the building number, warehouse items all tasks receive one each, delivery missions, malleable iron task allows you to go directly to level 4, 25 weapons and get on out to kill boss till you upgrade to five then get back to take the fish task, and sell it again. As long as you are willpower, blade and soul gold will be waiting for you!

Shaman element skill addition

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cheap c9 gold can’t be lack if you are Shaman, when you reach level 25 you can change your profession to Element Master, Taoist or Mesmer. I chose to be an Element Master who has the strongest attack power. And below is my skill addition method.

Fireball: Personally think that it should be added to full, because it is good for whether training level or PVP; in the PVP Magic Attack and c9 online gold are very useful.

Shield: What I call it, must add full, because it can withstand a series of hunter attacks in PVP, you can fight back behind it. When killing BOSS it can keep out the hurt.

Fire Wolf: I feel it need to add full, good for upgrading. In PVP, if you don’t buy c9 gold, and are knocked down 2 times, you can set Fire Wolf to knock out the opponent.

Black Track Ball: Absolutely have to add, this is your special skills. Taoist, Warriors or guardians attack you at the end of you sending out the skill, so you have to pay attention to the distance.

Terra array: I feel okay with slow-moving effect; I am going to add it full. It depends on personal preference of cheap c9 gold.

Thunder array: When the attack is very far, sometimes you can break the enemy's skill, if using good, can block warriors or others in the corner to hit out. Remember to connect the skills such as the right mouse button, S and the right mouse button, etc.

In additional, skills in page 3 should be added full, the rest skills all add 1 point. After all skills are in the best condition, you will be strong on the trip of making c9 money and training level.

Rapidly upgrade to level 30 within 1 day

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With buy aika gold, there is no problem for you to upgrade to level 30 within just one day. The first 10 levels are the simplest, as long as you act according to the tasks instructions. But what should be remembered is that you have to complete all Fran’s tasks at level 7. After level 10, you should start to choose or change your country. It is the right time to make a decision. Basically, at level 10 to level 20, aika money is not your concerns, what you have to do is just to follow down the path of tasks (part of the occupation could exercise separately). Once you reach 18, you can accept the repetitive tasks and start the journey of killing bosses. Almost to 20 you can return to the main task line. After 20, I suggest you kill lizards in teams at South Asia until you reach 21; you can go back to the main tasks. Within this level, as long as there is no spendthrift, the gold will be at least 100-200 thousand. If you did not gain so mush, selling crystals can also be a living. Or you can opt for an easier way, that is aika online gold. Then you just exercise in the designated area as instruction. To reach 30, it is just a couple of days. When you are higher than 30, I suggest you start saving money (Of course, if you have cheap aika gold, you will not have to take account of this) and assembly equipments. As long as there is enough gold, there will be sufficient materials for you. If hopes are not too high, it is basically very easy to reach the standard. And if you want to increase all equipments to 6 plus, I think you need to buy aika gold, because I guess the money may be not enough if you just get it from tasks. As all equipments are ready, then you can join in teams to brush equipments and grades.

How does soldier choose equipment and weapons?

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buy tera gold should be ready before everything. First let’s take soldier of 180 to 231 as example, during which soldiers have to train in the best way is to keep going on the 4th castle, defense to reach 450 or above, it is recommended 12 Phoenix head in hand shoes, leg armor 7 White Phoenix . You can use tera online gold to buy some if you want to have some more advanced equipment. This body equipped with an old wing is more than 460 defenses; with the new wings are more than 480. With regard to weapons, a lot of people think that buy tera gold is good, but the attack damaged the power to more than 1000, in order to play, of course, if you choose to recover 12 more than 11 damage was good, but the 200 or so soldiers is difficult, if not gold to buy weapons, Minato hundreds of stone bar, the castle is the most commonly used Thunderbolt fighters swing, and what weapons and skills to be able to take full advantage of Thunderbolt attack swing it, that is, spending a little cheap tera gold for a large lattice eight hands weapons, such as ice, Long ax, ZY emperor sickles, especially sickle-class, like most fighters and attack skills, the destruction of comparable size and Master, but the prices in the Long axes, Hyun ice above, while the dragon ax ice unpopular because of their skills, 7 prices are less in cost between 1-2 blessings, but there are two kinds of weapons and disadvantages ice high-speed but love out of the frozen, Long ax attacks with high attack speed and range than ice, but the possession of tera money, heaven and earth cross swords Yin attributes is that we can open their skills, on the strange group of soldiers in the action quickly and will not blame the storm, while the properties of sickle fight is to blame and high attack, with the most formidable when broken coffin, if it is attacked with superior properties sickle, then the basic Maya.

The perfect engine and skill combination

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buy steel dog gold has large utility in making prefect engine. There are about three kinds of perfect engine: 1. Torque plus Enhance plus the Greatest; 2. Torque plus Red plus Maximum; 3. Torque plus Enhance plus Time. According to these three engines, with help of steel dog online gold, I have made the following analysis of vehicle skill; let’s take engine 2.4 as an example:

1. Torque plus red (600-700) plus max (400 below), or Torque plus enhanced (20% or more) plus max (400 below), or Torque plus enhanced (20% or more) plus the time, for there are three kinds of engines player, I suggest that the blessing of the high speed should be learned first, to raise the maximum speed to make up for deficiencies in the engine's largest property, the best wishes to buy steel dog gold to upgrade to maximum speed.

2. Torque plus enhanced (20% or less) plus max (500 and above), or plus Red plus Maximum torque (500 and above), for a class engine player, cheap steel dog gold can help you in many ways. I suggest that the first propulsion enhanced learning skills, to make up the engine to promote enhanced enough. Second, re-learn the blessings of both rate and improve red properties.

3. Strengthen spirit is necessary to learn. And the effects and recovery time should upgrade to the highest level. To do the tasks and games are useful.

For starters, I only suggest you learn the strengthen spirit until there is a better 2.0 engine or a more advanced engine, and then according to the engine attributes to learn the skills of vehicles. I suggest that you do not have to worry for the engine 2.4, spend some steel dog money to buy a 2.4 professional torque 28, Red 700, or twisting 28, 28 to strengthen the professional engine is not bad.

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