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Atlanta Adoption Lawyers

14:35, 11/6/2008 .. Link

Adoption is defined as the legal process of placing a child in the permanent custody of a person or a couple, who is are not the biological parent's of the child. It involves the severing of the legal parental rights and responsibilities of the child?s biological parents, in favor of the parent or parents adopting the child.

Since adoption involves the rights and responsibilities of the child being adopted, it becomes a legal process. The law of this nation requires adoption to be done legally, with specific laws being set for every kind of adoption. There are different laws governing adoption from another country. Even within the U.S., the adoption laws vary in part or whole for different states and so does the legal procedure in each state. It is for this reason that it is important to seek the guidance of a good adoption lawyer. This not only helps keep the process hassle free, but also speeds up the adoption process.

Before selecting a lawyer for the adoption of a child in Atlanta, it is important to contact various attorneys. The idea is to find out the best lawyer possible. It will also give you an idea about how well you vibe with the lawyer, the role that the lawyer will have in the adoption process, the background of the lawyer and about any previous adoption cases that he has handled. Since the laws of adoption in Atlanta are different than those in other states, it is imperative to know whether the lawyer has handled adoption cases in Atlanta.

It is also important to know the lawyer?s billing process. Atlanta lawyers have a varying billing process. Some lawyers bill a client by the hour, others charge a flat fee.

Though there are many places to begin the search for a good adoption lawyer in Atlanta, such as the yellow pages and Internet, it is not easy to verify the credentials of these lawyers. A good place to start the search would be the various associations like the American Bar Association, National Bar Association, or the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. These organisations are headquartered in Washington, but have a good and complete list of adoption lawyers in each state.

Atlanta Lawyers provides detailed information on Atlanta Lawyers, Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyers, Atlanta Criminal Lawyers, Atlanta Employment Lawyers and more. Atlanta Lawyers is affiliated with Atlanta Personal Injury Laws .

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Atlanta Adoption Lawyers


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